What's Sue's Top Tip this month for weight loss? She's revealing it in this weeks blog!

Well I have to admit I was blown away when I heard this.  You’ll never guess what it is?  Something that’s free, (well almost), you can get it anywhere at any time, (pretty much).  And you don’t need a prescription.  Have you guessed it yet?

Drum Roll Please!!!!

It’s WATER! Yes you read it correctly.  This is how our lovely EasyLoss Gold Member Jackie Stockdale explained it to me when James and I went to meet her and record a podcast with her today.

water easyloss weight loss

Jackie told us that from the very start of her EasyLoss weight loss journey she followed the guidelines 100% and part of that was to make herself drink a lot more water than she had been used too. Now I’ve come up with lots of suggestions on how to make drinking more water easier for our clients over the years I’ve been in practice but I’ve never thought about Jackie’s Top Tip.

Jackie Stockdale before and after photos

Jackie Stockdale before and after photos

So what Jackie did was to think of water as her weight loss medicine that she had to take several times each day.  As soon as she said it I had one of those ‘light bulb moments’.  You know, the ones where you think to yourself, ‘Flippin’ heck that’s such a simple idea and so effective.  Why didn’t me or James think of that??’

I started to really think about why that would work so well not only for Jackie but for so many of us.  I often here our new members on the group asking for advice on how to ‘up’ their water intake.  Sometimes we even have members who say ‘What can I have instead of water as I don’t like it?’

Jackie Stockdale before and after photos

Well if you went to the doctor complaining of some symptom or other and the doctor gave you some medicine that would make you better I bet you’d take it.  You’d take at the times prescribed even if it wasn’t convenient.  You’d take it even if you hated the taste. Wouldn’t you?  I’m willing to bet money on it that if you knew that this medicine was going to make you better quickly, without any negative side effects, you would take it no matter what and you wouldn’t look for every excuse under the sun not take it.

So let’s use what Jackie did to make increasing our own water intake easier.  She decided that water was her weight loss medicine. Then she decided on the ‘dose’ she had to take.  For Jackie it was 2 small glasses as soon as she got up before she did anything else and then 2 small glasses at regular intervals throughout the day.  Doesn’t that sound exactly like the sort of instructions you’d see on a bottle of medicine?

If your water was medicine you wouldn’t forget to take it and even if you didn’t like the taste much you would persevere with taking it as it is going to make you better.  So it is WORTH IT!

In a nutshell, all you need to do is start to think of water as the medicine that will help you to get rid of your symptom of being overweight so you just take it.  Make up your own prescription and decide how much each dose of water needs to be for you to get better and how often you need to take and then just do it!

We’d love to hear if you have a great idea for increasing the amount of water you drink. Tell us what has worked for you and help other EasyLosers to drink more water and get the weight loss results they are seeking.


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