Heading off on a summer holiday and panicking about going off track? It doesn't need to be that way.. Here are 5 Top Tips from The EasyLoss Team to help you to stay cool this summer!

1. Exercise when the sun is low...



Exercising on holiday might seem impossible as you imagine yourself running red faced down the beach dripping in sweat, but there are ways to get your exercise in. EasyLoss Top Tip... exercise in the shade! Not only will it mean you'll reduce your chance of getting heat stroke but it will be a lot cooler if you opt to do it early in the morning or in the evening.

Our favourite ways to exercise are to jog along the beach, join a yoga class or go for a swim... you'll keep cool, probably make some friends if you join the reps and definitely feel better for doing it!

2. Remember EasyLoss Guideline #4


Just because there is a huge buffet in front of you doesn't mean you HAVE to eat EVERYTHING! As you've paid for an all inclusive holidays your mind starts to tell you, that you MUST eat and drink the entire buffet because you've paid for it...

Is it really worth going off track for an extra plate of food you don't need? Absolutely not... The inevitable guilty feelings will come so it's way better for you to know that you've enjoyed what you've eaten and Then stopped when you're No Longer Hungry. There is no reason to feel deprived of anything but listen to your body and when you are No Longer Hungry don't force any more  food down.

3. Do not deprive yourself...


If your friends and family are indulging in foods that you know are not the most healthy for you and you forbid yourself from having them it may only lead to unhealthy binges later on. Remember EasyLoss Guideline #1 and eat what You want not what you can and not because it's what your friends/family want.  If you really want an ice-cream, and you are physically hungry, go ahead and have it...just stop eating it when you are No Longer Hungry.

4. Get your fluids in

water easyloss weight loss

Do you struggle to get in those eight glasses a day? Well, it is even more important to stay hydrated whilst away. The sun can dehydrate you and if you are a sun lover you can suffer with sunstroke if you don't ensure that you keep yourself well hydrated. 

See our blog: EasyLoss’ Top Tips to drink more water this Summer!

5. Download Your Positive Mindfulness Coach app

positive mindfulness

Keep cool, keep calm and keep collected with Your Positive Mindfulness Coach...

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