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Former super model and actress Sybille Gebhardt, has turned her life around, from partying to juicing, Sybille has taken her unhealthy, toxic lifestyle on a complete U Turn. Now turned naturopath and yogi, Sybille has also, 12 weeks ago, given birth to her little boy named Ben, and her healthy lifestyle and yoga practice is proving even more important now.



Total Body Cleanse


Sybille has just launched her brand new programme, ‘Total Body Cleanse’ with throughout the month of September, as a series of 45 minute classes designed to help strengthen your muscles whilst keeping your body flexible and slender. It is aimed at giving you a newfound energy whilst enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

Sybille’s four yoga classes and two healthy food preparation demonstrations will support and stimulate the key systems and organs involved in the cleansing and detoxification processes of your body.
Sybille’s journey

Sybille claims that her food is her medicine, after being diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and numerous other recurrent health issues that only seemed to worsen or return with western medicine, Sybille decided to make a change. Inspired by yogic teachings, Sybille trained at Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre, one of the leading yoga schools in India, and a few years later at the British Wheel of Yoga. In 2005, she completed a diploma in naturopathic nutrition under the teaching of Barbara Wren, followed by a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences at the University of Westminster in London.


“I found a way to eat that made me feel vibrant, strong and healthy. I started to use food as my medicine, I began to understand the benefits of breathing well, thinking more positive, being more in the present moment and aware of how I moved. It’s time that people stop doing what they should and start doing what they feel. What really matters are healthy relationships, a healthy professional life, expressing yourself creatively, being spiritually connected, and living in a healthy environment.”


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Sybille as a naturopath focuses heavily on a healthy gut as a means to create a healthy body. She is a firm believer that healing the gut flora and preventing or ridding oneself of candida or parasites will naturally lead to a healthier body. Sybille’s ‘Total Body Cleanse’ programme begins the journey to a healthier mind and body. She discusses why it is so important to have a healthy diet and one of the main steps to this journey is by having a grain free day.

Watch Sybille’s ‘Grain Free Day’ video online here.

Sybille has also bought out ‘Total Body Cleanse Yoga’ as a DVD with Body in Balance, which is filled with even more healthy lifestyle and naturopathic foods that will get your mind and body in the shape you want this Autumn.

Sybille’s top tips for starting out with Yoga

1. Find the right class for your level, if you are a beginner go to a beginner’s class. It is very important to let your teacher know if you have had any accidents or problems. Sybille’s ‘Total Body Cleanse’ is a beginners level class so is perfect for those looking to start out, but also challenges you for those more experienced yogi’s.

2. Do not eat too much before your class to allow your breathing to help with the internal cleansing of your yoga class. Too much food before class can cause indigestion and stomach ache.

3. Do not try to compete with others in your class, yoga is about taking time for yourself. Another reason why is such a great choice is because it is just you in the class with your teacher, so the only person you can be better than, is the person you were yesterday.


Sybille’s Top 5 – Foods that cleanse
Best nutrient dense

Smoked Salmon / Smoked Mackerel
Washed greens
Raw vegetables
Good quality oil – hemp seed oil, flaxseed oil or linseed oil

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Following Yoogaia’s live streaming and recordings of Sybille’s method from the convenience of your home ensures that no matter how demanding your lifestyle is, Total Body Cleanse Yoga can work for you.

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