James and I are very excited to have found a brand new (to us here at EasyLoss) healthy superfood company with brilliant products and the greatest customer service - Green’s Organic.


Just last week we interviewed Morris to find out some very interesting facts about Greens Organic and superfoods in general… we learned so much!!

How did you get into health and wellbeing?

‘Well, my wife and I have been vegetarian for decades and we thought we were having a very healthy balanced diet,’ Morris tells us. ‘However, we were actually suffering from vegetarian malnutrition. We were deficient in protein and were getting thinner and weaker year by year. It got to the point that even my wife’s hairdresser started questioning the amount of protein we were having because her hair was not in great condition’, Morris recalls.

‘We were speaking with a nutritionist about our health who recommended that we start taking wheat grass, bee pollen, spirulina and chia seeds for protein’. ‘


He assured us that these four products have all of the nutrients that we were missing as a vegetarian’, Morris remembers. ‘We brought some and took them, unsure of how reliable it would actually be,’ Morris says. ‘It was quite unbelievable but the very next day the colour had actually returned to my wives face – it’s funny but you don’t actually realise how unhealthy someone is looking until you see them in full health’, he laughs.

So, why are these four superfoods so special?

Morris breaks down why we should be having these superfoods in our diets to really improve our health and wellbeing.

It is often the case that people do not consider these products as protein, however gram for gram spirulina has four times more protein than an egg. The protein is absorbed so much better into the body than any meat or fish.

Super food Moringa green powder (Moringaceae)

So, how much Spirulina should we be taking?


I would recommend taking one of the powder or 8-10 tablets a day. There is no real difference between the tablets or powder.  The tablets are just created for convenience but 8-10 tablets works out around the same amount as five grams of powder which is the equivalent of one teaspoon.

We all know that protein is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails and for strong muscles and bones. However, just because you are eating lots of meat doesn’t necessarily mean you are digesting the protein into your body. So, how can we ensure that the protein we are eating is actually used by our bodies?

Protein is made up of amino acids, and if you don’t have enough amino acids within the protein or in your diet you will not be able to digest them. This is why Bee pollen and spirulina are great protein sources. They are actually made up of all eight amino acids that your body needs, which will ensure they get digested properly.

To help digestion you need to have a diet rich in fibre. According to the NHS website, Fibre can help prevent some cancers and weight gain whilst boosting your metabolic rate. However the NHS website states that the average diet in the UK does not contain enough fibre. We should be consuming 18 grams of fibre a day but the average UK diet only contains around 14 grams – this means we are deficient in fibre by four grams every day.

How can we get fibre into our diet then?
Fibre is present in vegetables not meats.  If you are eating a diet that is very high in carbohydrates and meats you will definitely be deficient in fibre. The best superfood to add to your diet to boost your fibre intake is wheat grass. Wheatgrass has 4% of your daily fibre intake per gram. So if you only have 1 gram of wheatgrass you will instantly hit 4% of your overall recommended intake – wow!

beepollen superfoods easyloss

Still life of jars of honey and pollen

What about bee pollen and goji berries - why are they great?

Bee Pollen has all of the vitamins and minerals that you need. If you had to, you could survive on as it has all the nutrition you need.

goji berries superfoods easyloss

When you think about smoothies often you think to add blueberries and bananas. These fruits sweeten it and create the delicious taste we all love in smoothies. However, if you blend a little bit of goji berry or bee pollen it can create the same deliciously sweet taste for your smoothie without the high sugar levels. Goji berries are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals whilst bee pollen will ensure that sufficient amino acids are present in your diet at all times.

James and I are so impressed with the quality of Greens Organic superfoods that we wanted to help our EasyLosers to try their superfoods as well – so we have arranged with Morris for you to get some discounted healthy goodies too!

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You can listen to the full podcast here