As many of our EasyLoss members know we are huge fans of Greens Organic products. Since our last interview with Morris we have had so many more questions about his Superfoods so we decided to get him back for a little Q & A session. We also wanted to let our EasyLosers know about his brand new unique product that can actually get rid of visceral fat.  That’s the fat around our internal organs ... Yes, really!


So, let's kick off with some of the questions you wanted answered.


Can you take spirulina for a long period of time without a break or should you take a break and then start again?

'There's no right or wrong way to take Spirulina; it is a food that, at the end of the day, helps to keep the doctor away. If you are someone who mixes spirulina into your smoothie every day that's absolutely fine. However, if you want a day off your smoothie and fancy something different, there is no reason to panic at all, that is fine too - continue taking it next time'.
Super food Moringa green powder (Moringaceae)

What are the best superfood supplements to take for eyesight?

'Vitamin A is the best supplement for eyesight but it is also important not to strain your eyes. About 20% of the oxygen in your bodies is used by your eyes - it's the second most oxygenous organ in our body. Who knew?

You don't necessarily have to take vitamin A supplements either. Eating a diet rich in vitamin A works well too. Foods rich in vitamin A include oranges, sweet potatoes and carrots so try adding those into your daily meals.



Are there supplements we should be taking to improve our IQ?

Looking at the brain in general and what it needs to function, you should try to include omega 3's and essential fatty acids in your diet. Foods rich in these include Chia seeds, hemp powder, oily fish and avocado. These will not only boost your IQ but they can help your brain remain young and functioning well.

Another essential nutrient for general brain function are your B-Vitamins. They are especially important if you are vegetarian or vegan as most vegetarians and vegans are deficient because B-Vitamins are normally found in meat.

If you are wanting to add superfoods for your IQ opt for the green superfood powders and bee pollen as these will help boost your brain function too.


beepollen superfoods easyloss

Are there any superfoods that we shouldn't take together?

There's no real right or wrong answer for this question either. It's completely down to personal choice and taste. But, technically speaking all superfoods can be taken together happily.

Superfoods are foods that are natural and rich in vitamins and minerals so our bodies absorb them as if they were just a normal nutrient rich, healthy food. If you take too much of a particular vitamin or mineral such as iron or antioxidants you will just eliminate them when you go to the bathroom.

However, if you've never had green superfoods before it is best to introduce them slowly because they are rich in fibre and can therefore be quite strenuous on the digestive system because of their cleansing properties.

spinach superfood christmas

Tell us about your new product that helps to eliminate fat?

You've probably heard of the phrase 'thin on the outside, fat on the inside'. This is because visceral fat is an internal fat that surrounds your organs. You will never know if you have it unless you have an MRI scan.

Eliminating visceral fat from around your organs not only contributes to youthfulness but it's aids detoxification in the body and your overall health.

Two things that get rid of visceral fat are Dahl lentils (but you would have to eat 2kg a week to see a difference - that's a lot of lentils!) and inulin.

lentils easyloss

Inulin is a superfood and you need just 1 teaspoon a day to break down the visceral fat in your body.

Greens Organic is one of the only companies in the UK selling organic inulin. It is incredibly hard to find anyway especially in an organic form.


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Competition time!

Inulin competition Poster

We're very excited to announce our newest competition on our Facebook page with Greens Organic.

You can WIN one of these amazing prizes and we have three of each to give away simply by liking and sharing our competition.


We created a blend of green powder called green passion , 6 really nutritious green powders : spirulina, chrolella, wheat grass, barley grass and baobab. It is packed full of b vitamins and minerals, cleansing and refreshing high in protein.

Prize two: ORGANIC ENERGY which fights fatigue

Prize two is a Superfood blend of cacao which is a powerful natural and raw chocolate powder, hemp protein and lucuma to sweeten it. One teaspoon mixed with water or soy milk turns this powder into a protein smoothie or milkshake which is not only delicious but also acts as a pick me up.


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