Blog 4 (08 August 2016) : By David Rose Massom

Tennis star Arthur Ashe once said, very wisely I think, Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.’ And, so it is with the journey we take when we begin this adventure of self-rediscovery with the aid of EasyLoss. I began a year ago and what a journey it has been, so far…

Last summer I was a big boy, 25 stone according to my scales, but as that is all they went up to it may well have been more. I saw photos of myself and had a real period of self-loathing and you know what they say, you have to love yourself before anyone else will. Not really true in my case as I am such a loveable character as Sue and James will tell you. So on August 27th last year I weighed in at 25 stone (350lb) and purchased the App for just £4.99.

I was impatient to lose weight, I needed to find myself again and I knew I was hiding in there somewhere, amidst all that fat and those big and unflattering clothes. Imagine my delight then when I began to eat smaller meals, and without even weighing myself, knowing I was smaller as I did not feel bloated all day. There were challenges of course. The main one being, what does hunger feel like?

David with Sue and James after his 2.5 weight loss

Hunger and thirst signals feel just the same, so how did I know if I was hungry? Well that was easy, a big body like mine needed lots of fuel and so I must be hungry all the time? Wrong. The App and the guidelines were telling me something different. The Water Alerts were telling me to drink water on a regular basis throughout the day, a useful and welcome reminder. I don’t need the Water Alerts any more as I drink plenty of water as habit throughout each day now. Because of my water intake, I didn’t have as many ‘hunger’ feelings, therefore no longer the need to eat so much.

But, old habits are hard to break, it is why they are called habits. So the App reboots your brain to see food differently. We are raised to look at, and appreciate food, as a punishment/reward thing. You are not getting down from the table until your plate is empty…punishment. If you eat all your dinner up you can have some dessert… reward. What a dreadful thing to do to children, bully them into eating.

David 8 month weight loss

David with the lard after his 8 month weight loss

I no longer am worried or concerned about leaving food on my plate. In fact I give myself a metaphorical pat on the back and say, ‘Well done David’. I only eat when I’m hungry, and stop eating when I’m no longer hungry… it is so simple. So simple it cannot be true, surely I would have to change what I eat, low calories and all that stuff, stop eating stuff I liked because it is bad for me. Nope, no and no-way.

For the last year I have eaten all the foods I love, but, in saying that because of the way I now eat, I have gone off some foods, for example the old English classic, fish and chips. I now find even the thought of it horrid. Not out of diet mentality, but because as I am eating much smaller meals, I eat meals with great flavour and texture, there is no room for greasy or oily fast food in my life now.

Stir fry vegetables in pan

The last year has been an incredible journey of weight loss and rediscovery. 12 months from beginning this adventure I have lost 5st 9lb (79lb) and am still losing. I have to admit that has not all been in a downward direction, sometimes it has gone back up by one or two pound but I am never cross with myself, it happens. I just ensure the next day I listen to my body again and listen carefully, I get myself back on track.

Somewhere at journey’s end there is some sort of destination, I have no idea where it is or when I will reach it, but what I do know, for certain, is that on the way there I have discovered a person I have grown to love and enjoy. ME. I am slimmer yes, but I am also more confident, have more feelings of self-worth, and I like who and what I am. So I have not just discovered a lighter me, I have discovered a much happier me, a real me.

And, all in just one year…. Thanks to EasyLoss!

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