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Rick Hay, Ideal World’s nutrition expert has over 20 years’ experience in nutrition and health and he is sharing it with you through EasyLoss! Rick has contributed to our brand new, ‘Little Black Dress’ app and his advice on boosting your metabolism will have you ‘Little Black Dress’ ready in no time!

Rick is a Nutritional Physiologist and Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist. He specialises in obesity treatment, weight management, anti-ageing food and fitness, beauty from within and natural sports medicine.


When it comes to the philosophy of food, Rick knows how to make it simple and effective, he states, ‘Different diets and different nutrition groups work for different people.’ A lot of people favour paleo or vegan or vegetarian diets, but believe their diet is the only diet that could possibly work! However Rick clears this up, ‘no diet is wrong as long as it is healthy - raw food is key, make sure you eat as close to nature as you can - most of the time. It is important to include a large proportion of your food intake as fresh whole plant food’.


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You don’t need to exclude a certain food group if your diet and health are functioning well. Many people stress about the foods they eat to such an extreme it will actually cause a reaction. One in five Britons claim to have an intolerance or allergy in this day and age, with research showing only 2% actually do. Rick informs us that, ‘when you are stressed your body will mimic an allergy or intolerance, because the mind is so powerful it will actually create a digestive disturbance’. He reveals that if we stress less and relax when we reach for a certain food, the symptoms would go away.


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Bitter foods such as chicory, pesto and rocket are the key foods for the liver. ‘The liver is the seat of cleansing’. When the body releases a sugar craving it actually NEEDS bitter foods! Rick states the way to stop your sugar cravings are to first, allow them to come - don’t reach straight for the nearest biscuit tin - wait! Next reach for a food that is bitter.
If you are desperate for something sweet, you can opt for a Grapefruit juice or a handful of raspberries that are still essentially bitter foods - only they will give you the sweet taste you desire.


Go Figa! Rick’s brand new superfood powder, is a nutrient dense superfood that has been designed to help boost immunity, regulate blood sugar levels, help with regularity and promote satiety. This formula includes antioxidant rich fig powder combined with berries (for weight management), chia seeds (for omega 3), cinnamon (to regulate blood sugar) and glucomannan (to stop sugar cravings). The combination of ingredients have been selected to assist natural cleansing and detox processes whilst delivering a general tune up to all body systems.

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Go Figa! can be added to smoothie or juice daily, it is packed with digestive enzymes and prebiotics through its natural ingredients which will treat the gut and help the body eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system.

At EasyLoss James and I are using ‘Go Figa!’ every day and really do recommend it to everyone who is doing their best to eat healthily.  If you would like to try ‘Go Figa’ too then just go to Go  Figa's website, and enter the code ‘Easyloss20’ at the checkout and you will receive a 20 % discount on your order!  We’re are really grateful to Rick for making this discount code available to all readers of our blog.



Berries: - Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries
Bitter Foods: - Rocket, Chicory, Grapefruit
Protein: - Lentils, Chickpeas, Deep Water Fish, Organic Chicken
Spices: Turmeric, Ginger, Cayenne, Cinnamon
Health Carbohydrates: Brown/Wild Rice


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