James and I are always pleased when we are able to introduce really helpful people to our app users.  One of those people is Vicky Hadley.  Her great approach to healthy eating and fitness is a perfect match for EasyLoss and we’re over the moon that she has agreed to share her tips with us all through this blog, her website and in her recent podcast with us.

Vicky has created Victoria’s Beauty Foods, a website offering fitness advice, hypoallergenic recipes, video clips, where to workout and more.

After discovering she was allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy and most nuts. Vicky set out on a mission to establish how she would be able to eat healthily and still fuel her body.


She states that, Victoria’s Beauty Foods is a channel where anyone who suffers with allergies, intolerances, digestive issues or simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle can look to for inspiration.

The recipes are based solely    on natural, organic, hypo-allergenic foods designed into delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy.
Vicky began experimenting with foods without any traces of her allergies. 6 months later Vicky had resolved all of her problems both internally and externally and designed lots of delicious recipes that she now shares on her website.

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Victoria’s Beauty Foods is a channel that promotes healthy living through recipes that look too deliciously naughty to be healthy. With one hand in a blender and the other holding a dumbbell you will find out all you need to know about health and fitness.

James and I have both tried Vicky’s recipes even though neither of us experience allergies.  We just use them because they are really healthy but mostly because they taste great!  My particular favourite is Vicky’s Green Soup!


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Vicky had struggled with ongoing health and skin issues that western medicines couldn’t cure her entire life. After numerous doctors and hospital appointments to try and find out what was wrong she took it upon herself to find a more natural way of dealing with the stresses of allergies, skin disorders and stomach issues.
Vicky tells us that over 15,000 people in Europe alone have food intolerances that they’re not aware of and could be experiencing stomach pains or rashes without realising why. The most common symptoms of an intolerance are: skin disorders, rashes, eczema, break outs, stomach issues such as cramps, bloating, or a poor metabolism.

Body in Balance

Body in balance is a brand new TV show launching on channel 266. They will be hosting a platform for yoga shows, workout videos, nutrition advice along with a recipe channel for Vicky, she will be creating delicious recipes that are freefrom and nutritious as well.


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As well as being an avid health blogger, Vicky also blogs about the best places to go in Fitness and shows her fitness journey along the way. She says if she can’t make it to the gym she will always use the online yoga service, ‘Yoogaia.com’ for a live online yoga class wherever she is.


Here at EasyLoss we have organised a discount code for all of our users. Please use code: EASYLOSS2015 to receive a two week free trial on Yoogaia.com now.

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Vicky will be attending the EasyLoss Boot Camp in April 2016 and leading some food workshops and talks as well as helping James and I to run the event.

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