Please welcome the newest of our EasyLoss weight loss Ambassadors; Gail Barrett, 46, and husband Steve, who have achieved an amazing weight loss goal between them and been featured in the Huffington post this week.


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Before their weight loss

From unhealthy eating and piling on the pounds, Steve and Gail admitted that they didn't realise just how unhealthy they had become. Earlier this year, Gail and Steve downloaded EasyLoss' Virtual Gastric Band app, and after following the guidelines they lost 9 stone between them.


Gail, who is 5'6, began her journey as a size 16, while Steve who is 6'3 could only fit into XXL tops. Gail and Steve both struggled with dieting and knew that following a diet and strict rules wouldn't work for them.

(Gail's before and after photos)
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"We had never been dieters, especially not Steve – he couldn't stand the idea of somebody telling him what to do.""We had platter-sized plates at home, and we'd pile them high. We served up massive helpings and actually stuffed ourselves until it hurt.

After hearing about EasyLoss, the £4.99 weight loss app which had helped her friend slim down, Gail downloaded it herself back in March this year.Unbeknownst to his wife, Steve had also begun worrying about his weight, so she suggested they try the app together.

(Steve after and before his weight loss transformation)

steve before and after weight loss

Gail and Steve's top weight loss tips:

  1. "We started putting the hypnosis sessions on the iPad loudspeaker, morning or night. We'd joke and go, 'Shall we go upstairs and have a listen?'

2. Eat off side plates, we binned our bigger plates.
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