The biggest thing that James and I discovered when we began to study successful weight loss and create the EasyLoss Weight Loss Programme was the DIETS DON’T WORK! There are so many studies available to us now that support this and provide evidence about the many reasons that diets fail. It really is a ‘no brainer’ to kick dieting out of your life for good.

Here are our Top Reasons to Stop Dieting and get back to eating like a slim, fit, healthy person – naturally.


why you need to stop dieting by easyloss


  1. Dieting isn’t is a sustainable way of losing weight unless you stay on the diet for the rest of your life! Sounds pretty miserable really doesn’t it?  Studies show that most people who lose weight on a diet will have put most of their weigh back on within 1 year and that only a very small minority will not have put it all back on PLUS a bit more within 2 years! That means that most people who lose weight on a diet will actually end up gaining more weight than when they started! (Except the ‘diet’ won’t tell you that bit).


  1. Dieting isn’t fun. Most commercial diets involve restricting certain foods or food groups. They may also restrict times of eating and require huge amounts of will power to get over those cravings and energy slumps in your day.  Not to mention the inconvenience of having to prepare different food for your family or not being able to eat out with friends for fear of ‘spoiling your diet’.  Not only does food take over your every thought but now it takes over your family life and social life too. Don’t you have enough going on in your busy life without having to fit in yet another chore? Why would you want to take on a restrictive and sometimes complicated and expensive diet?


  1. Dieting can generate feelings of anxiety and guilt. If you didn’t have feelings of guilt and anxiety about food before starting on a diet the chances are you will have once you start one.  Low self-esteem caused by being overweight and not feeling good about yourself can quickly become heightened as you obsess over food.  What you can have, what you can’t have, when you can eat and when you can’t eat. Your life becomes focused around some else’s rules over your eating rather than just responding to your own body and your natural hunger signals. Eventually what should come naturally to you becomes lost in the mass of ‘Dos’ and Don’ts’ that now take over your life.  If nothing else, it’s exhausting and confusing.


  1. Following a diet can increase cravings. When certain foods are forbidden or restricted the can become more desirable.  This creates feelings of being deprived, feelings that you are missing out, and then the cravings become stronger and more difficult to manage.  You may feel that you are constantly battling with yourself not to give in to these cravings which can then lead to feelings of irritability and feeling disappointed in yourself when you give into these cravings.  This in turn then lowers your self-esteem and you feel like you have failed again. You feel as though you have no will power and that you will always be overweight. In our experience dieters will blame themselves for failing rather than recognising that the diets are failing them.  They say things like ‘I just can’t stick to a diet’.  Well the truth is that no-one should have to.  Diets are an un-natural way to lose weight.  Listening to your own body, really tuning in, will help you to get the weight loss results you want far more successfully.
  1. Learning to listen to your body rather than following an external control diet is the most successful, sustainable way to lose unwanted fat and maintain your weight loss. Be brave.  Throw those diet manuals in the bin.  Take back control of your eating and your life.  If you’re not sure how to do that right now because you’ve had years of dieting and aren’t sure what your natural cues are, then all you need to do is find someone to help you re-learn what you instinctively know.  Someone to help you recognise your own body’s natural signals and how to respond to them.  There are programmes out there to help.


  1. Diets do not help with long term weight loss as they do not get to the root cause of why someone is overeating and becoming unhealthy. For most people with a weight issue there is more to it than just eating too much.  Feelings of worthlessness, boredom, low-self-esteem, unhappiness, depression or even happiness can all be associated with your unconscious drive to overeat or to eat unhealthy food.  Stop being so hard on yourself and start to think about taking care of yourself and what fuel you need to put into your body to care for and look after YOU.


  1. Diets take away your own self-awareness. So now it’s over to you.  Eat mindfully.  Take your time with your meals and slow your eating speed right down. Tune into your body’s natural hunger signals.  Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are no longer hungry. Eat foods that you know will make you feel good about yourself and help you to get rid of your unwanted fat. For more information on EasyLoss and how to lose weight successfully without dieting visit or get our apps by following the links below.


Enjoy your weight loss journey with us!

Love, Sue and James


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