Meet EasyLoss Weight Loss ambassador Lois Craig


Meet EasyLoss Weight Loss ambassador Lois Craig

James and I were very excited to be joined by our fabulous EasyLoss weight loss ambassador and inspiration Lois Craig just last week and find out where she's at now!

Lois Craig joint EasyLoss last year considering herself the 'fat, funny friend'.  Like many of our other EasyLosers, Lois says ‘I would eat and eat and eat and obsess about when my next meal would be coming. I could be going on a two hour train journey and would pack a full picnic as I was so terrified about being hungry’.

At a size 20 and 15 stone 9 lbs not only did Lois know she was morbidly obese but she was also finding herself constantly tired and breaking a sweat doing even the simplest tasks. After downloading EasyLoss’ Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis App on the 27th January 2015 and weighing 15 stone 9, Lois started her weight loss journey.

Lois posted some incredibly inspirational before and after photographs to Facebook after losing an amazing five stone and later agreed to do PR with us. Lois' story was quickly snapped up and appeared on and in the Mail Online.

Over 1000 people joint the Facebook group from seeing her story and we wanted to get Lois back to find out where she is now!

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lois craig weight loss in healthista

What would you say to someone new to programme?

'My top tips to someone who is just joining the EasyLoss weight loss programme is that EasyLoss is a lifestyle change not a quick fix and not a fad', says Lois.

'Let the programme work and don't try to rush it as otherwise you won't be reflecting in on you.' 'For me the biggest change is how I see food: food used to be a reward, a punishment and a friend', Lois says. 'I would punish myself if I had eaten bad or been out drinking by living off soup! It was an on-going binge cycle', Lois reminisces.

'Now, I see food as just fuel - it really is a complete lifestyle change to me, I've taken the emotion away from food completely and it has opened my eyes to realise that there is more to life than just going out for food and making food my social life', she reveals. 'I might not be a health obsessed freak and drinking green smoothies all day long but I am in tune with my body. Food is part of my day but it's not my life', she laughs.

lois craig posing before six stone weight loss story

So, what's changed since your EL journey?

'I am actually a bit of a Gym bunny now!' Lois tells us. 'I go to a circuits class and a spin class and I LOVE them', she gushes. EL has given me so much more energy go to the gym and look after myself, I don't see the gym as punishment for food  I see it as a reward for my body,' she says.

I've learnt all of this from a £4.99 app. The physical over five stone weight loss is incredible but emotionally it's even bigger. I'm so much happier my parents and friends always comment how different I am now since using the EasyLoss weight loss programme.

'This is my life now, I'm not going to be a yoyo dieter anymore, there will be people that I meet that will never even know that I was obese'.


lois six stone weight loss story

Lois at her heaviest weighing 20 stone before her weight loss


lois six stone weight loss after story

Lois post 5 stone weight loss.

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If you relate to Lois or if you have found her story inspiring or know someone who could benefit from our EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App please do share this with your friends and family and help us spread the EasyLoss magic a little further.

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