Meet Tracy

From a size 18 to a size 8. From a student to a teacher. From a diet addict to an EasyLoss Adviser.

Tracy Marshall discovered EasyLoss 2 years ago and in the following 6 months lost an amazing 3 stone of fat!

Tracy admits to having struggled with her weight since school. She claims she was always a ‘picker’ and would pick on food constantly throughout the day.  Despite eating diet food, she was never successful at losing any weight.

When she was diagnosed with an under active thyroid, (a condition that causes a slow metabolism, which inevitably makes it very difficult to lose the extra weight) Tracy found herself using this as an excuse to gain weight without the guilt.

Discovering EasyLoss

The turning point for Tracy was when she realised she was almost hitting a size 20. There was no denying that the previous diets hadn’t worked, but she was finding it really difficult to find something to help her to lose weight… and then keep the weight off.

Scrolling through the internet one time, Tracy came across EasyLoss. At first the thought of hypnosis for weight loss scared her, but after reading the testimonials she decided she had nothing to lose.

Tracy’s weight loss was miraculous! Within three months she had lost 3 stone! She states, ‘I didn’t feel I was missing out on any food, and now I eat whatever I like.’ She says the only difference now is that she eats like a naturally slim person. So many people overload their bodies with food not realising that you need much less food than you actually believe to keep you satisfied.

Tracy has gone the whole way down from a size 18 to a size 8-10 and feels fantastic when she looks in the mirror! She has maintained her size for two years and says she doesn’t have to put any effort into maintaining it. It just feels completely natural.

Tracy was invited to join the Easyloss Team as an Adviser and now helps others through their EasyLoss journey on the EasyLoss Facebook Support group where thousands of men and women are becoming slimmer, healthier and happier every day.

Tracy’s top tips for a successful weight loss journey with EasyLoss

1. Eat dinner on a side plate instead of a large plate. Overeating is such a horrible feeling. Eating from a smaller plate allows you to assess how satisfied you feel more easily.

2. Don’t stress about what is on your plate and what you are eating.  If you are hungry eat and when you are no longer hungry stop eating.

3. Forget the scales. You will know what size feels right for you and as long as you are following the EasyLoss guidelines and your clothes fit you can relax.

Listen to Tracy chatting with me about her amazing Easyloss weight loss story here.

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