So what are the REAL reasons behind ‘EasyLoss’ guidelines?

EasyLoss have four essential guidelines to follow and we believe that if you follow our hypnosis app with these guidelines you are guaranteed to reach not only your goal weight, but you will also regain control of your relationship with food and find inner happiness within yourself.


  1. Eat what you want NOT what you can. 

This rule sounds simple but it really is amazing just how many people eat for the sake of eating. Next time you are reaching for that last slice of cake or find yourself sprinting to the bread bin after a bad day, we want you to stop and ask yourself, ‘Do I really want to eat this now?’, the answer you will fundamentally find is, ‘no’.


Another issue that people often find difficult, is realising that it really is okay to stop eating when you are no longer hungry! This guideline and our app are really about breaking your normal habits and changing the way you think. Are the repercussions from eating that cake really worth the low, guilty feeling that will undoubtedly consume you if you over indulge? No, not really.


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2. Eat whenever you are physically hungry, every time you are physically hungry but only when you are physically hungry.


Our lifestyle is not about depriving yourself of any food, if you want a dessert, have a dessert, but only have it if you are actually hungry. Self-sabotage is one of the primary reasons for failure with fad diets, you will jump on the bandwagon, no carbs, no sugar, no chocolate, no dairy… just …salad. It is not sustainable, you will only increase cravings, negative thoughts towards the diet and depressive thoughts when you inevitably find yourself binging on the “forbidden” foods.


You will find that you begin to really tune into your body’s needs and wants. How can any fad diet work if they are designed for just anybody? You are not “anybody”, you are an individual and only YOU can possibly know what YOUR body needs. It is a case of turning food back into fuel, you will regain your control and that will lead to endorphins being realised and you will feel proud! You do not need to eat because it is somebody’s birthday, you do not need to eat because your friend is hungry, they are not you.

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3.  Eat Slowly


This is one of the simplest guidelines yet probably the most challenging. However, if you stop depriving yourself of food, if you never let yourself get to the point of feeling over hungry, you will not need to wolf your dinner down before your partner has lifted their fork!

Eat when you are hungry but eat sensibly and take your time. Seriously, chew and chew and chew. Slowing your eating speed down to a quarter of the time you usually take gives you time to focus in on the food in your mouth. After each mouthful stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I still hungry?


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4. As soon as you even think you are no longer hungry STOP eating.

Replacing the initial question of ‘Am I full?’ with ‘Am I still hungry? really allows you to engage with what your body actually wants. Thinking about being full sends signals to the body to over eat. You will automatically remember a time you overate and relate this feeling to an uncomfortable fullness and try and reach that level before stopping.

Your body knows when it has had sufficient fuel and it will tell you, you just need to listen. We do not need to eat everything in one go, we do not need to empty the contents of the fridge. It will still be there in an hour or even the next day, you can leave half a meal if you are no longer hungry and feel really proud of yourself!

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As you follow this guideline you will soon discover the perfect portion size for your body and it will become almost impossible to overeat. 

From today onwards on you will change your relationship with food, you will travel down a new path and you WILL lose weight in a gradual, sustainable way.

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