Jo’s Story

Jo’s unhealthy relationship with food began at 13 years old. She had always been naturally slim, however Jo suffered with bullying whilst in her all girls secondary school. Jo reached for food as a comfort, she started to find solace in food and soon found herself unable to stop binge eating. “My lowest point was when I ate a whole box of Curly Wurlys… there were 48!” But it didn’t stop there, Jo started hiding wrappers from her family and friends so they were unaware how much she was eating. Jo says this binge eating lasted the whole way through secondary school. “I couldn’t cope with the bullying so I used food as a control, what I didn’t realise was that food was actually controlling me!”

Into her First Year of University, Jo took a drastic U-Turn, instead of finding comfort in food she started to despise food. Jo went from binge eating to barely eating at all. She started exercising at least 3-4 times a day! She fell below 7 stone, and at a tall 5ft 10 looked very unhealthy. She would find herself sneaking to different gym instructor’s classes to ensure no one was aware how much she was exercising. Sadly, she even thought about and half-heartedly attempted suicide which she now recognises was “simply a cry for help”.

Jo decided to drop out of University that year and seek help. She got into work and throughout her 20’s and 30’s tried to recover from her eating disorder. She was prone to depression and found her weight fluctuated all the way up to a size 20. She was trying every fad diet under the sun, from calorie counting to rewarding and punishing with food.

At 40, Jo decided she wanted to be a good role model to her son, she wanted to feel happy with herself again. She was down to a size 18, yet was telling people she was a size 16.

Discovering EasyLoss

Jo accidentally stumbled across EasyLoss online and downloaded the Virtual Gastric Band app.  As she progressed on her Easyloss weight loss journey using the app, Jo started to realise just how unhealthy her life was.

And then things really started to change! Jo started to recognise food was fuel, not a reward. She stopped panicking about feeling hungry and suddenly she became aware that she was slowly taking back the control of her life.

Jo stopped seeing food as an enemy or friend or even a solace. She didn’t concentrate on the numbers on the scales, she concentrated on how she was feeling; was she hungry, or was she bored? Jo downloaded the Bikini Body app from EasyLoss and concentrated on reworking her emotional eating disorder.

Her mission was to fit into her skinny jeans again and she succeeded! Finally feeling happy again, Jo started to view EasyLoss as a lifestyle and not a diet. With the help and motivation from the other EasyLoss app users she knew she wasn’t alone.

Jo today

Jo’s new found confidence has resulted in her having great success in running… not to an excessive level but as a way of looking after herself. She runs with family and friends and motivates others to run for fun with her. She states that she has relearnt how to eat, she took motivation from her son. Jo says that her son stops eating when he’s no longer hungry. Children instinctively know when they have had enough and that was one of her biggest challenges to overcome. Jo has motivated numerous EasyLoss users to take back the control of their relationship with food and has even led a group of EasyLoss users to attend and complete a 10K marathon!

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To join Jo and hundreds of others on their amazing adventures to health and happiness you can download the Bikini Body app here and the Virtual Gastric band app from the app store here now.

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