Many of our clients are still stuck in the ‘diet mentality’ and that is what we, as EasyLoss consultants, help you to get over to achieve your weight loss.


Last week I met up with one of our EasyLoss consultants, Marise Thomas, who has been working with us at EasyLoss for several years now. We first met five years ago when James and I were giving a talk on hypnotherapy at Champneys, Forest Mere.

Marise was a guest at Champneys that evening and was in the audience for our talk.  Afterwards she came over to chat with us and it was as a result of that meeting that Marise decided to train as a hypnotherapist. Once she had qualified as a hypnotherapist, James and I were thrilled that she wanted to join our team at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre.  Marise has worked with us ever since.

'Her heart, like mine was with our weight loss clients'

Although we were helping many clients with all sorts of different symptoms, Marise, like me, found that her heart was with our weight loss clients.  I could relate to the issues my weight loss clients had. As many of you already know, I did struggle with weight gain for years and tried diet fad after diet fad without any luck until I found hypnotherapy.


There are many reasons why people find it challenging to lose weight. After working with James to lose my own unwanted weight and, as a result, creating the EasyLoss Programme, one of the things we realised was that so many of us  have been programmed to believe that we must eat until we are completely full.


If you think back to when you were brought up, your parents very likely told you to, ‘finish your food’.  You may have also not been allowed to leave the table until your plate was empty or maybe your food was saved until the next day; any of these could cause you to believe that you need to finish everything in front of you.

Easyloss weight loss Healthy Vegetables Salad with Measure Tape.Diet Concept

Often clients tell me that after they had finished their food they would have been rewarded with chocolate or dessert as a congratulation for eating until they were so full they could barely move.

None of these problems are not your fault. This is where EasyLoss helps. We work with you to identify where your own ‘faulty programming’ has come from and then help you to re-programme the way you think about food.

It is wonderful for Marise and me when our hypnotherapy clients come in to see us each week and they have lost weight. We see them coming in smiling, gleaming and full of confidence because they can tell their weight is reducing. This is really motivational and inspiring for our clients and for us.


Although we were helping hundreds of clients in our practice in Hampshire with the EasyLoss Programme we wanted to help more people which is when James first had the idea of creating the EasyLoss app to enable more people to feel that amazing feeling of accomplishment as they regain control of the relationship with food.


As EasyLoss took off we found that many people also wanted a one-to-one appointment. People would contact us from afar and we still wanted to ensure they would be able to speak with us so we started our Skype appointment system.


What does a Skype appointment entail?
Well first of all there is no actual hypnosis during a Skype consultation. We simply talk about your weight loss issues and give you all the tools and strategies you need to get the weight loss results you want. Sometimes just speaking to an EasyLoss consultant is all our clients need to help them see their problem differently.


Rather than believing your issue is a huge problem, we help you to change that belief as we identify what the real issue is. An EasyLoss consultant looks at your weight loss issues from a completely different perspective. We are an outsider looking in and we work with you to identify your particular issues and then help you to overcome them in ways you will find easy, once you know how.
So if you are struggling to lose weight the ‘EasyLoss’ way, you should begin by getting in contact with us to arrange a one-to-one with one of our EasyLoss consultants. If you’re finding your weight loss is taking too long, or is being slower than it should be, come and speak to us.
To get in touch with us simply drop us an email to Or click here for more information.