The story of EasyLoss is actually a very personal adventure for me. In 2003 and at only 5ft4ins and a size 16/18 I felt very unhappy and uncomfortable with my weight problem. I found myself trialing numerous fad diets, joining every diet group going (sometimes a couple at the same time to make sure I ‘covered all the bases’) only to find myself hating it 3 weeks later. The diet groups might have worked short term but within a month any weight I’d lost had returned.

Working in school made healthy eating and dieting even harder thanks to the never ending chocolate and sweets the children brought in. James watched me trial and fail every diet and fall into a sad, depressive mood with each failure (gosh I must have been fun to work with!)

On discovering the power of hypnosis and training as hypnotherapists, we then opened our practice.  It wasn’t long before we noticed that a high number of people were asking us for hypnotherapy to help them lose weight. I was still overweight myself and I felt embarrassed telling others that I could help them lose weight through hypnosis when I wasn’t actually able to do it myself!  It was then that James and I decided to create a programme that would enable me to lose weight.  I was so successful at not only losing the weight but keeping it off, that we developed our Easyloss programme and trialed it with our weight loss clients at our practice.  It proved really successful and soon people were coming to see us for help to lose weight from all over the world!

9 months and 4 dress sizes later…

It took a total of 9 months to hit my goal weight. 4 dress sizes later, I was 3.5 stone lighter and down to a size 10 and to this day (August 2015), I have never put the any of that weight back on!

I feel so much more comfortable, confident and above all happy within myself. I don’t know how much I weigh, I don’t obsess over numbers on the scale all I know is that my clothes fit, and I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I am no longer hungry.

EasyLoss was created to help others who had been through a similar journey to me, searching, struggling and obsessing over a weight loss cure that didn’t leave them feeling depressed or guilty or hung up over food.


The creation of Virtual Gastric Band Programme 


The Virtual Gastric Band Programme was created a few years later in 2009, due to a very emotional story of a friend of a friend.
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This lady, unfortunately was significantly overweight. She went to see her Doctor to get a gastric band fitted on the NHS. At 10 stone over weight she was told she had to put on yet another stone to actually qualify for NHS treatment. So, she went home and put on the extra stone. One month later she returned only to yet again be turned away and told that the criteria had now changed, she had to gain another two stone to qualify. Yet again she had to return home and sadly tell her husband her news, this time he told her that this was ridiculous, it could go on like this for months! They took out £9000 of savings and got the Gastric Band fitted privately. The surgery ‘went well’ and she was discharged from hospital. As with anyone who has had gastric band surgery, she was on a liquid diet but she seemed to be ok.  The following day she found she was suffering from some breathing problems and was admitted to hospital where she died the next day from a blood clot which it is believed occurred as a result of her gastric band operation.

James and I were both so upset when we heard the news. We decided there must be something we could do to help people lose weight, that didn’t involve any drastic surgery or having to give away their entire life savings.


Today we help hundreds of people to lose weight and change their relationship with food at our practice in Whiteley, Hampshire.

Our Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast App as well as our other weight loss apps (Bikini Body System, Little Black Dress Programme and Wedding Weight Loss) and helping thousands of inspiring men and women to achieve weight loss results that they never thought possible for only £4.99 and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of them all!

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