When you lose control of your food it can be a real challenge to remain calm, especially after a ‘binge day’ but unhealthily high stress levels and becoming dependent on food will make a bad situation much worse.

If you find you are struggling to control your cravings and you are always reaching for the biscuit tin rather than a piece of fruit when a sugar spike arises, you are not alone. You may find it hard to fight off the feelings of depression and guilt that follow, but with EasyLoss there is a new way for you to change this.

Your body responds to stress instantly.  This can result in so many different possible symptoms.  You may find that you develop a rash.  Sometimes stress can result in you developing food intolerance’s. So, you see, at times, food combined with stress can cause you nasty, unwanted problems. Allowing this negativity to cause stress on your body is not the answer.

We all accept that stress is inevitable in today’s society.  I’m sure that there are times when you feel that your busy lifestyle often has you feeling that you have no choice but to grab less healthy food on the go and deal with the reactions after.

Perhaps you continually push your body to the extreme by drinking excessive amounts of coffee to keep you awake. How often do you rush to grab a sugary snack to energise yourself? We’ve all done it! I know I used to do it almost every day when I was experiencing problems with my weight.


backgroundI was working in a school with someone constantly needing my attention, even at break times and lunchtimes.  I would rush home after work to sort out housework, shopping, and a meal for my family.  Then spending the evening dropping the children to clubs, friends’ houses or some other activity then off I’d go again and hour or 2 later to pick them up again. I’ll bet you can relate to having similar action packed, non-stop days! Sometimes it’s just relentless isn’t it?

But, this continuous strain you are putting on your body makes it so much easier for you to gain weight. Have you ever experienced that feeling when you actually start to panic and believe that you can’t cope without the extra caffeine hit or without that family size chocolate bar?  I’ve been there too.  You might ‘run out of energy’ or ‘collapse with hunger’; you make so many excuses not to look after yourself properly that arise out of fear and it really isn’t your fault.  If you’re anything like I was, you go on and on until you have lost control of your mind and body and given in to food and sugar due to the fear of the unknown or what your faulty programming has led you to believe will happen.


You will learn how to get in tune with your mind and body and you will inevitably feel better.


This is where EasyLoss comes in. We do not work in the same way as a diet, (telling you to count calories, or give up fat), we actually work with you to help you to gently re-programme the way you think about food. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is an incredible option when it comes to helping you to lose weight as not only does it work at improving your size and self-confidence, it will help you to change the way you think about food forever!

Feeling fitter and healthier is such a great feeling when you’ve had years of low energy, dependency on food, no motivation and constantly high stress levels. The weight loss you’ll achieve with any of our EasyLoss Programmes is steady, sustainable and healthy. There are no fad diets or quick routes; you will learn how to get in tune with your mind and body and you will inevitably feel better.



You can expect to lose between 1 and 3 pounds per week on average. Medical studies have shown that this level of weight loss doesn’t affect the body’s metabolic rate, so there’s no artificial weight loss where your body burns muscle instead of fat. Losing a huge amount of weight in a short time is not sustainable, this is why people often fluctuate between sizes. Dropping ten pounds then gaining it twice as fast. This is usually a mixture of water and muscle loss caused by losing the weight too quickly plus all of the extra eating when you’ve finished whatever diet you tried last. In fact studies show that most people who have followed some kind of externally controlled diet or weight loss programme will eat up to eight times more food once they stop following the diet and return to eating ‘normally’!

EasyLoss is a simple, sustainable and effective way to lose weight healthily. You do have the ability to change your relationship with food and we are here to help and support you every step of the way. You will happily be able to work out what’s a real physical hunger rather than an emotional hunger, boredom, anxiety, frustration etc. as well as learning how to deal with those feelings without turning to food.

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