Easyloss Client Testimonials

So I'm still here. I am eating less, leaving food on my plate, drinking more water and, best of all, not feeling hungry. I don't have scales but I can already see a difference, especially around my face and stomach. I am a happy camper 🙂
Lindsay Campbeltown
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Joy Davis (Fareham)
I lost nearly 3 stone over about two years. Although it wasn't huge amounts very quickly, it was manageable and the biggest thing is that it has changed my eating habits for life and whilst I see my friends fluctuate on crazy diets, I've managed to sustain my weight sensibly and feel great.
Adele T (Southampton)
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Oh my god. Can't quite believe I'm posting this! I started wearing my size 18s only a week or two ago, after my size 20s literally fell down when I walked up the stairs one day. So yesterday my husband was teasing me because I kept hoiking up my jeans. This morning (it's my birthday :)), I thought it would be interesting to see how far off I am getting in to my 16s. They only bloody fit me! Oh happy day, and WHAT a birthday present! Thanks so much James and Sue, you will definitely be getting that before and after pic when I am done!:)  32.5 lbs in 61 days! I feel like I'm melting! 🙂
Tracy (FB Yorkshire)
Jayne Rolf
Dear Sue & James.

First of all I would just like to thanks you for changing my life with the weight loss. What you have helped me with to overcome my poor eating habits have so far resulted in 1 ½ stone loss since we first met. My eating habits have changed so much that the weight continues to come off without effort, a fact that I still find very hard to believe. I am now 3 trouser sizes down since early November. I am also feeling the warm glow of people saying that I have lost weigh, always a confidence booster. The most remarkable thing is that I have not stopped myself from having anything, I just want less.

The second point is one of assisting my through my traumatic bereavement, your session helped me a great deal and I even found myself having a laugh on the day of the funeral.

I am finally fitting into some suits that were hidden in my wardrobe and feel confident again in my job hunting.
So once again, many thanks

Keith (Southampton)
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6 days in and I am 4lb down! I do have a lot of weight to lose, but I am shocked at how easy I am finding it. I am not following any diet, just trying to listen to my body. Food is like a drug to me and it is almost like that addiction is being broken.
Lisa (FB Shropshire)
Ros Lyons
Just weighed in after 2 weeks listening to session 1 and have lost another 3 pounds so a total of 6 pounds. Really pleased 🙂
Tracy C (FB Leicester)
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Down 26lbs. 🙂 so happy!!
Lorelei (FB Hawaii)
no name
Sue was friendly, understanding and very professional and I felt very at ease in their comfortable, modern surroundings. She said she could help me and did my first of three sessions straight after the consultation. I remember feeling sleepier and sleepier and hearing every work she said but when she brought me back out of the session I found I couldn’t remember much at all but I certainly felt revitalized and refreshed. Over the next few weeks I noticed that I was taking my time while eating my meals (putting my knife and fork down between each mouthful). I wasn’t snacking between meals but I was really enjoying what I was eating when I felt hungry enough to eat. And what a strange sensation hunger is when you haven’t felt it in a long time of overeating!
Mrs MW (Southampton)
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Just got weighed and lost another 1.5Ibs so that's 8.5Ibs in less than 2 weeks!!
Pippa (FB Liverpool)
Julie Brown (Fareham(
I've lost 15 pound in 4 weeks!! Am so happy!! I am amazed at how I've changed in such a short space of time. My portion sizes are tiny compared to what I used to eat, esp cereal! I have a tiny bowl now! And I drink so much water! It's like I can't get enough of it! And realise I used to eat when I wasn't hungry at all. Had the first few compliments over weekend that people are starting to notice so that was nice!

Amazing thing happened! Back to work, I'm a teacher. Chocolates all over the staff room! I was not bothered! Did not want one. Didn't even think about having one and don't feel that I've missed anything! Amazing! And fantastic! For me!! Yipeeeee! 🙂

Louise R (FB Newcastle)
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‎2 weeks in an 10 lb lost !! So pleased :-))
Emma (FB Salisbury)
Liz Brown
I decided to have pizza for my.birthday so made a gorgeous home made one. And my mother in law made an amazing chocolate cake for my sons. Birthday today. Decided I would have pizza and cake for.my birthday dinner. Ate ONE slice of pizza and had no cake! WTF? I'm going out to dinner tonight in my favourite restaurant, already planning to eat the salad and the fish and pass on dessert. This is so not me!:)
Tracy (FB Florida)
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I should add, I'm really liking it I already think there are some changes, even though I have serious issues with eating. I also think that you offer brilliant support , which I wasn't expecting: thanks
Joanne (FB Southampton)
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Thank you so much for all your help. I am truly pleased with the results. I can now confidently celebrate my 40th birthday this year without the waistline to match. Thanks again.
Joanne Taylor-Horne (Southampton)
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First weight in this morning, 6lb off :-)) Its so amazing to finally have the selfcontrol to stop eating when I've had enough (normally I eat all day long!) Thanks Sue & James, you're brilliant!!! X
Grace (FB Warminster)

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 I feel great. I no longer have an insatiable longing for anything sweet especially chocolate. Also do not feel hungry between meals...........so far, so good.
Maureen C (FB Wolverhampton)
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7lbs off this week. Very happy, thank you again x
Lyn M (FB Portsmouth)
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Hi Sue, Wendy & Jo

Just to give you an update – lost 3 stone and averaging 2-3 lbs/fortnight. I am feeling very happy and really enjoying my food – just rather a lot less – but no pain, anxiety or difficulty. Feeling good and the best thing is it has already helped the pain in my knees and I am much more agile and active.
Thank you all for changing my life!!!!
Wendy – I will probably be back to you for a top up in the future.

20 .5 in 7 weeks or could be 8 weeks. I am so shocked at weight loss that I have lost count of the weeks! The shock has addled my brain. Lol
Catharine C (FB Notttingham)
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Still on track - 3 weeks = 8lbs!!
Susan P (FB Falkirk)
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 I lost 5 in the first 2 weeks and 1 the third and this last week I'm on track for at least a 3lb loss.
Kim (FB Amsterdam)
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Yipeeee!!!! ...... One stone down!
Lizzie V (FB Rochester)
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I eat lettuce and spinach! I have never ever eaten spinach!!:)
Iulia (FB Sussex)
Weighed this morning - lost a total of 16lbs 🙂 Size 22 is now very comfortable, size 24 trousers want to slide off :-)))
Tanja (FB Benfleet)
I have a I have now lost 35lbs and very happy with how it has all gone.
Debbie W (FB Dover)