When it comes to fats there are so many mixed messages telling us different facts. 'Fats make you fat', 'fats are important for good health' but what should we actually believe?

Well, fats are actually essential in our diets as they regulate hormones and give us the much needed omegas in our diet which help with preventing inflammation and bone and joint health. But, just because we should be including fats in our diets doesn't mean that we should run into the closest greasy fry up cafe or binge on chocolate. It is important to opt for healthy fats not just any old food high in fat.

So what are healthy fats?

Examples of healthy fats include avocado, coconut/olive oil, fish, eggs and nuts and seeds. With this in mind we have laid out some of our favourite recipes to give you some easy and healthy meal inspiration.

1.Avocado, salmon and scrambled eggs on whole grain toast

healthy fats Crashed avocado and salmon whole grain toasts served with scramb


2.Avocado, chia seeds, banana and almond milk smoothie

Healthy fats green smoothie


3.Organic coconut/Greek or natural yoghurt with mixed berries and cacao nibs

healthy fats morning meal

4.A mixed leafy salad with quinoa and smoked salmon and olive oil dressing
healthy fats salmon salad

5. Pine nuts, chicken, vegetables and noodle stir fry using coconut oil

healthy fats pine nut stir fry