How often should I listen to the EasyLoss hypnosis?

There are two hypnosis sessions we offer; a daytime and a bedtime session, you only need to listen to one session a day. However, if you have more time and want to listen to it twice or even more that is great, but one is all we require.

When should I move on from session one?

We recommend listening to session one 14 times before moving onto session 2.


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What else should I do whilst listening?

By making small changes in your lifestyle along with listening to the hypnosis app you will be taking further steps to hitting your goal weight.
You should take photographs of your food and meals as this will help you document what you are eating. Try to change your relationship with food, think about it as fuel and not the enemy, this will help you relax and stop stressing and obsessing about it.
By making sure you follow the EasyLoss guidelines the entire time you are guaranteed to succeed.

How do I stop the negative thoughts about my weight?

It is difficult starting a new lifestyle as people expect to see the results instantly! However, we really want you to stop obsessing about your ultimate goal weight and concentrate on getting rid of 1 pound of fat at a time, this will keep you upbeat, focused and positive.

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What can I do to keep myself motivated?

We really push our EasyLoss users to take before and after photographs, so they can see how far you have come. It is often hard for our users to take photographs, but when you see the amazing motivational photographs from our users on our Facebook Group it is unbelievable.

How can I slow down eating?

There are plenty of fun and silly ways to slow down eating, from just eating with a fork so it takes longer to chop food up to using chopsticks or a teaspoon you will find it makes a big difference to your speed. We also recommend sitting down to eat in a calm atmosphere with nothing to distract you, not in front of the TV or on your desk, just take some time out for yourself.


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