I absolutely love coconut oil!  I have jars of it all over the house, in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom.  Like most people I was absolutely amazed when I found out all the different ways you can use the stuff.  It’s so versatile and there are loads of articles and websites devoted to it.  Here are my own 5 top recommendations for using coconut oil.

  1. I have it in my morning smoothie most days. One of my favourite smoothie recipes consists of a handful of frozen spinach, a handful of frozen summer berries, a small chopped banana, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil one teaspoon of inulin and a teaspoon of either ‘Go Boost’, ‘Go Figa or ‘Go Green’.  I whizz it all up with water in my Nutribullet and drink it while I catch up on my emails and the EasyLoss Facebook Support Group.  Coconut oil has many reported nutritional benefits including improved digestion and helping to reduce inflammation.

    Strawberry milkshake bikini body

  2. I use it in my stir fries. I always melt a good teaspoon of coconut oil, in the wok before I had my meat/veg and it is really lovely. Have to say that my favourite stir fry is probably prawns with bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions, and strips of green beans and carrots but the coconut oil works just as well with chicken or beef or just plain veg stir fries too. It has a great light taste and your stir fry doesn’t taste oily.

    Stir fry vegetables in pan

  3. Who knew you can use coconut oil as a make-up remover?? This made my day when I heard about it! I take a tiny blob of it and gently massage it all over my face then use cotton wool or a tissue to remove it. Can you believe it even removes water proof mascara?  It leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft too.  And it’s quick…always a bonus to me.

    Brush with powder foundations

  4. Coconut oil makes a wonderful conditioner for your hair. Once a week I treat my hair to a deep conditioning treatment by massaging coconut oil right the way through it from the roots to the tips and into my scalp.  Then I wrap my hair in a towel and leave it for at least an hour.  Sometimes I leave it on overnight (just be sure to use an old pillow case because it can be a bit messy and you don’t wants to make your best ones all greasy). When I shampoo it off after an hour, or the next morning, my hair feels so soft and it smells gorgeous!
    Coconut oil
  5. Do you ever run out of shower gel? Happens to me all the time (I really must learn to make a shopping list and then remember to take it shopping with me…but that’s a whole different matter).  As I keep a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom to use for my hair and as a make remover I just take a good sized dollop and use it all over my body in exactly the same way as I would use shower gel.  It leaves my skin feeling really clean and moisturised (time saving bonus again as it means I often don’t need to use a moisturiser after my shower) and again it smells lovely.

So those are my 5 top recommendations for using coconut oil.  I’d love to hear any different uses you have found that work for you. Please share them with us below.

Where to get coconut oil

I always get mine from www.greensorganic.co.uk  Use the discount code ‘easyloss10’ at the checkout you will receive a great 10% on all order of £20 or more.

It is also available on Amazon and from good health food shops.

You will find ‘Go Figa’ at http://www.gofiga.co.uk/  use discount code ‘easyloss20’ at the checkout for a 20% discount

‘Go Green’ and ‘Go Boost’ are available here, use discount code ‘easyloss20’ at the checkout for a 20% discount