Weight Loss – Do it the Easyloss way.  It’s simple! It’s Fun!

Hi and welcome to our blog.  I should probably start by introducing myself.  I'm Sue Peckham and along with James Holmes I created the Easyloss weight loss programme in 2004.

Do you believe that to lose weight you need to put in loads of effort or it won’t happen?  Do you believe it’s an all or nothing choice where you have to forbid ‘bad’ foods such as cake, sweets, chocolate and crisps?  How many times have you tried to diet and given up because it just isn’t sustainable?

The problem is that we have become programmed to believe that losing weight has to be hard, has to be boring or has to involve a great deal of effort.  We believe that if we are on a diet and then have a bar of chocolate that we’ve failed so might as well give up or that we have to ‘diet food’ all the time to be successful.  Once we start restricting or forbidding certain foods it seems to us that they just become more desirable and we think we want them more than we really do.

So with the Easyloss programme there’s no excluding foods, no forbidden foods… there are just some foods that are healthier for you than others and that’s it.

As soon as you begin forbidding and excluding foods do you find that you tend to think about them even more?

How many times have you started a diet and then said to yourself, ‘I can’t eat any chocolate’, ‘Cheese isn’t allowed’, ‘I can’t have just one slice of Pizza because if I start eating pizza I won’t stop’?

I’m prepared to bet that now you are finding yourself thinking about chocolate or cheese or pizza or maybe all of those foods!

With Easyloss you can have chocolate, cheese or pizza as long as you are hungry and chocolate, cheese or pizza is what you REALLY WANT.  And this is where everything starts to change… Easyloss helps you to manage your relationship with food in a completely different way so that you start to find that you actually no longer WANT the chocolate, cheese or pizza.  I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant it is when you find that you are choosing not to eat the unhealthier foods because you really do not WANT them, not because you believe you mustn’t have them.

You may well be telling yourself now that you would not be able to control yourself around the unhealthier foods because all you ever WANT to eat is cake or biscuits or crisps but again this is a mistaken belief.  Once you remove all the mustn’t haves, shouldn’t haves and can’t haves around food and just ask yourself do I really WANT this particular cake, biscuit or packet of crisps and the results of eating it then it starts to become easy.  You find it easy to say, eating this is not going to help get to my weight loss goal so I won’t have it right  now, maybe later but not right now.  The more you practice this one simple way of thinking it really does become easier and easier…just give it a try.

If you do decide that you really do WANT to eat the unhealthier food and accept the consequences of eating that unhealthy food then that’s fine, but remember the insanity principle… “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Albert Einstein)

It’s also good to realise that we have to be thinking about food before we eat so if you find yourself thinking about food then distract yourself.   Find something to do, just for a few minutes, that has nothing at all to do with food.  You could clear out a cupboard or walk away from the house for 5 minutes and then walk back again. It doesn’t need to be anything massive, just something that takes your attention for a little while.  It won’t be long before you’ve broken the habit of eating every time you think of food.

So, what will you do to make your weight loss journey with Easyloss more fun?

What will you do to distract yourself from thinking about food and how you are changing to eating what you really WANT instead of eating whatever you can?