Pokémon,We've ALL heard of it, but wasn't it a childhood obsession years ago? So why is it suddenly all over the newsfeed on our Facebook pages, filling pages in magazines and seem to be the only thing people want to talk about? 

Yes, Pokemon is back, with the brand new reality game Pokemon Go! Now despite some of the EasyLoss team: (namely James, Vicky and me) being extremely against it at first, we have actually decided, after giving it a try, that it just could have some health benefits.

So, swallowing our pride, and feeling like children downloading the new app we decided to discover just what it was like and check it out. We wanted to know how it could actually help your health. Well, it turns out that this is like a virtual reality game come to life. Instead of trying to catch Pokemon as an avatar character you are actually the character yourself.

pokemon go for exercise

Using the snapchat camera, you will suddenly see a Pokemon and have to swipe to catch it. They are located in all different areas around your location and you have to go on a virtual journey to find them. This can get quite addictive. If you are struggling to find motivation to go for a long walk or hit the gym then don't panic - this could be your answer?


So, what's the EasyLoss Verdict?

We say... GIVE IT A GO!

Pokemon Go hands on

At the very least it's a bit of fun that allows you to have a laugh, stretch your legs and get some additional exercise in!

Lara, one of the EasyLoss team, and her friends loved it. They admitted to walking 5 miles to find a Pokemon - Wowsers! - dedication, right?

Have you tried Pokemon Go yet? Let us know in the comments! What was the most unusual place that you found a Pokemon?  How far have you walked trying to find these little creatures?