As many of you already know I am a huge believer in practicing what I preach, and after many requests I have decided to break down the way I manage food on a day to day basis. I am not going to give you a list of a nutritionist’s weekly planner filled with almond nut butters and detox tea’s; I am going to be completely honest with you all, and tell you how I eat and why.

I have mentioned before that I used to struggle with my weight at a size 16-18 and only 5ft 4.  I was always very sensitive to the subject of food and diets.

When James and I created EasyLoss it really did change my life, I learnt how to eat like a slim person and I have no restrictions with the food I choose to eat so I am completely free of all cravings unlike a standard diet programme.



I have been a size 10 for the past 12 years with no worries at all that I will regain the weight because I feel comfortable and in control with my food and my body. There are of course days when I eat a little more than normal and I might feel a bit sluggish so to counter that the next day I might eat a bit healthier, but there is no ‘diet’ regime I feel I have to commit to. I have learnt that my body responds to different food in different ways. Some foods don’t agree with me and lie heavily in my stomach and other foods make me feel energised and a good about myself.


My food diary

I don’t do weekly food shops as crazy as this may sound. I don’t believe there is any point in getting food in as I will never know what I will want to eat tomorrow or the day after. I buy food as and when I fancy it.

If I make a smoothie I will drink it until it has quenched my thirst and I am no longer hungry then I will freeze it as I do not know when I will next want it. It is the same with meals I do not go by recommended portion sizes, I will just eat until I am no longer hungry and then stop. I know my body well now and I know when it is bored or when it’s physically hungry.

My current fridge and freezer contents:

Butter & Marmalade
2 eggs
2 pints of milk

and that is it… Anyone who pops round my house will always see there is chicken, fish and vegetables in my freezer but anything else I will get when I fancy it.  It is easy now for me to not to reach for food when I am hungry or stressed but it also means I’m more likely to make a meal than pick endlessly.  If there is ever anything that I really, really want I can just pop out to the nearest shop and get it and if I can’t be bothered to go to the shop and get it then I realise that I can’t really want it that badly!!