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Welcome to the very first Easyloss Podcast hosted by Easyloss Programme creators Sue Peckham and James Holmes (with a little bit of help from Bilko, their teacup Yorkshire Terrier).
During this episode Sue and James share the story of how the Easyloss Weight Loss Programme came to be created and answer lots of the most frequently asked questions they have received on their Easyloss Facebook Support Group Learn how to overcome self sabotage, stop Yo-Yo dieting, change your limiting beliefs, reduce cravings and follow the Easyloss Guidelines correctly.
Find out how you can book a one to one Skype session with an Easyloss Consultant and 'kick start' your Easyloss Success Story.

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Sue : Hi everyone it’s Sue here and we’re really excited James and I to be launching our very first podcast. Really looking forward to this podcast and many more and chatting to you about different things to do with our Easyloss weight loss programmes, the different apps that we’ve produced but also about things that affect us personally and things that we’ve found helpful to us in our personal lives and working lives and looking forward to having some really great guests. And for my very first guest today, I think you’ll agree with something really great, today I’ve got with me, James Holmes.

James: Thanks very much for the intro

Sue: You’re very welcome

James: And Bilko of course

Sue: Oh and Bilko of course and we’re just hoping that he keeps quiet but if you do hear a growling or a barking it just means that there’s somebody passing by the office and Bilko is a little bit territorial

James: And if you don’t know us and don’t know who Bilko is, he is a little dog we rescued and that we share the parenting of and all the apps we’ve created he enjoys very much because he spends most of the time on my lap getting lots of attention during the creation of the apps.

Sue: Yeah he certainly is a very demanding little dog. But what I’d like to fill in a little bit of background for those of you who only know from the Easyloss programme or see our names maybe coming up from time to time and answering different questions, is actually that James and I have known each other now for almost twenty years, although I’m sure James feels it’s a lot longer than that. And we’ve worked together in education many years ago it seems now and then we retrained as hypnotherapists and hypnoanalysts, can’t even say it now even after all these years, and we opened a private practice in the Southampton and Fareham area about ten years ago and it was as a result of working with all our clients in our private practice that we developed the Easyloss Weight Loss Programme and the Easyloss virtual gastric band surgery  programme that went on to become very well known worldwide and as a result of that, James said one day out of the blue “I think we could make an app out of that” and it’s gone on and grown in leaps and bounds since then so that’s a little bit of background about how we came to be involved in doing these podcasts today because this is just the next step onwards now to bringing our products and our programmes to more and more people and hopefully to helping more people and we do hope at some time maybe you’d like to be a guest as James is gonna be today so please do let us know, either drop us an email to and just say you’d like to be a guest and I’ll come to you, I just need a cup of tea, and I could consume my entire body weight in tea during the day, a cup of tea will be fine and we can sit and have a chat

James: Of course we were gonna call it ‘ Coffee with Sue’ but you don’t drink coffee anymore

Sue: I don’t drink coffee

James: And Sue drinks her body weight in tea everyday so yes tea would suit

Sue: Yes, cup of tea with Sue and I’d love to meet as many of our Easyloss Facebook group members as possible and so if you would be up for a chat and a bit of podcasting then please do let us know either on the facebook group or on that email address

James: I still think it’s sad that only about 5% of people who download the app join the facebook group so there’s an awful lot of people who don’t know how amazing the facebook group is and what they can get from it and how people can support each other. It’s a bit sad so do spread the word

Sue: I don’t know about you James but I’m really really proud of our facebook group and I know so many members comment on there saying how lovely all the members are and when you think we’ve got nearly 8,000 members, that’s 8000 really lovely people that we get to contact everyday

James: And not to mention our wonderful advisors who police it almost day and night. If you ever wonder why there isn’t, like on lots of other facebook groups like lots of rayban adverts, it always seems to be rayban doesn’t it

Sue: Rayban yeah, think I’m gonna treat myself to a pair actually

James: If you wonder why there isn’t much of that spam that you see on other groups, it’s because of these lovely, amazing advisors that do a terrific job to police it and to make sure veryone’s polite and follow our little protocol

Sue: and to make sure that everyone get the very very best advice because each one of our lovely advisors and you’ll know them, you’ll see they do pop advisor after their name, each one of them has been with James and I almost since the beginning of the facebook group, one of them in particular, Carol, was actually responsible for us starting the facebook group from the very outset, but that’s a story for another day.

James: She’s got a lot to answer for

Sue: she has got a lot to answer for, we hold her entirely responsible. But what we thought we’d do today, because it’s our very first podcast is maybe just attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that come up on the facebook group because we do find that similar questions come up over and over again so

James: Here is a common one that we’ve seen so many times – question “why do we self sabotage our efforts when we’re doing so well and how do we overcome it?”

Sue: Okay, that is a great question and is one that I quite often get asked when I’m out and about talking about Easyloss and things like that, “Why is our programme so successful where people sabotage themselves”. It is quite a complex issue but to sum it up as quickly and as succinctly as I can, I think the best thing to say is that most people have a behaviour around losing weight, a belief about how they’ve lost weight and for the majority of people before they actually find Easyloss, they’ve been on diets. They’ve had some kind of external control telling them what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat and they are so entrenched, it’s not their fault but they are completely entrenched in this diet mentality and one of the things that happens is people don’t quite get how different easyloss is, that it’s not a diet, that it’s not something that you’re gonna stop doing it’s a change in your relationship with food and it’s a change in the way you eat and it’s gonna be something that if you follow it and consciously keep going with it, it will eventually become your habit so that you won’t go back, you won’t sabotage yourself because this is just what you do now. On occasions, some people do have deep seated issues as we do know that and we can help in other ways. One of the ways we’ve found helps a lot of people and I’m sure you’ve seen people talking about it on the facebook group recently is the ‘self sabotage’ track that we have available on itunes and in our chill pill app and a lot of people have found that really really useful, just to get them over the emotional part of self sabotage and working with the virtual gastric band app they’ve found it’s really helped a lot so I hope that’s answered the uestion

James: How would you say the self esteem download fits into that?

Sue: Most people with a weight problem, with weight issues, relationship with food issues, eating disorders experience low self esteem even though they may not realise it, because if you think about it, people with high self esteem are not going to, and it sounds very dramatic, but they’re not going to self harm with food. If you’ve got high self esteem you’re gonna look after yourself. So again thanks for mentioning the self esteem track James, it’s available as I say on a download or in the chill pill app. By really working or your self esteem, improving your self esteem, and feeling better about yourself you feel far more motivated to care for yourself, to look after yourself. So by raising your self esteem, you’re indirectly helping your relationship with food without even realising it.

James: I remembered our very first conference, I quoted a Nathaniel Brandon quote, which I use quite often in our office and I think it’s from a book called ‘The 16 pillars of self esteem’, it’s either 13 or 16 pillars. Anyway, Nathaniel Brandon

Sue: There’s a lot of pillars anyway

James: There’s a lot of pillars and it is, It just sums up that with your self esteem, whether it’s high or low, it tends to be a generator of a self-fulfilling prophecy and I think it might, I’ve put the quote up on the facebook group before but I’ve never found another quote that completely sums up self esteem and then the reason we self sabotage. In fact when I see my smoking clients, stop smoking clients, I always read this quote to ensure there isn’t any self sabotage there. But I’ll put it on the facebook group again.

Sue: Yeah I think that would be a good idea and of course we’ve still got, if anybody wanted it, we’ve still some copies of the video, of the two videos of the conference

James: Some amazing conferences

Sue: Ah, it was fabulous, really fabulous day. Both times, both times

James: Let’s go to another question now. Question from Louise, her question is, “ to maintain the weight loss permanently and stop yoyo dieting, what would she need to do?”

Sue: Okay now this is a great question because it’s something that I see as a theme running through the questions of the Facebook group time and time again, and forgive me Louise but that’s a dieters question. It shows that, although you’re following the easyloss programme, you’re still perceiving it as something that you’re gonna do for a period of time and then stop and that’s what happens with people on a diet, they’re gonna do it for a short period of time, a quite miserable time for most people, but they’re gonna do it for a short period of time and then what happens after that. With the easyloss programme I think I’d defy anyone that says it’s not an enjoyable way to lose weight, I certainly know that when we developing the programme, it was the easiest way I lost weight and the most sustainable because ten years on now, I’m still three and a half stone down, I’m still a size 10 and I certainly don’t consciously follow the guidelines now. However, having said that, when we were creating the programme, I had to consciously do it all day, everyday 24/7 to make sure that it did become engrained and did become my habit, in much the same way as learning to drive. When I learnt to drive, and I’m gonna say it before James does, I did have quite a lot of lessons, so,

James: How many?

Sue: 147

James: 147

Sue: But we’ll just skip over that quite quickly

James: How many tests?

Sue: 3. But, in a way that kind of reinforces what we’re saying about everyone’s journey is different because I bet James when you took your driving test

James: Well you weren’t going on any journeys!

Sue: I wasn’t going on any journeys at that time. But tell me James, when you took your driving test, how many lessons did you have?

James: Um, about ten or eleven

Sue: About ten and you know you passed your driving test first time?

James: Yeah

Sue: And away you went. That’s the difference between you and me learning a new skill because to learn to change your relationship with food, to eat in a different way, that is a new skill, some people pick it up much quicker than others; some people take it on board much quicker than others. I had an experience with driving instructors and an ex husband kind of saying to me I’m not a very good driver, it takes women drivers a long time, women drivers aren’t as good as men, so I had a belief system around that, and to a certain extent, I did the self-fulfilling prophecy thing, and it took me ages to learn it

James: And you still maintain it

Sue: But now, you know I do drive, I mean you have to admit, I drove us up to London several times and I know you were beside me in the car saying you can do this, I know there was the odd occasion when you have said to me let’s pull over and get out and swap over here, but as you know, I have when I’ve needed to now driven round central London, and not batted an eyelid about it so

James: And you’ve never caused an accident

Sue: But I’ve seen hundreds

James: Yeah, behind you in the wing mirror

Sue: But it’s exactly the same, if you think of it rather than being on a diet, think of it as a new skill, you’re changing you’re learning a new relationship with food and you don’t need to worry that that’s ever going to change. Once it’s become your habit, once you’re really okay with doing, just like any of you that have learnt to drive, some of you might have learned in 6 lessons, some of you might be like me and had 147, but eventually, all of us got there, all of us drive perfectly well, so eventually, every single one of us on the Easyloss programme will get there, as long as we keep trying, as long as we keep practicing, as long as we keep reinforcing the guidelines consciously to ourselves, eventually we’ll get good enough to pass the test and then we’ll be away and we’ll be good to go.

James: Great answer! I can’t remember the question but it’s a great answer. Um, question from Fiona, “ how can I stop letting food rule my life and to allow it to become lower down the list of importance?”

Sue: Okay, now for most people who’ve got problems with relationships with food, for most dieters, for most people who are overweight, you will find that they will think about food all the time, apart from when they’re actually eating it. Whereas somebody who is a slim, fit, healthy person who has a good relationship with food will only think about food when they’re hungry. Again, perhaps the driving analogy would be a good one to demonstrate this

James: Back on the road again

Sue: Have to get back on the road, as I say to my clients when they come to see me you know, some of my skype clients who I see and the clients who come and see me in the practice, none of us feel the need to constantly worry about how much petrol is in the car, where we’re gonna get the next petrol from, how long before we get the next petrol. We only are concerned about putting more petrol in the car or more fuel in the car when the red light comes on or  some people say they do it when there’s a quarter of a tank, but we all have a signal that tells us ‘now we need to think about putting more fuel in the car’. So I might drive for 3,4,5,6 days and not give a single thought to putting fuel in my car, then the red light will pop on and I’ll think ‘ oh next time I go out I need to think about getting some petrol’ or ‘before I go on my next long journey I need to top up the petrol before I go out’, but I’m not obsessing about it and thinking about it all the time. So, again by following the Easyloss guidelines and getting really familiar with when you’re hungry, when you’re no longer hungry, those natural signals that you’ve been trained out of, by getting really familiar with those guidelines and really reinforcing them, you will find that you don’t actually obsess about food as much as you did before until gradually that just goes away, it’s almost by default, and then one day you realise ‘ I haven’t actually thought about food all day today’. So it’s about giving yourself a chance to re-program, it’s not gonna happen overnight, you didn’t develop your thinking style around food overnight so be kind to yourself and give yourself the opportunity to learn a new skill without being overly concerned about it and not thinking like a person on a diet.

James: And of course it’s Coue’s law again which we discussed at our first conference

Sue: Absolutely and it might be a good chance now to just mention that

James: I think we might put that video up

Sue: Could you just explain a little bit about it now

James: Yeah sure, Emile Coue was a French psychologist, wrote a lots of books on hypnosis and suggestion and he noticed this phenomenon and he gave his name to it, hence Coue’s law, and essentially Coue’s law, or sometimes called The Law of Reversed Effort says that when your imagination and your willpower comes into conflict, your imagination will always win. So you’ve only gotta think of any New Year’s Eve when you said ‘ right, tomorrow I’m gonna try not to think about chocolate’, what do you think about twenty times more the next day than you’ve done the rest of the year – chocolate. I always think of it as the phrase ‘What you resist, persist’, indeed if I said to you now try not to think of a pink zebra with a monkey on back playing the banjo, try not to think of that, that’s probably what you’d be thinking about. So, Coue’s law essentially again, your imagination come into conflict, your imagination will always win, so surprisingly most people imagine what they don’t want, rather than what they do want.

Sue: They really focus on what they don’t want

James: Yeah and they’re revoking Coue’s law. I think we could literally dedicate a whole session to Coue’s law, so maybe we should do that some time

Sue: Maybe we should think about that, put it on the to do list

James: On the to do list. Yeah we’ll maybe put a video out to do with that. Let’s go to the next question, this is from Victoria. “After four weeks of listening and following the guidelines, my scales aren’t shifting, are some people immune?”

Sue: Okay, this is a really great question, Victoria, thank you for that. The first thing i’m gonna say is that if after four weeks and the scales aren’t shifting, then there is some issue around the way you’re interpreting the guidelines, and that happens for a lot of people. Do you remember I was saying at the beginning of this podcast James that we all have a belief system around food and  our relationship with food and for a lot of us, we interpret the guidelines from the belief system that we’re at, at this time. So if we’ve got deeply entrenched diet mentality, we’re really worried about our weight, if we’ve been on lots of diets and we’ve failed before, we’re interpreting the guidelines from that perspective, from that belief system. Now, one of the things I would say, and I can’t emphasise it enough, you cannot do any better than having a one to one chat with an Easyloss consultant and there are several of us, I mean obviously I do do them, but the lovely consultants that we’ve got working with us, they’ve all been trained by yourself and me, and they are absolutely wonderful and you see them on the Facebook group, there’s the lovely Sabine Braines who works with us in the practice and some of you would’ve met her before, we say Sabine will offer the Skype consultations with the Easyloss Facebook group members. And then we’ve got our lovely Marise Thomas who was with us at the practice until she moved back to London and she’s always available to do skype consultations and of course, more recently Carole Adams has completed her training as an Easyloss consultant and is now absolutely doing wonders with her skype consultations, and we also have Wendy Johnson who does skype consultations for us and the do them all hours of that day and night, they’re a little bit like me, a little bit Easyloss junkies and there’s nothing we like better than to get on the skype and be having a chat with the lovely people that we get to meet and actually identify where it is that they’re misinterpreting the guidelines as they should be following them, and to see the almost instant change in people when we can identify where the issues are for them. So I hope that answers that question and if you are in any doubt at all, just drop us an email

James: It’s time well spent isn’t it

Sue: It’s absolutely time well spent, absolutely. It can be something so simple that people are missing that they believe they’re doing but they’re actually not or something they’re doing that they shouldn’t be that the Easyloss consultants can identify really really quickly. And they’re lovely girls

James: They are lovely, very knowledgeable. How do they go about it?

Sue: Ah, now all they’ve gotta do, they can if they’re in the UK just pick up the phone and give us a ring, and I’ll mention the phone number in a minute, they’ll usually get e on the phone and then we can sort it out over the phone, or they can drop us an email through and then one of us will get back to them with all of the details, skypes really easy, you can download it for free.

James: I still think you should answer the phone calls from Australia and America during the night

Sue: If I am in America I do answer the phone calls from the UK during the night, yeah that’s bee challenging waking up at three in the morning ‘hello Hampshire hypnotherapy centre’ then trying to get back to sleep but the reason we don’t recommend people from abroad call us is purely because of the cost for them, you know if they did phone in the middle of the night, chances are I would hear it and I probably would answer it

James: That’s good to hear! Question from Laura “How to break the emotional and psychological attachments to food”

Sue: Okay, again for most people that goes back to years and years of faulty programming and obsessive dieting, just the fact that some people refer to some foods as a treat, you know I’ve seen a lot of diets and believe you me I did a lot in the past where you save up points, or sins or sweets and you have food for a treat. Food’s not a treat, it is just fuel so it’s about working with you and really taking on board the fact that food is just fuel, you wanna put the best possible fuel you can into your body to make it work effectively. Treats are things that are nice and that enhance your life, not something that’s gonna cause you to become overweight and posion yourself.

James: Question from, and this is a common one, and something I thought about a lot when we did sugar stop, question from Sonia, “Why do I want to eat sweet stuff, mainly chocolate, after every meal? If I don’t eat it, I’m constantly thinking about the fact that I’ve not had any” there’s Coue’s law for you “Chocolate cravings are far worse than cigarettes ever were for me, I feel so ashamed”. How would you answer that one?

Sue: Oh bless her, it’s nothing to be ashamed about, it’s really not her fault, it’s an association, it’s a habit. Most of us are brought up, and I’m not gonna go into all the details now because that’s a whole podcast on its own, that you know if we are really well behaved and we eat all of our dinner, regardless of whether we need it or not or whether we’re still hungry or not, then we’ll get rewarded with this sweet thing, so you have this pattern of behaviour where you have something savoury, you’ve done really well you’ve eaten all of that, whether you needed it or not and now you’re gonna be rewarded for that behaviour with food that you don’t need, and the food that you don’t need is also not very good for you and it’s got this sweet taste, and as we all know, particularly as sugar stoppers, we all now sugar’s more addictive than cocaine. So you’re actually dealing with a double fold problem, the more sugar you have, the more you believe you want and you’ve also got the association, the emotional side of it that it triggers of the feeling that you’ve done something really well or that someone is really pleased with you cause they give you a treat. So maybe that’s something again that we could add to the to do list, we could do a podcast on emotional eating.

James: and around sugar stop as well cause for me

Sue: Yeah that would be good

James: Because for me the first, we did the first sugar stop challenge together didn’t we, I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for me health ever

Sue: Oh me too, me too. I really didn’t have, even with all the knowledge that we have, I really was not aware enough of how much sugar I was eating myself, and it’s not just to do with weight loss

James: And you would’ve considered yourself as somebody who didn’t have that much sugar

Sue: Oh absolutely, absolutely, because I didn’t add sugar to anything, I don’t eat many deserts and things like that, and I don’t eat a lot of processed food, but the processed food that I was eating had so much sugar in it. I’ve become even more of a label junkie now and I’m very keen not to have much sugar and I felt so much better since I haven’t been eating the processed foods with the sugar in it.

James: Question from Tony, “how to believe in yourself, I don’t have much self belief” and I know we’ve touched a bit on that already, but it’s kind of a question of its own that need an answer

Sue: That is a question on it’s own and its far easier to address in a one to one situation because for the majority of our one to one clients, whether they come and see me or Sabine or Marise or whoever they’re seeing, we’re able to pass on to them the belief that we have, not only in the program but in the client in front of us to carry the along until the develop that self-belief and have that confidence in themselves, so again, its something that quite often people may need a bit of extra one to one help with to really get on top of that

James: Question now from Dominique, we’ll make this our last question as well, and I think this one is interesting because it is something we are going to build into version three of the app, one of the reasons why it’s taken us such a long time to launch version three is so much time, thought and effort have gone in to it by reading what’s on the facebook group, but a huge part of it is self-esteem. Because what we see is a lot of people, about two or three weeks in kind of lose a bit of the impotence and the motivation – Dominique’s question is “How do I keep motivated?”. Now we’ve answered that kind of before with self-esteem and stuff like that, what else would you say to anybody using either the VGB app or the bikini body, what would you say to that?

Sue: Again, I apologise if I’m repeating myself but it really is about thinking about this differently, it isn’t a diet, you really do have to keep preserving, keep practicing. Any skill that you want to learn, I’m just trying to think, well even with these podcasts, you’re far more technical than I am,

James: Bilko’s more technical than you are

Sue: Bilkos more technical than I am, so if I had started to do this on my own, researching in the way you had researching into the podcasts, I would’ve almost been a little bit “oh i’m not very good at this, I’ve not been able to do technology stuff before, I’ve not done very well with technology stuff before” so what I need to do is to find how I’m gonna be able to learn it, how I’m gonna be able to do it and find somebody who has already done it and as you know, I’ve sat today and you’ve shown me how to do the technology side of it, and I’ve written it down, and when I need to do it the next time, I’ll go back and look at my notes, and I’ll keep going over and over it until I am okay with it, until I am really able to have that self-confidence, that self-esteem, that ‘yeah I can do that!’ It may only seem a trivial thing to some people, it’s a bit of a challenge for me. Anything that’s a challenge, that you think you’re gonna find hard, you ind someone who knows how to do it, ask them how to do it and do exactly what they tell you, even if it means you make the same notes and you go over it again and again and again, and if it takes you six weeks, six months, six years, if you keep practicing, you’ll find that eventually, you do get it.

James: Yeah I think if you haven’t seen it, look at the little jigsaw picture that I put on the facebook group years ago now, and I think quite often people say “I follow the guidelines” or “I’ve just done the hypnosis”, really this picture is saying its six parts, if you just do one part, perhaps yu’’ll be jne sixth as successful

Sue: Yeah one sixth as successful, absolutely

James: And if you do two, two sixths ect. I’ll put that picture p again because I think it’s really important to

Sue: All the pieces of the jigsaw, all the component parts of the recipe, follow the recipe and you’ll get exactly the same result as I’ve got and thousands of others are getting.

James: Yeah, well I think that draws to an end brilliantly to our first podcast

Sue: It does yeah! I’ve really enjoyed it, you’ve been a really good guest!

James: Thank you very much

Sue: You’re welcome

James: Its gone amazingly quickly and I hop you’ve been enjoying it an I think we need to ask if there’s any more questions

Sue: Today, there are none, because I have to get to the office to see a client

James: That’s true

Sue: But we would like you to send them in and we’ll do our best, and if there’s anything that you’d like us to find out about or information, not necessarily to do with weight loss but you know perhaps we’ll get somebody in that can advise on clothes styling and makeup when you’ve lost weight, because you know if you’ve lost weight, you wanna prove yourself and your self esteem. We’ll get some stylists and people like that so if anyone out there is a, or knows anybody that would like to be a potential guest on the Easyloss podcast show, then we’d love to hear from you!

James: For tea with Sue

Sue: Tea with Sue

James: Well thanks for listening

Sue: Yeah thank you all for listening and we’ll speak again soon

James: Take care, bye bye



Episode Two:


Episode Information
In this second episode Sue and James go through each of the 4 Easyloss Mindful Eating Guidelines individually.  Sue gives in depth explanations of how to interpret each guideline making it so much easier for you to really, fully understand and apply each one.
Hear Sue and James discuss how to take the 'drama' out of learning to eat like a naturally slim person. Lose the fear of feeling hungry and  become someone who no longer needs to follow some form of external control to get rid of unwanted fat...never have to 'diet' again!
Watch Easyloss Adviser, Kisteen's moving Story here


James: Hello everyone and welcome to the second Easyloss podcast, with myself James Holmes

Sue: And me, Sue Peckham and of course Bilko

James: And of course Bilko. Sue and I are still buzzing from an amazing day we had in London yesterday, we had the absolute privilege of meeting actress Sarah Parish, still very excited about that, still buzzing about that

Sue: and of course Sarah’s kindly agreed to judge our wow moment competition on the facebook page

James: Which ends this weekend

Sue: 28th of February

James: 28th of February

Sue: Two more, three more days left including the 28th

James: yes there is and also we met Ideal TV host, Rick Hay

Sue: we did

James: Who is incredible he’s gonna be working with us on our next few apps, we’re just so excited, we spent almost the whole day with Rick, Sig, Sig Watkins

Sue: And a random homeless person

James: And a random homeless person, that’s neither Rick nor Sig, just to qualify that. And again yeah the next two apps we’re just so excited that Rick’s gonna be working with us

Sue: Yeah its there’s gonna be so many new exciting features that we’re gonna be able to ad with the help of Rick’s expertise and background

James: Rick is a nutrionalist, and has done the most amazing things. Head over to ideal TV sometime and you’ll see Rick on there, we watched him this morning doing a power plate type thing

Sue: Yeah vibraplate

James: Vibraplate

Sue: Tell you what I nearly bought one

James: Yeah, so today’s show is about the Easyloss guidelines, I know we’ve released videos before and the sound quality hasn’t been very good on those

Sue: For some people

James: For some people, and that was down to where we recorded it, now we’ve got our own podcast show, we’re gonna run through those guidelines now hopefully with a bit of banter, and if you hear any growls, it’s not Sue’s stomach, it’s Bilko.

Sue: Or James, grinding his teeth

James: Although I did make myself something that rick recommended yesterday and it was really delicious

Sue: Did you?

James: more about that later. So the easyloss mindful eating guidelines, let’s just go through them now. Number one: Eat what you want, not what you can. Now would you like to expand on that?

Sue: Yeah sure. I think the best thing for me to do is to speak to you James as if you were someone sitting in front of me as a client on a one to one session in the office because it’s quite often the belief system people have and the relationship with food that they have is limiting them in the way the interpret the guidelines. You’ll have a belief system, a relationship with food that’s very firmly entrenched, and what you do is read the guidelines from the perspective and the belief system where you are now. So the way I explain to my clients is it’s really important that you interpret the guidelines in the way that we mean them to be interpreted, not from the perspective of your belief system

James: What do you mean by that?

Sue: Well a lot of people have been on a diet, followed some kind of external control, and when they’re told they can eat whatever they want, or they can eat until they’re full, or they eat at certain times, they interpret eat what you want as eat whatever food you want, so for example, I had a client one day that said to me ‘Sue I only wanna eat cake’. Now that’s not strictly true, because they want to be slimmer, fitter and healthier, so they want, they actually want to eat food that is gonna take them closer to that goal. So I always say to the one to one clients is the most important thing when you first start out on your easyloss weight loss journey is every single, that you ask yourself before anything you put in your mouth, do I really want to eat this now? Is it gonna take me closer to my goal of being slimmer, fitter and healthier? Is it gonna make me feel good about myself, is it gonna make me feel proud of myself? Am I gonna be pleased that I ate this? Am I gonna feel good about myself later on? Or think oh I wish I hadn’t eaten that or why am I eating it, and it sounds longwinded but you get use to it very quickly and it takes seconds to do, but you gradually start t create another pattern of thinking before you put food in your mouth. Does that make sense?

James: Absolutely yeah. It brings to mind on the facebook group sometimes we see the post “I’ve eaten a cake or some donuts, it’s all gone wrong” How would you answer that?

Sue: Well first of all I’d say there is no 'it', it hasn’t gone wrong, what’s happened is you’ve just chosen not to follow that guideline at that time, that’s all. It’s no major crisis, people talking about “it’s all gone wrong, I’ve had a piece of cake”, no it hasn’t all gone wrong because the rest of the day you’ve probably done really well with the water, you’ve probably done really well with stopping eating when you were no longer hungry, so it hasn’t all gone wrong, it’s just you chose not to follow that guideline at that particular time. And it’s taking all the drama out of it if you like.

James: And I guess also linked to what we talked about in the first podcast about the self sabotage

Sue: Absolutely, and habit. It’s habit, you know at the moment you probably believe that you do want it because it’s been scarce, because you’ve been told it’s an excluded food or a forbidden food, so you’ve got to give yourself the opportunity of changing that pattern of thinking

James: and would you say that’s linked to the diet mentality stuff

Sue: Absolutely 100%. It’s changing the way you interpret those specific words – Do I want the repercussions, the consequences of eating this? And if you do wanna feel sluggish, and you don wanna feel bad about yourself, that’s absolutely fine, go ahead and do it. But most people would truly not want that and if you don’t want that you chose something else.

James: Number two, guideline number two, eat whenever you are physically hungry, every time you are physically hungry, but only when you are physically hungry. Can you expand on that?

Sue: Absolutely, now for most people who have followed some kind of external control, they’ve either been told when they can eat something, the time of day they can eat something, how often they can eat something so they’ve actually really been programmed out of recognising when they feel hungry, and it’s not just down to the diets, there’s all sorts of reasons that we can trace through our programming, through our childhood, through our early years that have contributed to that. Now if you’d been left to your own devices when you were a very small child, you would have instinctively known what to eat, when to eat it and how much of it to eat, but for varying reasons, and obviously when we work with people one to one, we’re able to identify these and really pull it together, but there could be all sorts of reasons why you have become programmed into eating at certain times, to eating certain foods, to eating when you’re not hungry – fear of being hungry is a big one “Oh I must eat now because I might be hungry in two hours time and I can’t get something to eat in two hours time”. So the purpose of this guideline is to start you tuning back in to your own body. If you eat when you are physically hungry, you’re gonna be putting fuel in when your body needs it, if you eat every time you are physically hungry , you’re not gonna be denying yourself of foods, you’re not gonna be getting the massive sugar drops or other things that go with that, you’re not gonna be fearful because you know you’re gonna be putting food in every time you are hungry, so that covers eat every time you are physically hungry, but only when you’re physically hungry, so you’re not gonna eat because it’s somebody’s birthday, because you’re out and there’s a nice restaurant that you haven’t been to in ages, you’re not going to because you’re out with your friend for a cup of coffee and they want a piece of cake with their cup of coffee and you’re not hungry. If you’re not hungry, you shouldn’t eat anything, but it gives you back the control, and starts you feeling really good about being able to say actually no I’m not gonna eat that because one, I don’t want that now, but two, I really don’t need anything at the moment. And when you follow that guideline you start to feel very much in control, and then of course you start to feel really good about yourself, really proud of yourself, and it builds your confidence, your self-esteem, it really makes you feel so much more in control around food, and it gradually builds until you do it without even thinking about it.

James: How far does it go towards changing people’s, I don’t really wanna use the word programming but, the guilt associated with childhood where your mum says finish everything on your plate

Sue: It takes time, it takes time because that’s a completely different issues, there’s emotional ties to that and that’s something else that we work on, obviously with the emotional eating download, we do some of the programming in that, but it’s much easier to deal with on a one to one because everyone has got different emotional reasons, emotional issues attached to eating food

James: Can you give us some examples of those that have come up in the practice over the years? Sorry to put you on the spot there

Sue:  Just off the top of my head, cause I wasn’t expecting you to ask me that, but just off the top of my head, someone who has been in an environment or bought up in a home where they are told to eat everything on their plate and they’re not allowed to get down from the table unless they’ve eaten everything and if they really really refuse to eat it, it’s dished up day after day until they do. Now the emotion attached to that is horrible because if you think about it, you’re being programmed, you’re being taught that it doesn’t matter how hungry you are, this portion size that someone has decided is right for you, has dished this up in front of you and there could be a multitude of reasons why you don’t want to eat that much that day, you could have already had too much food earlier in the day, you could be feeling a little bit unwell, you could just be having a not so hungry day because you haven’t expended a lot of energy the day before, there can be all sorts of reasons. So you’re not as hungry as this portion size is set up for. So then you don’t eat it, you don’t want it, you feel uncomfortable, you reach the point of no longer hungry which is guideline number four, you reach the point of no longer hungry, you’ve tried to stop eating, then someone says to you “oh your dads been slaving down a coal mine for three days, that is how ungrateful you are” “ there are children starving in Africa, you’re a bad person” I can remember the starving in Africa, you know I’ve seen all these children on the TV and I’m responsible for that because I haven’t eaten half a tin of beans, what kind of a bad person am I?

James: I don’t know how you sleep at night

Sue: No problem at all anymore. But can you see if you’re a small child and you haven’t got the reasoning or the perspective, all you know is as a result of not eating this food, you’re being told what a naughty child you are, or what a bad child you are, and nobody wants to be thought  of as a bad person or as doing something wrong, so you force yourself to eat more or you’re punished because you absolutely can’t, so you get it dished up day after day after day so you start to develop tactics and programming to eat all that food because you don’t want people to think of you as bad, you wanna be thought of as well behaved, you wanna be thought of as good, you want to attract people’s good reaction to you, we all want to think that people are pleased with us. So you know, very simple level, that’s one way emotions get attached to over eating.

James: I think if our listeners ever get a chance to head over to our YouTube site, there’s a brilliant example- Kirsteen, one of our advisors spoke about her experiences growing up, in the second conference and Kirsteen’s absolutely lovely, as all the advisors are, and once again what a terrific job they do on the site

Sue: And I think a lot of people can relate to some of the things that the advisors said in those videos

James: But that’s all been posted up on the facebook support group today because Kirsteen’s heartfelt story I still remember from our second conference. Brilliant! Guideline number three. Eat slowly.

Sue: Okay, we’re trying really really hard to recognise and re programme ourselves with new signals, if you eat really really slowly, one, or should I say the first thing you become aware is that there are some foods, that when you eat them slowly, you may have thought you liked them but when you eat them really slow they don’t taste very nice at all. And for me, anyone that’s been on the website will know about me and the box of ten jam donuts, but I used to really believe I loved jam donuts, and when we were in school I’d quite often pop over to Sainsbury’s wouldn’t I and get a box of donuts and I’d eat my share and most of your share as well

James: Not as pupils but as teachers

Sue: Yeah we weren’t at school together, so I believed I really loved them, but of course I didn’t really love them but in actual fact when I started eating them slowly and consciously and really think about it, I didn’t like them at all cause I realised there was a horrible greasy film around them, I didn’t like how sweet and how sugary they were and I wasn’t particularly fond of jam, so the combination of all the ingredients in the donuts together, I’d been terrorising myself for years

James: You were very fond on chocolate

Sue: I was very fond of chocolate

James: And I do remember as a teacher, end of term time, our lovely pupils used to bring in bars of dairy milk and stuff like that and sometimes they would be consumed in the day. I do remember once a rather large bar of chocolate at break time saying shall we have a bit of this and enjoyed it, and then either lunch time or afternoon break shall we have some more, and your response was...

Sue: It’s all gone

James: It’s all gone

Sue: and you’ve really never got over that have you, you keep bringing it up

James: Well I just like to remind of you that

Sue: You know what I almost feel like running out and buying you a bar, except I know you wouldn’t eat it now. So I kinda had, I truly believed that but it wasn’t reality, it wasn’t the reality of the situation at all I just ate them so quickly, I didn’t actually give myself the time to notice one actually I didn’t like them and two they didn’t make me feel great after I’d eaten them. So by eating slowly and consciously that’s the first thing you notice – some foods you believe you like really you’re not that fond of you’re not that keen on, you don’t like the taste you don’t like the texture when you eat them slowly, so that’s the first reason. The second reason for eating really really slowly is so that you can recognise, and I’m gonna jump the gun a bit and say recognise guideline number four which is recognise when you are no longer hungry. So we’ll come back to the reasons why we use those words but when you eat very very slowly you have the time to ask yourself after each mouthful of food, am I still hungry because it’s really really important that you stop using those words, am I full. Because if you keep looking for the signal that you are full, you’re going to continue to overeat, because the signal that you’re full is the one you’ve learnt by being forced to overeat to avoid the emotional eating if that makes sense.

James: Yes, absolutely

Sue: You’ve eaten way past no longer hungry and you’re now associating that feeling of being full with having done well, and again there are all sorts of emotions attached to that. So eat slowly, you’ll recognise foods that you don’t like and that can be foods that are healthy, because not all foods that someone has told you are healthy are necessarily healthy for you

James: Well going back to Rick, that’s one of the ways we’ve been working with Rick to establish those foods and again not a diet in any shape of form

Sue: No but he had some food ideas

James: Fantastic ideas. Anything else you’d like to say about the guidelines before we carry on

Sue: Well I would just like to elaborate a little bit more on guideline number four just to really impress upon people how important it is to use those words am I still hungry and if you’re not sure, or if you feel you are no longer hungry, then stop eating regardless of how much food is left on your plate. What you’ll then find slowly but surely  will start to happen is your portion sizes will reduce to the correct size for you and you’ll notice that we don’t tell you what to eat, we don’t tell you how much to eat we don’t tell you when to eat it, cause if we say cut your portion size in half then straight away that’s a diet that’s external control, but by actually tuning into your body, stopping when you are no longer hungry, you learnt what becomes your new signal, you gradually become more and more comfortable with that signal until eventually, a bit like I am now, and I know you are to a great extent, it’s almost impossible to overeat, and the odd time that you do overeat, it feels so unpleasant, so uncomfortable that you don’t want to experience that again so it brings your focus back

James: I think Bilko needs to follow those guidelines

Sue: With cheese

James: He could eat his whole body weight in cheese

Sue: He could, he could. But I think the thing to remember, and maybe it’ll make a lot of sense to people the way to remember, the purpose of the guidelines, to following the guidelines, is to create a new pathway with regards to how you eat and the signals you get, so if you lived in the woods, and a bit like red riding hood you followed the same path every single time you went home,  you walked through the woods and you followed the same path, the path would gradually get clear, the brambles and the grass and other things that grow in the woods, I’m not particularly good with woods but, you know the path would become easy to follow and you’d go back and forth back and forth, it’d get wider, it’d get clearer and as long as you kept going along that path, that path would remain clear and easy. So if you think of that pathway as your old way of eating, what your now gonna do is create yourself a new shortcut across the woods, and when you first start doing it, you’ve really gotta push the brambles out of the way to wear the path in, but eventually by going over and over that same new pathway, that new shortcut you’ve created, that pathway clears, and we’ve all seen it in forests and woods, a new pathway’s been started by someone, creating a new way though, but also while you’re using that new pathway and wearing that in and it’s become firmly entrenched, your old pathway is becoming more and more overgrown, so it becomes harder to go back to your old way of behaving. Does that make sense?

James: Pretty much. And while you’re talking it reminded me of a conversation yesterday with Rick about the concept of neuroplasticity and it’s very much along the lines of those ad we’re gonna do a podcast about neuroplasticity, and it is just that very concept of creating new pathways, so looking forward to that

Sue: It is fascination and Rick’s got some great ideas about that and some great information – so can’t wait for everyone to meet him actually, I’m sure everyone will be as excited as me

James: We’ve got some great podcasts lined up. Anything else you wanna say about the guidelines Sue?

Sue: I think, all I can say is, and I know I keep banging on about it but the most important thing you can do for yourself, for your health, for your wellbeing, for feeling good about yourself, is really get to grips with those guidelines. Just think of it as learning a new skill, it’s not a diet, it’s not something that you’re ever gonna stop doing, I don’t ever not follow the guidelines because that’s my new pattern of behaviour, but I don’t think oo I’m still on my easyloss weight loss journey

James: Can I throw a question at you

Sue: You’re going to anyway

James: I’m gonna throw a question, in terms of the apps, let’s say the VGB or the bikini body, what, if you could put a percentage on how important following the guidelines is in proportion to everything else, so I know sometimes people just listen to the hypnosis and don’t necessarily follow the guidelines, can you put a percentage on it? I know it’s a hell of a question to answer

Sue: It is a hell of question and do you know to be honest, absolutely honest, I’d say 100% because if you don’t put 100% into following the guidelines, you really have to put 100% into the programme, so to get the results as quickly and as effectively as you could get them, you have to put 100% in to following that programme exactly as it is on that app, because when we created it, as you know we had to create it very general, so if you don’t do 100% of everything , you’re doing yourself a bit of a disservice. It’s a bit like when we did the podcast and said the other day if you only put a sixth in, you’re only a sixth as successful. But I think it’s really important that you follow 100% of the guidelines, 100% follow the instructions on how to use to hypnosis sessions, 100% photograph you food and people say well you know I haven’t got time for that, well how important are you, how important is this to you. I’ve got five seconds to photograph my food

James: I know we’re short on time now, what would you say to someone who says oh I’m a little bit embarrassed of doing that cause I’ve seen that a few times on the facebook group

Sue: Sure, social anxiety. You know there a certain habits that you develop without even thinking about, some people say oo what do I say to my friends and I think because vie been doing it a long time, I’m a little bit blasé about it, if I wanna take a photo of my dinner I will, and I know my son likes taking photos of his meal to show and send off to people when he’s on holiday and say oh you know I’ve been to this restaurant before or, my friend was asking me about the dinner, make stuff up, you don’t have to tell the truth, but after a while you’ll have no social anxiety about it at all you’ll just say oh it helps me with my portion size that’s all, you don’t have to justify yourself to anybody

James: We’re actually going to make a podcast on social anxiety as well shortly and Sue’s bound to be looking forward to that

Sue: Yeah I’m really looking forward to that.

James: Brilliant, well thank you ever so much, I hope that’s useful to our listeners

Sue: It’s been my absolute pleasure; I’m getting to be a podcast junkie

James: I know you’ll be listening later on

Sue: I’ll be tuning in later

James: The show actually is available in the iTunes podcasts tore but it won’t come up on the search bar yet because apple takes loyalties to do that. But it is there I assure you because we actually listen to it ourselves, I know you do. But it will be there shortly but in the meantime all the links will be upon the facebook group

Sue: And please do share it with anyone that you think will be interested in just weight loss information in general because it won’t all just be about the easyloss programme, as we’re getting the guest line ups and I know Sig’s working today on getting us into a studio in London where we can a lot more people in on the same day instead of just doing the one to one stuff

James: I’m looking forward to listening to this podcast myself, and get a lot from it. Well thank you very much

Sue: Absolute pleasure

James: And we’ll both speak to you very soon

Sue: We will! Bye for now

Episode Three:


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Sue and James answer more of your FAQs in this show and cover everything from emotional eating to what happens during a one to one Skype consultation.  Discover what they can do to help you lose weight without having to resort to willpower and how you'll return to enjoying food just by following the Easyloss Weight Loss Programme.
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Sue: Hi everyone it’s Sue Peckham here from Easyloss again, welcome to our latest podcast and with me here today I’ve got James

James: Hello everyone

Sue: And we were working this morning, working our way through the facebook questions and again we noticed a few coming up time after time so we thought now would be a good opportunity to make another podcast and answer a few more.

James: Shall we go with the first question?

Sue: I think we should

James: Question from Emma and it’s the question “How do I overcome cravings and comfort eating?”

Sue: Okay, now these are two very emotive, kind of diet words really because craving is something that you think about, your body is no more capable of craving a certain time of food than you know your video recorder; your video recorder is craving a video or similar to that. But what it is is we create this belief and these feelings that get attached to it that we have to have a certain type of food or we obsess about a certain type of food and a lot of that comes from the diet mentality and the diet programme you’ve had because, I don’t know about you but any diet I’ve ever followed has always got a forbidden list, an excluded list or a restricted list that you can only have at certain times, and of course, as you know, as soon as you tell somebody you can’t have it or you shouldn’t have it, you start to think about it

James: Coue’s law which we covered in the first podcast. You were a member of the slimming diet clubs

Sue: I’ve been a member of pretty much all of them in my past

James: Which one of those, thinking back to the past, did you have to eat a certain amount?

Sue: Oh yes! I’m not sure if I should say the name on here but it was a diet and exercise group that I joined and we went along every Tuesday and we did an exercise class and our weigh in and talked about different things and it had a diet that went with it, and the diet was very prescriptive and you were told every day to have, I’m just pulling figures off the top of my head, this isn’t accurate or anybodies particular diet, but say you had to have half a pint of milk and you had to have a yoghurt and you had to have so much carbohydrate type food during the day, you had to have that, and then as well as that you had to have your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner and your two snacks, you were given a list and you were able to chose through these different lists of foods , and one evening, I remember I was telling you about it, I’d gone home and my, now ex husband, had said to me ‘it’s getting a bit late are you coming up to bed?’ and I said ‘no I can’t, I’ve still gotta have two yoghurts and half a pint of milk before I can go to bed’ and he shouted down something like oh you really have lost the plot this time. But I was so fixated on that I had to have these things and again, the things that I couldn’t have or I hadn’t had, I believed I was craving and of course once it all became okay to have anything that I wanted, I really didn’t want those things at all and the cravings went away. Comfort eating, and that’s something a little bit different, comfort eating really goes back to your programming and the association you might have with certain foods or how you were treated around food and also chemical reaction that occurs when you eat, because for a few moments, serotonin is released when you eat and believe you feel better, but it is that, it’s just a chemical reaction so you’re not actually changing your emotional state.

James: Question from Lorraine; “How do I get the willpower to get started and keep it up”

Sue: No willpower needed at all, you’re not on a diet, and you’re just eating normally. Slim, fit healthy people do not exercise loads of willpower everyday to eat like a slim fit healthy person, again it’s this constant, we’re constantly being told it’s really difficult, you need loads of willpower. But willpower runs out and then what do you do after that? Why would you want to carry on doing something that’s making you unhappy? It really is important to not think of it as something unpleasant or uncomfortable, the Easyloss programmes not about having loads of willpower, it’s about choosing to do things in a different way, just following a new set of guidelines, learning a new skill, so you’re learning to change the way you eat, you’re learning to change your eating habits and all you need is practice! No willpower required just loads and loads of practice!

James: Funnily enough at the weekend, I was having lunch out with my wife down in Chichester, lovely place, and we were sharing a sofa and opposite us was a couple of ladies and they were quite large ladies, and for the duration of, I think we were there about an hour and a half, I couldn’t help overhear they were just talking about diets and food and what diet clubs they were going to join and how much they’d lost but then they’d put back on – all the things we hear time and time again. And they clearly weren’t enjoying their food.

Sue: Well no, how would you! It’s a miserable experience, calorie counting, weighing and measuring and I know we get people come to the group that have said they’ve spent years and years on these different diets and in these different groups, and I know from my own experience, I’ve joined a slimming group just because I liked the list of foods they had up for a particular day – “oh I really fancy that, I’ll joint hat one today”

James: I know of felt this urge to interrupt them and say you know

Sue: We’ve got an app for that

James: They both had android phones actually

Sue: oh okay

James: But my wife said no, take the day off so. Question from Amy – “How do I stop self sabotaging? Once I get to a certain weight, I can’t seem to stick to the guidelines!”

Sue: Okay well again that really does sound like someone who’s on a diet because I get to a certain weight and then I can’t stick to the guidelines.

James: The clue’s in the question

Sue: The clue is in the question, it’s not about sticking to, really being told what to do, it’s about learning that new skill and it’s a bit like, and I know I keep going back to the driving analogies all the time but it’s a bit like saying “Oh I’ve had..” well I know I had 147 driving lessons but “Oh I’ve had sixty lessons and I haven’t passed my test so then I’m gonna get to another sixty lessons and not have passed my test” and it’s almost like a self fulfilling prophecy so stop doing that and start thinking of it in a different way so it’s not about what weight you reach then you build yourself this mental block “Oh well I’ve dieted to this before and then I’ve lost it”, well of course you’ve lost it, it’s too hard to keep going, so forget about what you’ve done before, think of this as doing it a completely different way, think of it  as creating a new habit that you’re gonna enjoy doing, you’re never gonna stop doing it, so you weren’t get stuck at a certain weight or a certain number of lessons, or a certain amount of time. Some people say “Oh I manage it for two weeks and then stop doing it”, it’s because they’re still thinking of it as being external, rather than really getting to grips with the guidelines and embedding them as your new behaviour, your new habit.

James: How close do you think the Easyloss guidelines are to people’s friends who are slim fit and healthy being their default setting?

Sue: Oh 100%. Absolutely 100% because all  we’re doing is helping you to retrain yourself to eat and behave like a slim fit healthy person, and slim fit healthy people don’t say “Oh I can’t have that” or “Oh I’ve had this today and I shouldn’t have had that” or “how many calories are in this?” or they certainly don’t spend their time of an evening at a diet club being berated for having had a packet of crisps, they don’t actually think about food until they’re hungry and they’re eating it and then once they’re no longer hungry and then they don’t think about it until the next time they’re hungry.

James: Why do you think that happened?

Sue: what that people actually start to do that?

James: That slim fit healthy people don’t think about food all the time, but the example of these ladies in Chichester, clearly they were thinking about food and planning

Sue: Again it’s that diet mentality, and that’s somebody who’s been programmed out of being naturally slim. Because what happens is over time the more you diet the more you obsess about food, the more you get into this habit of believing that you can’t control your weight without some kind of external control, without somebody telling you what to eat, when to eat it, you believe and you become programmed that you can’t actually do it without that and it just becomes all consuming really and yet slim people they just think of food as fuel, they enjoy the food that they have, but they don’t obsess about it and think about it and plan around it all the time, it’s just something that’s part of their life that they do naturally, and that’s how it should be.

James: Question from Donna, “What happens when you have a one to one Skype appointment?”

Sue: Okay yeah that’s a really good question

James: I think a lot of our members and obviously people who don’t use the facebook support group and email us privately wouldn’t understand why we offer it, so that’s a good opportunity to answer

Sue: Yeah great! What happens during a one to one consultation is first of all your consultant, whoever you might be talking to, whether you’re talking to Sabine, or Carole, or Marise or even myself, I occasionally do the one to one consultations myself, you talk to us exactly the same as if you were in front of us in the office. So what we do is we really focus in on what it is you’re doing, what your belief system is because we all have belief systems around everything and I know we’ve spoken about this before, we all have belief systems around everything, they’re not always based on reality and by talking to one of us over a one to one Skype consultation, we’re really able to help identify where you’ve got limiting beliefs that are holding you back in our relationship with food, the relationship with being able to lose weight. We’re also able to identify something, which I know you’re really passionate about, where people have issues around their low self esteem and self sabotaging and because of their belief system and how they view things, they’re not actually able to identify themselves very easily and it’s not just enough to be able to identify it but then we have to be able to help people to put those things right. So to give them strategies and skills and tools that they can use to actually improve their self esteem and improve their level of social anxiety so they feel really good about themselves and in control. I know the other day you posted on the facebook group a brilliant quote, was it Nathaniel Brandon?

James: Nathaniel Brandon yeah. It’s a quote I’ve used for years, I think I said in the facebook group when I see a smoker, to help someone stop smoking, I always read this to the client at the end of the session, because the notion of self esteem ties in so well with self sabotage. So I’ve pulled up the quote now, it’s from a book “The six pillars of self esteem by Nathaniel Brandon”

Sue: that’s right cause we couldn’t remember how many pillars it was last time we were speaking could we

James: I actually noticed people had ordered the book off Amazon, it’s quite hard to get hold of I think. Here’s the quote “Self esteem whether it’s high or low tends to be a generator of self fulfilling prophecies. With high self esteem, we’re more likely to persist in the face of difficulties, with low self esteem, we’re more likely to give up, or go through the motions of trying, without really giving our best”, which kind of answers the questions from earlier on doesn’t it – why do we just give up. “Either way our view of ourselves will be reinforced, but what happens if we do succeed at something even if we have low self esteem? Then our knowledge about ourselves,” e.g. I’m hopeless for example “doesn’t match up to the facts” and in this example, successfully losing weight “and we begin to feel anxious as if there’s something dreadfully wrong. If our knowledge is never questioned, it’s the facts that may to be altered, guided unconsciously by the deepest logic of our self concept; we get rid of the anxiety by getting rid of the success – given self sabotage”. It always brings me back to the clients I’ve seen in the office over the years who are business people. Who set a goal of achieving several million or something like that, and then would achieve that, and then lose the lot

Sue: Right yeah!

James: Almost as if magically it’s gone, because it didn’t match their belief system. And I sometimes wonder about the programmes about lottery winners who win all this money and then lose it very quickly as well

Sue: I think that’s very true! I also find one of things, particularly if you have Skype sessions with us, one of the things that we ask you to do is to really really get into the HIPS way of posting because it not only, you know the helpful, inspiring, positive and supportive posts that people can out up because not only does that help us out on the facebook group, but my goodness it improves how good you feel about yourself and it improves your self esteem and then hat has the knock on effect of making you more hyper vigilant in looking for other positive, not only posts on the facebook page, but other positive areas in your life, so you’ll be more prone to identifying where you’re doing well with Easyloss, and less prone to looking for where you can sabotage and say oh well I’m not doing so well at that

James: Absolutely. In fact the more positive, the more successful

Sue: Absolutely! And I know, and I’m sure after this podcast goes out, some people who have had one to one Skype’s, I know not everyone who has had a one to one Skype likes to be identified as having done so, but some people will go on and they’ll back me in up in what I’m saying here in since they’ve been doing that, they find themselves so much more positive in general, and of course people who are positive and fulfilled don’t want to poison themselves with food,  they don’t wanna be overweight, they start to feel worth it and worth looking after themselves and self esteem just continues to improve.

James: I’ve often thought if there was a self esteem in a tablet, which in itself is an external thing, but if there’s a self esteem tablet you gave to somebody, their likelihood of success would go through the roof

Sue: Yes because they believed they’d had some sort of medication to make it happen

James: I’m just pointing out the quote that I posted over the weekend

Sue: Okay

James: Which again is another Nathaniel Brandon quote and I think it is so relevant to what we’ve been saying and I think it was very popular on the group, and of course you must be aware that not just people on facebook listen to us rant on

Sue: No that’s been quite an interesting development hasn’t it since we started doing these podcasts, that people have started contacting us outside of the facebook group

James: Here’s the quote “There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the kevel of self esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness and generosity” So I always think of people who are at work, and they’ve got someone’s who’s a bit of a bully, someone who’s just giving them a hard time, that’s what it’s always routed in – that person’s low level of self esteem.

Sue: And I know, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, the past week or so there’s been a couple of posts from people who, they’ve perhaps not seen someone from a long time, and that person hasn’t even commented on the fact that they've lost weight, or they’ve ignored the fact that the person looks really good, or some people have even had experiences of people  perhaps being a bit impolite about the fact that they’ve lost weight and that is absolutely down to the low self esteem of the person who doesn’t bother to say or doesn’t actually want to acknowledge that someone else has done really well, and if only they would realise how much damage they’re doing to themselves by not celebrating someone else’s success, by not choosing to share or acknowledge someone else’s success, it’s a real shame> But that’s one of the things we’re most proud of on the group is that, with ourselves and the advisors who again thank you so so much for everything that you do, we’ve created that culture of really acknowledging and appreciating all the positive posts on facebook page and people are noticing a difference

James: I think If people had the opportunity, if you‘ve ever heard or get a chance to listen to a, it’s actually kind of an early podcast if you will, by a man called Elle Nightingale, it must be 30,40,50 years old now

Sue: Oh wow

James: and it’s called the strangers secret

Sue: The strangers?

James: The strangest secret

Sue: Strangest okay

James: and pretty much Elle nightingale says in that you set yourself a diet of positive thinking for a set period of time

Sue: Well that’s one diet I wouldn’t mind having a go at

James: Exactly, I think we should perhaps try to find that link and put it on the facebook group

Sue: That would be a great idea

James: because it is one of the classics of self improvement as well. Strangest secret by Elle Nightingale – hopefully I’ve got hat right, I haven’t listened to it for a while, it’s quite short

Sue: I’m sure you have, you seem to be able to drag these kinds of facts from the back of your mind somewhere

James: One more question before we wrap up today, question from Patricia – how to stop my emotions controlling what I eat

Sue: Okay, again it’s kind of related to what we were talking about earlier in this podcast about people believing that their emotional state changes when they eat something, it really doesn’t. It may make you feel better for a short period of time because of the serotonin release, the chemical reaction in your body, but afterwards, that problem that was, is still there – you’re still lonely, you’re still fed up, you’re still bored, you’re still unhappy, eating that food has quite possibly make the situation worse because now you’re bored and wising you hadn’t eaten it, or now you’re unhappy and regretting having eaten something that you’ve eaten, so again, one of the great things to do is to look, before you have anything to eat at all, is to ask yourself, am I really hungry or do you just need to change the way you feel? And of course there are lots of ways you can change the way you feel without actually having to eat anything at all. So on that note

James: I think we better wrap it up

Sue: I think we better wrap it up for today

James: I hope everybody’s got something from that

Sue: I know I have, I’m gonna go off and get myself the Elle Nightingale book from Amazon if it’s still available

James: It’s an audio book

Sue: It’s an audio book! Oh okay even better!

James: I imagine you can get it on iTunes

Sue: Or audible maybe I’ll try

James: Or audible yes definitely. Thank you for listening

Sue: Yeah thank you for joining us again today and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have because we’re certainly loving making these podcasts

James: And we’ll chat again later in the week or maybe next week.

Sue: Yeah definitely by early next week

James:  Have we got any guests lined up?

Sue: Yes we’ve got some guests lined up, I’ve been chatting to some of the facebook group members and I’m very excited to be able to tell you that the wonderful Adele Chaplin has agreed

James: That’s definitely gonna be worth listening to

Sue: Definitely I could listen to her for hours, apart from anything else she’s got an amazing accent, and also Jo Gennari I managed to catch up with on the phone

James: Runner Jo

Sue: Runner Jo, and she’s actually agreed to come and have a meet up with me and to record a podcast, so I’m really excited about that, we’re going to be speaking to our lovely PR lady Sig Watkins, she’s got some questions that she’d like to ask us so she’s gonna come and o that, we have also got, something which is really for me, which is a bit selfish isn’t it, the lovely Mark Osmond, we’ve done some work with him regarding our apps but he got a wonderful product that tracks dogs, and as probably a lot of you will know we’ve got Bilko and a big fear of mine is that he’ll wonder off or get stolen, and I thought it was relevant to chat to him because dog walking, being healthy and getting out and about, and I really wanna know more about his dog tracking device so he’s agreed to come in. And I’m sure you’ve seen we’ve had a few meetings lately with the absolutely fabulous Rick Hay and I can’t wait until we get some podcasts going with him because he’s a great guy and he’s really really knowledgeable, and so funny, I can’t tell you, so funny

James:  He’s gonna be great, I’m looking forward to that. Thanks for listening

Sue: Yeah thank you for listening and until next time, bye bye for now

James: Bye bye for now

Episode Four:


Episode Information
In this episode Sue and James have a great time chatting to Nutritionist/Superfoodist and Ideal TV presenter, Rick Hay.
With over 20 years’ experience to his credit Rick has all the info you need on nutrition and making it uncomplicated and easy to understand, getting you on the road to ‘Stop Stressing About Food’... and that’s something we all need to do…right?
Rick has a down to earth, fun approach to dispelling the myth that nutrition has to be complicated. He explains how you can easily create nutrient density in your everyday meals.
We’d love to hear what you think of this podcast so please leave us a review on iTunes.
For more information about Rick visit him at
Search on Google for ‘The Super Foodist’
Find him on Facebook at ‘Anti Ageing Food & Fitness’
And find out more about ‘Go Figa!’ here


 Episode Five:


Episode Information
Wow what a day! In this episode Sue (and James and Bilko) meet and chat to Easyloss Facebook Support Group member Jo Gennari. Jo tells us about her personal Easyloss weight loss journey- so be prepared to hear a really down to earth, touching and inspiring story from one of our fab Gold Members. Jo shares how she overcame bullying and an eating disorder to go on to enjoy losing weight and become fitter and healthier...and now she runs Marathons!!! It is so good to hear Jo describe how she feels now that she's got rid of her diet mentality (and is back in her skinny jeans!) compared with how low she felt way back at the beginning of 2014.
We’d love to hear what you think of this podcast so please leave us a review on iTunes.

For more info
The Easyloss Guidelines Explained
Session One (one to one with a client)
Conference Presentation
Sue and James Greatvine Interview.
Greatvine Tips Video.
Follow Jo on twitter here @JoJoHeels
Sponsor Jo here

jo gennari







Episode Six:


In this episode Sue is chatting to PR Guru and Fitness Genius Sig Watkins. Sig is a great supporter of the Sport England 'This Girl Can' project and loves to share her ideas on how we can all move around more.

She also shares all the insider information on a groundbreaking, new fitness programme from where you can experience all the benefits of yoga such as improved flexibility and posture, from the comfort of your own home. You can join a live on-line class even if you live in the middle of nowhere, have very little spare time and no baby sitter!

Get more information on Yoogaia here
Find out more about NHS Couch to 5K app here
Like us on Facebook at Easyloss Weight Loss Programme

Sig Watkins

Episode Seven:


Episode Information

Join Sue and James as they enjoy a chat with the awesome Matt Miller, star of Channel 4’s ‘Fat Fighters’.

Matt is on a mission to help regular people to eat better and become fitter and healthier.  He tells Sue and James about his great new ‘’Work It Out” show – a series of short, fun videos where Matt goes into people’s homes and helps complete strangers to make changes that can transform their lives.

Get tips and ideas to help you to internalise your weight loss and take back control of your relationship with food. Matt has some great ideas for tiny changes you can make that will make a huge difference to your weight loss.  Discover new ways you can care for yourself rather than punish yourself with food.

Keen on yoga? Matt's  brilliant BROGA programme is just what you need.

For more information

Find Matt’s ‘Fit Bites’ and ‘Work It Out’ Show here

See Matt talking about ‘Broga’ on You Tube here

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Episode Eight

 Show Notes

Episode Information

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to get it 'just right' whatever they're wearing?  How many times have you looked in your wardrobe full of clothes and said 'I've got nothing to wear?' Well that can be a thing of the past from today!

Dawn Perrier is a fabulous stylist who spends her days going through people's wardrobes and advising them on how to dress their very best and adapt what they have in their wardrobe to look and feel like a million dollars every day.

Dawn shares with Sue her top tips for saving time, hassle and money so that you wear clothes that suit your body shape and personality and instantly improve your self esteem and self confidence.  Dawn explains how to dress to impress whatever your size, shape or budget!

email Dawn at

Ask Dawn a quick question on twitter @perrierskin or @easylossapp

Need help improving your self confidence or self esteem click here Chill Pill App for iphone

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Dawn Perrierstyle-questionaire










 Episode Nine


Episode Information

In this episode the lovely Dawn Perrier from Perrier Skin shares the simple skin care secret that we can all do every day to ensure we keep our skin in tip top condition as we lose weight.  Discover how to get maximum results in minimum time and the benefits of exfoliation.  Find out which products to use and which to avoid to keep your skin hydrated and safe.

Dawn teaches Sue what to look for in skin products and how to understand the UV index and Fitzpatrick Skin Type.  Prepare to be shocked when Dawn reveals the facts about sunbeds!

You'll learn everything you need to know about maintaining healthy, glowing skin including which foods help to keep your skin healthy as you lose weight and what the best supplements are.

So if you want to find out what to do to improve or avoid stubborn, saggy skin and to find out how long it takes for your skin to shrink back after weight loss then you won't want to miss this episode!

Post your questions for Dawn here Easyloss Weight Loss Programme 

Follow Dawn on Twitter here @perrierskin

Episode Ten


Episode Information

Visit us at

Our Apps

Follow us on twitter @easylossapp

Find us on Facebook

In this episode Sue and James are thrilled to get the opportunity to chat to Mark Ozmen and James Waddington, the directors of Squanto.

Mark and James have a great new tracker that has more uses than you can ever imagine.  If your Afghan hound goes AWOL, your suitcase ‘swans off’ or you forget where you’ve parked your Fiat - all you need is Squanto and you’ll find it pronto!

Squanto is a versatile tracking device that works with GPS and GPRS so you can rely on it to find a signal anywhere.

Listen as Mark and James tell us how they came up with the idea for Squanto and the heart-warming story of how Squanto saved the life of the lost dog with a broken leg. For total peace of mind you can even programme your tracker to send out an SOS message if you’re stranded in an area with no phone signal! How cool is that?

Visit more information on Squanto

mark and james

Episode Eleven


Episode Information

High Flying Easyloss Adviser Kirsteen Mosley shares her inspirational story with Sue in this episode.

After kidding herself for some time about her dress size, Kirsteen tells how she came to discover Easyloss and transform herself from ‘fat mummy’ (her son’s words not ours) to ‘yummy mummy’ and lose 4 1/2 stone!

A real Easyloss Super Star, Kirsteen has not only slimmed down but she’s also overcome her fear of heights and her fear of flying as her confidence has soared.

Learn how Kirsteen overcame emotional eating and over eating using her Virtual Gastric Band-Lose Weight Fast App and allowed her body to find its own natural weight.

Now, 2 years on, Kirsteen is a confident, naturally slim person living life to the full!

For more information

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Episode Twelve


Episode Information

In this episode Sue and James are over the moon to have the opportunity to help raise awareness of the excellent work done by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Sue met the Foundation's founder, Ray Donnelly, when they were both guests at the wedding of Easyloss co-creator, James and Ray's daughter Annie's wedding last year.  After chatting with Sue about Easyloss, Ray gave the Virtual Gastric Band app a go and successfully lost 2 stone. Not surprising really when you hear how much Ray can achieve when he puts his mind to something!

Ray shares the amazing story of how, 25 years ago, he founded the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation charity on a Wednesday afternoon in Liverpool with just 2 more members and has gone on to grow it into a world renowned charity that leads the way in raising the awareness of lung cancer and the valuable research into helping people with this form of cancer.

Hear the story of how the Charity went on a world tour with FA cup and even met Nelson Mandela along the way.

Always looking for different ways to fund raise for this truly worthy cause Ray enlisted the help of James to write a song to commemorate 25 years of the Roy Castle Lung  Cancer Foundation and the resulting song, performed by the beautiful and very talented Tricia Penrose is released on iTunes on 17th April 2015.  Tricia is a great supporter of the charity and has a fabulous voice.  You can hear an excerpt of 'You had a Dream in your Heart' during this podcast.

Sue and James are really proud to have this opportunity to support the work of the Roy Castle Lung Foundation and hope that you will be able to help raise much needed funds by buying the song.

Find out more about the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation here


Episode Thirteen


Episode Information

A warm welcome back to Super Foodist Rick Hay for this great episode where Rick answers questions from members of our Easyloss Facebook Support Group.

Rick has all the answers you need to help with optimum nutrition and ‘super fooding’ and is a regular Health and Fitness Guest on Ideal TV.

Sue and James ask Rick lots of your questions…What are the best fruits to eat?  Can you overload with ‘super foods’? Which foods should you eat for energy if you have thyroid problems?  Should you leave the skin on pineapple when you use it in your Nutribullet?  Find out the answers to these and lots more questions in this fun episode.

Join our Sugar Stop Challenge and get your app here

Find us on Facebook

Follow us on twitter @easylossapp and @sugarstopapp

For more information on Super Foods Rick is on Facebook here

Catch Rick on Ideal World TV here

Information on Anti-ageing and Fitness here


 Episode Fourteen


 Face Matters’ is Sally Curson’s motto as well as her business name.  Homeless and at her lowest, Sally ‘Faced Matters’, got her life back on track and created her own brand of skin care.  A great episode which will inspire you to ‘Face Matters’ yourself and who knows where that will lead…
Episode Information

‘Face Matters’ is Sally Curson’s motto as well as her business name.  Homeless and at her lowest, Sally ‘Faced Matters’, got her life back on track and created her own brand of skin care.  A great episode which will inspire you to ‘Face Matters’ yourself and who knows where that will lead…

After years in an abusive marriage, Sally Curson came home one day to find her home had been repossessed and she was homeless!

The following months were a challenge to say the least and in this episode Sally tells Sue how she developed rosacea and ‘let herself go’ as she tried to come to terms with what happened. As a beauty therapist Sally knew how important it was to look after herself but she just struggled to get through each day as best she could.  Then one day as she looked at her reflection in the mirror and in an instant everything changed… The rest is history and Sally share’s her inspirational story with Sue in this fascinating episode.

Find Sally on Facebook at Face Matters skin Care

Follow her on twitter @FaceMatters

For more information on Sally’s fabulous skin car range visit

Use the code ‘gorgeous22’ and get 25% off an Elixir.

sally curson

Episode Fifteen


Episode Fifteen - James and Sue answer your EasyLoss questions and bicker!

Episode Information

Sue and James enjoy a Nutriblast and chat through some more of your FAQs.

How to get your podcasts, where to get versions for Android devices, how to follow your Easyloss Programme and what to do to get your motivation going, to name a few... check out this fun and informative podcast for answers to these and more.

Find the best app for you below...

Wedding Weight Loss Hypnosis - Lose Weight Fast for Your Wedding Day!

Bikini Body System for iPhone and iPad

Bikini Body System App for Android Devices

Virtual Gastric Band For Men

Episode Sixteen


Episode Sixteen - Our fabulous Easyloss Advisor, Tracy Marshall chats to Sue about her inspirational weight loss journey.

Episode Information

Easyloss adviser Tracy Marshall shares the story of how she discovered the Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis- Lose Weight Fast! App 2 years ago and went on to get rid of 3 stone of fat in just 6 months!  She tells Sue how effortless it has been for her to maintain that fat loss ever since.

Despite struggling with her weight since school days and being diagnosed with an under active thyroid, Tracy has gone from dress size 18 (almost 20) to a slim and healthy size 8/10.  Along with a brand new wardrobe full of fabulous clothes Tracy tells how she now has increased confidence in all areas of her life and shares her tips for a successful Easyloss weight loss journey.

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 Episode Seventeen


 Episode Seventeen - Abi Mills Yoga Guru and Creator of the new Yoga sensation ‘Choga’!

Episode Information

In this show Sue meets the fabulous Abi Mills from Abi Mills Yoga.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is in all the different types of yoga you hear about?  Do you think you’re too old to take up yoga? Did you know there are yoga classes for kids?

Former martial arts practitioner Abi Mills turned to yoga to help her keep fit and to take time out from her stressful job in the City.

Abi has now turned her hobby into her work as she now teaches yoga fulltime and she’s so good that she can do it standing on her head, literally.

Sue has fun as Abi demonstrates yoga poses that help her with a stiff shoulder and Abi explains about her plans to bring out a yoga DVD for the over 50s in the near future.  A true believer in yoga for everyone, Abi explains how quickly yoga can improve your fitness, mobility and flexibility with regular practice.

Visit Abi at

Find her on Facebook here

Follow Abi on twitter @abimillsyoga

abi mills

Episode Eighteen


 Episode Eighteen - Sue talks to EasyLoss Gold Member Debs Steele about her weight loss journey.
 Episode Information
In this show Easyloss Gold Member, Debs Steele, meets up with Sue for a cup of tea and a chat at the Easyloss Office in Whitely, Fareham, Hants. Debs tells Sue about her brilliant weight loss journey using the Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App.

After struggling with her weight for years Debs found herself weighing around 21 stone, lying in a hospital bed, suffering from Sleep Apnoea, Diabetes, liver and kidney problems and on the verge of having to go on insulin. In desperation Debs decided to look into having a gastric band operation.  She googled ‘gastric band surgery’ and by accident came across our Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App.  The rest is history!

An inspiration to us all at Easyloss, Debs lost 5 stones in 5 months.  She found she was controlling her blood sugars more easily, began swimming, gained more confidence and got moving. Then, while out walking one day, she felt so much lighter that she just started running!

Feeling healthier and fitter than ever before Debs started to use the C25K app along with our ‘Improve Your Running’ hypnosis session and this year went on to run 10 K with other Easylosers in February including Jo Gennari whose story you can hear in our Podcast Episode 5.

Best of all as a result of a combination of losing weight, moving around more and eating mindfully Debs has now come off all diabetes medication!

Ask Debs a question on our Facebook page here

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Debs podcast


Episode Ninteen:


Episode Nineteen – Sue travels to Edinburgh to meet Easyloss Adviser Alison Hardman and chats to her about her inspirational weight loss journey.

Episode Information

The lovely Alison was one of the very first Facebook Group Members to be asked by Sue and James to become an Easyloss Adviser.

Prior to finding her £4.99 Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Lose Weight Fast! App Alison had been following another weight loss programme where she was losing pounds…£10 per month to be exact!!

Hear how Alison lost an amazing 4 stone of fat with Easyloss and has maintained that weight loss over the last 3 years.

Once in danger of having to take medication for high blood pressure as a result of her weight now Alison is able to really enjoy all the physical activities that she takes part in instead of huffing and puffing at the back of the group.

Alison chats about the 231/2 Hours mind-set change towards exercise and has lots of tips on how to make simple changes to get a bit more movement into your everyday life.


Ask Alison a question on our Facebook page here

Contact Sue and James at

Click links below for the version of our Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis app that suits you best

Virtual Gastric Band App for iPhone and iPad

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Matt Miller’s Podcast can be found here

See 23 ½ Hours on YouTube here

Alison Band A (2)

Episode Twenty:


Episode Twenty – Therapist Peter French talks to Sue about the amazing Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) he practices.

Episode Information


Have you tried everything you can think of to overcome your Fear of Flying or Public Speaking or perhaps you have experienced Panic Attacks which are preventing you from living your life to the full. Well Peter French from Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre Ltd in Whitely, Fareham, Hants has the answer for you.

Peter uses a wonderful therapy called Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) to help his clients to diminish the emotions attached to memories which are holding them back and as a result they are able to go on to achieve so much that they never believed possible. In this show Peter explains this fascinating therapy to Sue

As the name suggests, Integral Eye Movement Therapy involves working with a therapist who guides you through a series of eye movements to help you relieve and remove symptoms such as those associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Ask Peter a question by dropping an email to

Contact Sue and James at


Our Chill Pill App for iPhone and iPad has hypnosis sessions to help you with your Fear of Flying, Dentists or hospitals as well as sessions to help with Anger Management, Improving Your Self Esteem and Self-Confidence and many other issues.

These sessions are also available for Android on Amazon and Google Play



Episode Twenty One:


Episode Twenty One - The incredible Esmee Gummer moves Sue to tears as she shares the story of how she recovered from being paralysed to becoming a fitness trainer and is now launching her first DVD...prepare to be inspired!

Episode Information

In this episode Sue chats to Sig Watkins and Esmee Gummer and hears a fantastic story that will truly inspire you.

Esmee lived every little girls dream and she learned to dance. At 17 years old, just before she was due to start dance college, Esmee experienced terrible medical problems following an operation that left her paralysed and she was advised by her doctors that she would never walk again.

Against all the odds, Esmee not only learned to walk again but she went on to become a fitness trainer and is now launching her brand new fitness DVD ‘Train Like A Cheer Leader!

If you’ve ever been challenged and felt like giving up Esmee’s story will surely give you the determination to keep going!

Read more about Esmee’s incredible journey here

To ask Esmee a question send an email to

Find Esmee’s DVD  here

Click links below for the version of our Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis app that suits you best

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Virtual Gastric Band App for Men

Esmee Gummer Show photo


Episode Twenty Two:


Episode Twenty Two - Sue and James answer more of your FAQs and discover whether Sue actually is a dwarf or not...

Episode Information

In this show Sue talks with James about she overcame her own weight problems and resolved her issues with food whilst creating the Easyloss Programme. Find out what Sue's biigest challenge was and also the importance of taking a 'Before' photo.

Sue and James explain how important the power of suggestion can be and why you should follow the programme in full.

James answers your questions about why it is not possible to to transfer apps between iPhone and Android devices.

Contact us at

Find us on Facebook

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podcast crew by the Thames



 Episode Twenty Three:


Episode Twenty Three – Always looking for great ways to treat herself (but not with food). Sue puts her feet up and has a chat with Jane from Spa At Home and gets some excellent ideas!

Episode Information

Visit us at

Our Apps

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Find us on Facebook

In this show Sue explains how to help overcome emotional eating and Jane shares her brilliant hints and tips on ways to treat yourself without food.  This show is a must if you would like ideas for pampering and rewarding yourself without turning to food.

Jane has wealth of knowledge about skincare and beauty treatments (lots for our gentlemen listeners too)!

Make sure to listen out for Jane’s time saving beauty tips...Because We're Worth It!

Contact Jane with your questions at

Find all of our Apps for iPhones and iPad by clicking here

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Sue and Jane podcast recording



 Episode Twenty Four:


Episode Twenty Four - Competition Time! Would you like Sue to do a 'Home Invasion' on you and help you achieve your weight loss goals? Tune in and find out how!

Episode Information

Are you feeling a bit challenged as you travel along on your Easyloss Weight Loss journey?  Would you like Sue to help you with a one to one session?  In this episode find out how you could win a visit from Sue (and possibly James) to record a podcast in which Sue will work with you to help you resolve whatever is holding you back from achieving the weight loss results you really want.

Sue and James also reveal the difference between the Virtual Gastric Band app and the Bikini Body System app. You will also hear all about some exciting new projects from Easyloss.  An episode not to be missed!

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 Episode Twenty Five:


Episode Twenty Five - Win your opportunity to be featured in an episode of Matt Miller's 'Home Invasion' programme on his 'California Shape Up Channel'!

Episode Information

Matt’s back by popular demand and he’s on a mission to get more health and fitness entertainment programmes on TV!  He tells Sue and James how he believes it’s important to set people up for success and that’s just what he does in his shows which can be seen on his new ‘California Shape Up’ channel on YouTube.

Listen as Matt shares his philosophy on how to keep yourself in optimum shape and health and now the best bit… YOU can be featured in one of Matt’s new shows! All you need to do is visit our Facebook Page or email us at and tell us your idea for an episode for a show that you would like to see on Matt’s YouTube channel and Matt will pick a winner! Your prize will be your very own episode on Matt’s show!

Matt and his team will come to your home and record an episode of his fantastic ‘Home Invasion’ programme with YOU!

Enter Matt’s competition on our Facebook Page here or by emailing us at

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Episode Twenty Six:


Episode Twenty Six – In just 8 months Alison Shilley has achieved an incredible weight loss of 6 Stone and 5 lbs! Listen and find out how she did it with her Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App.

Episode Information

An Inspirational success story from Easyloss Gold Member Alison Shilley.

Saddened by her family’s concern for her health and hurt by an unkind comment from a work colleague, Alison was searching on line for information on Gastric Band Surgery when she came across the Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App in the App Store.

She weighed almost 19stone and struggled to climb a flight of stairs in her house. Pain in her knees was just one of her health problems - she decided enough was enough!

In this episode Alison tells Sue how her tastes have changed and what foods she really enjoys eating now.  Her dress size has gone down from a size 24 to a size 14!  Find out what Alison feels is the secret of her Easyloss success and an amazing fact about feet! Alison shares how Easyloss has helped her go from complete coach potato to enjoying running for fun!

Virtual Gastric Band APP for iPhone or iPad

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To find out more about the ‘Improve Your Running’ track that Alison uses to help with her running click on the links below

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Alison Shilley B and A









Episode Twenty Seven:


Episode Twenty Seven – In this show Sue talks to ‘Yoogaia’ Creator Anu Petaja about the amazing new yoga phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe!

Episode information

There is no longer any need to tie yourself up in knots trying to fit your favourite yoga class into your busy life style.  Now, at the click of your mouse, you can access every style of yoga class you can think of…you don’t have to leave home, just log on to Yoogaia!

After recording this podcast I decided to try Yoogaia for myself and I absolutely love it!  I’ve been raving about it so much that James was convinced to give it a go - and now he’s raving about it too!

We’re thrilled to tell you that Anu has now offered a completely free 14 day trial to all our podcast listeners.  All you need to do is follow the instructions below using the code EASYLOSS2015 and you will have 24/7 access to all Yoogaia classes (live and recorded) for a full, fabulous fortnight!  Enjoy!
Go to page

1) Click Start Free Trial - button at the front page, or go to page

2) Sign up via Facebook or by inserting your name, e-mail and an invested password

3) Click ENTER CODE button

4) Write the code:  EASYLOSS2015

5) Now you are ready to use the service for 14 days for free!

Podcast with Anu 15th April 2015

Episode Twenty Eight:


Episode Twenty Eight – Sue and James answer more questions from the EasyLoss Weight Loss Facebook Support Group Page.

Episode Information

Sue and James take a break in the office and answer more FAQs from the members of the Easyloss Facebook Support Group.

Check out how to drink more water easily and listen to James explaining Coues Law.  There’s news about a future Easyloss Conference and updates to the ‘Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App (version 3.0 on the way).

Virtual Gastric Band APP for iPhone or iPad

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Derren Brown Video demonstrating effects of Coues Law

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Episode Twenty Nine:


Amanda Byram Podcast

Episode Twenty Nine – Fab in her Forties, looking better and getting fitter everyday; Amanda Byram lets Sue into the secret of how she keeps herself in tip top shape with no diet in sight!

Episode Information

Now a picture of health and happiness Amanda Byram tells Sue how she got to where she is now after many years of beating herself up for not being slim enough or good enough.  She believes ‘We’re on this earth for a good time not a long time’ and lives every minute to the full, whilst really taking great care of her mind and body.

Fitter and healthier in her forties than she’s ever been, Amanda’s mantras of ‘Fit Not Thin’ and ‘Strong Not Skinny’ fit perfectly with the Easyloss ideal.

Sue and Amanda share their thoughts on how to change your language to change your relationship with food.  You can even find out how to make your own almond milk!!

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 Sue and Amanda podcast - Copy

Episode 'Flirty' Thirty:


Episode Thirty - Zoe McNulty encourages Sue to ‘Strut Her Stuff’ and bring out her ‘Inner Diva’ as she reveals all about her great new concept - School For Strut!

Episode Information

Zoe McNulty from 'School of Strut' has noticed a huge improvement in the self confidence of her class members since launching her unique style of dance classes.   Zoe had her self esteem knocked as she felt too large to compete in the dance world where she trained.  In this episode Zoe tells Sue how she developed the concept of 'School of Strut' and is now in the process of building her online platform.

Zoe is on a mission to help women (and men!) everywhere to build their self confidence and self esteem through dance. Building your self esteem is a great way to overcome emotional eating issues.

Moving to music and having fun, connecting to your inner diva, even if it's just in your kitchen, is a brilliant way to improve your mood and increase your confidence so just dance and get moving today!  'Strut Your Stuff' and have fun!

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Sue and Zoe podcast




Episode Thirty One:


Episode Thirty-One -  Ever wondered how long your nutriblast can be kept for or what the best greens are to use in your Nutribullet?  Our very own ‘Mr Nutriblast’ Rick Hay is back to answer your questions about nutrition and Nutribullet...with a bit of help from James and Sue.

Episode Information

We love Nutribullet and we love 'Mr Nutriblast' Rick Hay!

In this episode Rick answers lots of questions about Nutribullet from Easyloss members.  Sue and James explain how Nutriblasts fit into the Easyloss lifestyle as they enjoy their chat with Rick.

Find out which greens are best to use, how to overcome bloating, what superfoods will work really well together, where to get 'Go Figa', plus much more!

Virtual Gastric Band APP for iPhone or iPad

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Podcast with Rick 15th April 2015

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Episode Thirty Three:


Episode Thirty-Three - Want to holiday like the stars but without the ‘super star’ price?  The lovely Tricia Penrose (Star of ITV’s ‘Heartbeat’ and singer on the charity single ‘You Had a Dream in Your Heart’ composed by James) tells Sue and James all about her brand new venture as a travel agent and shares the secret of where to get the world’s best fish and chips!

Episode Information

From actress to travel agent!  Tricia Penrose gives the inside story on her new venture, ‘Simply Travel’. Tricia and her husband pride themselves on offering the very best travel experience possible for their clients and nothing is too much trouble. From a cruise to a caravan they will tailor your holiday to your individual requirements and have all the top destinations on offer.

In this episode Sue and James also chat to Tricia about the wonderful job being done by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the fabulous charity single that was released to help raise funds for this worthy cause.  Hear an excerpt from this single, ‘You Had a Dream in Your Heart’ written by James and Ray Donnelly, the Foundation’s founder, and beautifully performed by Tricia.


Follow ‘Simply Travel’ on twitter @simplytravel

Contact Simply Travel on 0800 810 8608 or 01625 573527

For more information on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation click here

Get the charity single ‘You Had a Dream in Your Heart’ here



Episode Thirty Four:


Episode Thirty-Four - Want to know what weird stuff Sue eats for breakfast? Listen to find out more...

Episode Information

Are you wondering 'how to stop thinking like a dieter?' or 'how long does it take to change my eating habits' or even 'what do James and Sue put in their Nutriblasts?'... then this is the episode for you.  James and Sue answer these questions and several more from Easyloss Facebook Support Group members and also share news of their latest app and brand new blog!


For a podcast about nutrition with Rick Hay click here

Bikini Body System for iPhone and iPad

Bikini Body System from Amazon

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Episode Thirty Five:


Episode Thirty Five - From Easyloser to Easyloss Consultant… Carole Adams tells Sue about her life changing journey since finding the ‘Easyloss Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast!’ app.

Episode Information

In this episode Easyloss Consultant Carole Adams shares the story of her journey from 'App user' to 'Easyloss Consultant'.  Hear Carole tell how she went from being overweight and anxious to becoming a slim, fit, healthy, confident person.  She has a new figure and a new career!

Carole and Sue also chat about what happens during a one to one session on Skype.

Hear the story of how Carole was responsible for helping Sue and James to create the Easyloss Weight Loss Support Group on Facebook ... growing it from just a handful of members in 2012 to almost 11,000 lovely members today!

To book a one to one Skype session drop and email to

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Join the app support group here

Read our blog here 

Carole B and A


Episode Thirty Six:


Episode Thirty Six - From Super Model to Super Fit and Healthy!

Former super model and actress Sybille Gebhardt has taken what she has learned from her turning her unhealthy lifestyle around and is now teaching yoga and living a much healthier lifestyle.  Having just had her first baby 12 weeks ago Sybille chats to Sue about her upcoming Total Body Cleanse Workout with and her life as a yoga teacher and new mum.

Episode Information

In this fascinating podcast Sybille tells Sue all about her journey from living a toxic ‘party girl’ lifestyle during her early years as a model and actress to the healthy life she has now as a yoga instructor.

As she launches her Total Body Cleanse – a series of forty-five minute Yoga sessions on for the month of September, Sybille shares her top tips for starting out with yoga a s a complete beginner and lots more information on how to build a strong immune system and healthy body.

Sybille gave birth to her first baby, her little boy called Ben, just 12 weeks ago and she has some great ideas on how yoga helps cope with the pressures of being a new mum.

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Sue and Sybille Gerbhart 25th August

Episode Thirty Seven:


Episode Thirty Seven- Allergies don't have to mean boring food!  Victoria's Beauty Foods has fabulous recipes for all of us.

Vicky Hadley from Victoria's Beauty Foods tells Sue and James how she discovered some really great ideas for allergy free recipes as a result of her being allergic to so many foods and products herself.

Episode Information

In this episode Vicky Hadley from Victoria's Beauty Foods shares lots of tips and ideas for anyone who has allergies as well as those of us who just want to eat in a more healthy way.

After struggling to find great recipes that she could eat once she discovered that she had allergies lots of different foods Vicky decided to create her own (including Vicky's Swamp Soup!).

She tells Sue and James how thousands of people don't even realise that they have food intolerances or food allergies.

Vicky is a really great advert for her healthy eating and fitness website and she shares some of her fitness tips in this podcast including her classes with

Hear all about Vicky's new TV show on Body in Balance TV on Sky Channel 266 and the exciting news about the 2016 EASYLOSS BOOTCAMP!

Join and get a free 2 week trial with code 'Easyloss2015'

Find Vicky on Facebook at Victoria's Beauty Foods

Check out all Vicky's lovely recipes at Victoria's Beauty Foods

If you would like to help spread the EasyLoss word by sharing your story then please email Vicky at or Sue at

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Vicky photo for podcast


Episode Thirty Eight:


Episode Thirty Eight- Keeping it in the family, Facebook Support Group members, mother and daughter, Jacqueline and Vicky tell Sue their wonderful success stories... have a hanky ready!

Episode Information

Mum and daughter EasyLoss Facebook Support Group members Jacqueline Galloway and Vicky Wragg take a break from filming a TV commercial to chat with Sue about their personal EasyLoss success stories.

Jackie shares what she believes is the secret to success for everyone who is using the EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast! App.

Find out how Easyloss has helped Vicky recover from years of unhealthy diets to become a young mum setting a great example to her children of how to have a healthy relationship with food.

At times Sue is moved to tears as they share their ups and downs and tell how wonderful it has been to find such a positive, support group of EasyLosers to believe in them until they believed in themselves.

It is hard not to be inspired as you listen to these two lovely ladies - have your tissues at the ready...

This episode is sponsored by Go Figa – Superfood Fig Powder - Enter the code Easyloss20 at the checkout for a fabulous 20% discount

Virtual Gastric Band for Men App available here


EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band - Lose Weight Fast! App for Android Devices here

Episode Thirty Nine:


Episode Thirty Nine - The lovely EasyLoss Adviser Emma Jephcott  tells her amazing story and why Sue called her when she was shopping in Tesco's!

Episode Information

Emma found the EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! App in the Spring of 2012 and has never looked back.

In this episode hear how Emma stopped off on the way home from her holiday to pop in and record this podcast with Sue.

Emma’s weight loss story is similar to so many of us – She crash dieted with the Cambridge diet, lost weight but felt lacking in energy then put all the weight back on and a bit more too!  Then she tried Atkins, Weight Watchers and various other fad dad diets.  Every time losing some weight and then regaining it all again.

As well as sharing her thoughts on how great it is to be part of the EasyLoss Facebook Support Group and her role as an EasyLoss Adviser she tells how she has gone from being a size16 to healthy size 10/12 after losing 2 1/2 Stone with her EasyLoss App.

Losing a steady 1lb a week Emma lost her unwanted fat between March and November 2012 and has maintained her weight loss easily ever since.  She doesn’t even think about it now as her relationship with food has changed completely.

When she worried about how to manage her new EasyLoss lifestyle while on holiday in the US and sent an email to Sue asking for advice she was amazed to get a phone call from Sue while she was shopping in Tesco explaining exactly how to do it!

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! For iPhone/iPad

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis – Lose Weight Fast! For Android Devices

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for Men For iPhone/iPad

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EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Spanish Version (Banda Gástrica Virtual con Hipnosis – Pierde peso rápido!).

CD Rom set  - Available on Amazon

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Emma Jephcott before photo for bookEmma Jephcott After photo for book


Episode Thirty Forty:



Episode Forty - So just what does happen during a one to one Skype consultation?  EasyLoss Consultant Marise Thomas reveals all in this episode…

Episode Information

A chance meeting with Sue and James led to Marise deciding to train as hypnotherapist and then go on to join Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre as an EasyLoss consultant.

Marise explains how a one to one session gets clients on the road to weight loss success more quickly than you can ever imagine.

No matter where in the world you are, we can offer you a one to one appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

In this episode Sue and Marise chat about some of the ways they work with their clients to help change their limiting beliefs and faulty programming so that they get the weight loss results they really want!

The Men Who Made Us Fat - BBC Documentary

Marise photo for Podcast

Episode Thirty Forty One:


Episode Forty -One 

Want to know how to shift 90 lbs in weight whilst coping with some of the biggest challenges life can ever throw at you? Sue travelled to New York to meet with incredible EasyLoser Aimee Rackham and record this inspirational episode.  Prepared to hear one of the most heart-warming success stories you’ll ever listen to.

Episode Information

In October 2015 Sue went to New York and met with EasyLoser, Aimee Rackham.

Sue was not prepared for the story Aimee shared with her when they chatted on Skype a few months ago.

Aimee started EasyLoss in January 2015 and she lost 50 lbs in a few months following having her baby. Since then she has continued to lose weight easily and has now lost an incredible total of 90lbs!

At 244.9 lbs, feeling helpless and hopeless Aimee found EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band – Lose Weight Fast! App when researching gastric sleeve surgery on the internet.

Losing her unwanted fat has left Aimee feeling in control and able to ‘rescue herself’. Aimee tells how she used her VGB app and a couple of one to one sessions with Sue to cement her new relationship with food and has never looked back!

In spite of many really challenging experiences in recent years along with gaining a large amount of weight Aimee has overcome every obstacle and lost all her unwanted weight too.

Truly an inspiration to us all, Aimee shares her weight loss success story and tells how she overcomes emotional eating.

To order Go Figa click here and enter Code ‘easyloss20’ at the checkout for a brilliant 20% discount on your order.

To find out more about booking a one to one session with an EasyLoss consultant over Skype, Facetime or phone got to

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App for iPhone/iPad

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App for Android Devices

breakfast in NY

Episode Forty Two:



Episode Forty Three:


Episode Forty three - What to do with half a banana, and how to keep colds and flu at bay this winter with Mr 'Nutriblast' Rick Hay.

Episode Information

A perfect way to brighten up a grey day in UK....

In this episode Sue and James chat again to the ever popular Rick Hay.  Rick's podcasts are always packed full of brilliant nutritional information as well as being great fun.

So if you want to know what the best foods are to help keep you free from colds and flu this winter or what the best foods are to give you an energy're in the right place!

To order Go Figa click here and enter Code ‘easyloss20’ at the checkout for a brilliant 20% discount on your order.

Find Rick on Facebook here

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App for iPhone/iPad

EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App for Android Devices

rick for podcast


Episode Forty Four:


Episode Forty Four - Re-set your internal weight loss Sat Nav and find a way around your anxiety too with Therapist Laura Walters

Episode Information

In this episode Laura and Sue are chatting after lunch as they recover from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the one to one Skype bookings that have come in as a result!   If you missed the offer, don’t worry, you can still book a one to one with an EasyLoss consultant here.

Did you realise that your diet mentality could be causing you anxiety?

If you’re overwhelmed with your repetitive thoughts and feelings then this is the show for you.

Weight loss and anxiety are often linked and in this episode EasyLoss Consultant and Anxiety specialist Laura Walters shares a few top tips for overcoming your anxiety and improving your self-esteem. She also explains how hypnosis can help you with powerful suggestions even if you can’t ‘picture’ the images in your mind.

As well as her usual straying off topic interruptions…Sue explains why EasyLoss app users need to weigh at the very beginning of their EasyLoss journey and why you then need to get rid of your scales and stop weighing yourself quite so regularly.

Find out more about how we can help you with a one to one over Skype to learn various NLP techniques and thought management techniques here.

Book your Easyloss Boot Camp 2016 tickets by clicking here

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Jo Gennari here

Abi Mills here

Zoe McNulty here

Victoria Hadley here

Rick Hay here

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Laura Walters


Episode Forty Five:


Episode Forty-Five – Sue and James explain about their alternative Advent calendar and how you can boost your self-esteem by helping others have a happier Christmas...

Episode Information

A great opportunity to really make a difference this Christmas!  James and Sue are chatting about what they plan to do to help homeless people this Christmas.

After seeing a post about filling an Advent box for a homeless person on Facebook Sue and James are on a mission to get as many 'gifts' for the Homeless together as they can.

For ideas on how to help go to Helping The Homeless on Facebook

List of gifts that would be appreciated by a homeless person this Christmas:-

Sanitary towels
Antibacterial wipes/sanitizer
Baby wipes
Wind up torches
Fruit bars
Blow up pillow

and anything else you can think of!

If you are an EasyLoss member and you have a worthwhile project and would like us to make a podcast with you to help get your 'word out' then please email us at or pop a post on our Facebook Page here with your contact details and we'll do what we can to help you.

Let's all work together to make a difference!!


O Little Baby Jesus (Carol) [feat. Abigail Fancourt & James Holmes]

Find it on Amazon Here

Or on iTunes Here

O Little Baby Jesus (Carol) [feat. Abigail Fancourt & James Holmes]

Episode Forty Six:



Episode Forty Seven:



Episode Forty Eight:


Episode Forty Eight – Sue chats to author and Postnatal depression expert Elaine Hanzak about her life and her amazing  new book

Episode Information

Sue and James' great friend, Elaine Hanzak, is an expert on Post Natal Depression (PND) and Perinatal Mental Illness and how to get help to get well again.  She can speak with authority as she has experienced the illness herself.

Although her pregnancy went well Elaine experienced a really traumatic birth with her son.  Following the birth she wasn't sleeping or eating well and began to feel like a failure as a new mum. Elaine now feels that her biggest mistake was not talking about how she felt.

After seeing a magazine article about PND and recognising that she had the symptoms described in it: eg lack of sleep, feeling like she was on an emotional roller coaster and sometimes becoming uncharacteristically aggresive, she visited her GP.  To her relief the GP diagnosed PND.

Someone sharing their story in a magazine helped Elaine to recognise how unwell she was and made her get help.  If you have a story of how you have successfully overcome a difficult time in your life she really would urge you to share your story too.

EasyLoss Facebook Group members Nicky, Aimee and Sue did just that and have helped so many people to find out about losing weight with EasyLoss.  There are so many members who would not be losing weight successfully now if it wasn't for our wonderful EasyLoss Ambassadors.  If you would like to share your EasyLoss Success Story please drop us an email to and we will get right back to you.

Nicola Lamb Before and AfterAimee Rackham another Before and After

 Sue Charnley Before 2Sue Charnley After 2

In Elaine's first best selling book 'Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’ she shares her own story of how she overcame her illness to go on to be a happy, healthy mum to her son who is now 19 years old.  She advises that when people ask 'how are you?' be honest.  Don't say 'fine' if you don't really feel 'fine'... Elaine says that 'fine' often stands for Fed Up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional... if your feeling like this, say so.  Seek help.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Eyes without sparkle

After being found curled up on the steps of a church in her nightie, Elaine finally got the help she needed. She made a full recovery and has spent the last 11 years giving talks on PND and writing her books.  She often appears on programmes such as 'This Morning' and 'BBC Breakfast sharing her inspirational story.

Her second book 'Another Twinkle in the Eye: Contemplating Another Pregnancy After Perinatal Mental Illness' is out now.  In this book Elaine has created a library of research and resources for women who are thinking about another pregnancy after experiencing PND or Puerperal Psychosis.  It was when she was thinking about asking for contributors to this book that Elaine thought of EasyLoss.  She often recommends EasyLoss to people who contact her saying that being overweight is a contributing factor to their depression.

Another twinkle


Contact Elaine at

Get your EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis - Lose Weight Fast! App

Remember your  EasyLoss 12 Weeks to Wow Journal

Elaine for podcast

Episode Forty Nine:


Episode Forty Nine - The Legend that is David Rose-Massom tells Sue what a Big Loser he really is!

Inspirational EasyLoser David Rose-Massom has now lost a fantastic 5 stone 1 lb since starting his EasyLoss journey.  In this episode David tells Sue how he had tried 'every diet in the book' before finally losing weight successfully with EasyLoss.

His amazing weight loss success story was shared with the nation in January on Channel 4's How To Lose Weight Well  programme. If you missed it then catch up here.

lego image

David is a star of local radio too! He inspired Radio Solent listeners recently  when he appeared on their morning show.  Click here to listen to the show if you missed it.

Despite not being able to exercise due to a spinal problem David has found losing his unwanted weight easy with EasyLoss.  The relaxing hypnosis sessions on his Virtual Gastric Band-Lose Weight Fast! app have also helped him to get a better night's sleep.

David is also proud that even though he is 65 years old he has been able to lose weight. We all know the myth about weight loss being harder as you get older.  David's success is proof that, if you follow the EasyLoss Weight Loss programme in full, it will be easier than you ever thought possible to lose your unwanted fat...whatever your age! He is also a Gold Member of the EasyLoss Support Group on Facebook and regularly supports and inspires other members to achieve their weight loss goals.

It was seeing this photo of himself that made David determined to find a way to lose weight.

David Rose Massom before

He didn't recognise himself then.  But check him out now!


Got a question for David?  Send him an email to

Get your EasyLoss 12 Weeks to Wow Challenge Journal on Amazon here 

For your EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band app click here 

You'll find your 'Little Black Dress' app here

or your 'Bikini Body' app here 


Episode Fifty:


Episode Fifty - Sue & James talk about why it's best to do EasyLoss as a standalone programme and not mix it with a diet programme.

Visit us at

Find us on Facebook here

Why you should use EasyLoss as a standalone programme and not combine it with other weight loss programmes. Take back control of your relationship food and stop dieting for good!

To get your copy of our FREE report '7 Ways to Beat Your Diet Mentality and Lose Weight for Good' visit us at now!

Get your app for iPhone/iPad here

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Episode Fifty One:


Episode Fifty One - Superfoodist Rick Hay talks about the one thing you must do everyday!

Episode Information

What are the best superfoods to help you get over a cold?

Find out the best way to use your  Nutribullet to make soup and what are the great ingredients you need to add to increase the protein content.

Rick tells us all about adding thermogenic spices to boost your metabolism, help with weight loss and aid anti-ageing.

Find out how much spirulina to take each day and the best time of day to take it.

You can get organic spirulina and all your Super Food needs from  Use code 'easyloss10' at the checkout on all your orders of £20 or more for a great 10% discount.

Rick tells us all about his (and James and Sue's) favourite gadget The Nutribullet and his next challenge.

We just loved hearing about Rick's most embarrassing moments on TV!

Get Ricks brilliant Anti-Ageing Book here

Check out the brand new 'Your Positive Mind Coach' app for iPhone and Ipad

or click here for 'Your Positive Mind Coach' app for Android Devices

anti-ageing food and fitness plan easyloss weight loss bundle mothers day giftguide by easyloss

Episode Fifty Two:


Episode Fifty-Two – Discover the secret to having more energy, feeling better and looking better with Greens Organic founder Morris Ahmed!

Episode Information

All your Superfood questions will be answered by listening to this informative and entertaining podcast with Morris from Greens Organic.

Here are just a few of the insider answers you'll find out during this episode.

How much more protein is there in spirulina than an egg?

How much spirulina should you take each day?

How should you introduce superfoods into your diet?

What are the health benefits of fibre?

How much fibre are you lacking in your diet?

Which is better, juicing or smoothies?

How long can you store your super foods?

Who's right in the argument about whether to blend your Gogi Berries into your smoothie or sprinkle them on top?  James or Sue?

Find out all about the wonderful super foods 'Bee Pollen' and 'Baobab' - Who knew?

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Episode Sixty Three:


Episode Sixty Three - Who doesn’t love some bling! founder Katharina Wrather talks to Sue and James about here amazing range of bikini and flip-flop jewellery range.

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