James and I always seem to be in a rush and fitting some exercise into our hectic days (and often nights too) can be a real Challenge!  Just a few weeks ago we were offered the chance of a free trial with Yoogaia.com.  It’s been brilliant! We were lucky to be given the opportunity to meet with Anu from Yoogaia and make a podcast with her.  You can listen to it here.

Yoogaia  is the first live online yoga studio in the world that brings yoga, pilates, core and barre classes to you wherever you are in real-time.  I signed up to Yoogaia one month ago, took the free trial and loved it so much that I have actually used it every single day. I’ve now gone for a yearly subscription and so has James...that’s how much we love it!  All you need is a laptop and a yoga mat! You can sign up and enjoy a 7 day free trial with access to every live class and recording.  As long as you are connected to the internet you will be able to have a whole variety of workouts available at your fingertips.

How do the live classes work?

With the live classes you can choose whether or not to have your webcam switched on, depending on whether you want the teacher to see you, and offer personal instruction or whether you would rather just follow along. The interaction you can receive when you attend a live class is exceptionally helpful for those who are trying a brand new class or are looking for a way to get into exercise. From learning how to adjust alignments, heal an injury correctly or simply how to lead a more calming lifestyle, Yoogaia offers it all.

What classes do Yoogaia do and what are the benefits?

All of the classes are available as recordings, so there are hundreds of classes available to you 24/7. If you miss your class you do not need to worry, there will always be more classes waiting for you. Yoogaia’s classes really are for everyone, from blood pumping, energetic classes such as Broga, Barre and Core workouts to calming sleep express, hatha and yin yoga you will never be without choice.

My personal favourite, Curvy Girl Yoga, even offers a meditating start to the workout which not only relaxes your mind but you will find your body gets into positions you didn’t think you would be able to! I never believed I’d be ‘into yoga’ every day but I really do look forward to it and the beauty of this is that I can just slot it into my day whenever I can and I don’t have to schedule time to drive to the gym for a class at a set time.

EasyLoss Users, discount code

Of course we want to give our EasyLoss users a special trial code so that you can experience Yoogaia for yourself. We have collaborated with the owners of Yoogaia and have managed to get you a lovely 2 weeks FREE trial (instead of the regular one week trial offered on their website) for all of our EasyLoss users by using the code: EASYLOSS2015



  1. Only the teacher can see your image.
  2. The video is silent, so nobody hears anything, only you can hear the teacher and send messages via live chat.
  3. Your exercising is not recorded.
  4. You make most of the session having your webcam on.

Have fun and please write and let us know what you think of it.  Bet you love it as much as James and I do!  Remember to use your EASYLOSS2015 code when you sign up to get 2 weeks free instead of 1.