Self harming with food.

Food is an important part of life; we need it to survive; it provides us with essential nutrients that contribute to our bodies functioning properly. However, people become out of balance with food and quickly it becomes their enemy. Many people find themselves reaching for food in stressful times, when they are sad, for support and when they think they deserve a treat. Food quickly becomes more than a need for survival it turns into an obsession.




Why does binge eating happen?


Binge eating often stems from a mental issue. Often it can be a traumatic event that causes one to look for support in food. Over-indulging on food is okay once in a while as long as you feel in control and know that you have the power to stop once you are no longer hungry.

When food starts to control your thoughts and you find that no matter how full you feel you will force yourself to continue eating it becomes a cause for concern. Many people will eat until they feel uncomfortably full. It’s usually large quantities of food that they find themselves eating as fast as possible. Often they are not even hungry and this can cause feelings of guilt and depression to arise.


How EasyLoss can help.

Binge eating causes problems both mentally and physically. Our EasyLoss programmes not only help our app users to lose weight and keep it off but they are also a really successful way to help anyone with a binge eating problem regain control of their relationship with food.

Each of the EasyLoss weight loss programmes will help at both a conscious and sub-conscious level. You will not only have the hypnosis sessions to help re-programme your mind, but you will also be given everything you need to change your eating habits and gain a much healthier relationship with food, including a support network from others on the same journey as you.

It is very important that you follow all of the EasyLoss guidelines and use all the additional resources that you are provided with for whichever EasyLoss weight loss programme you have chosen.

You will lose weight in a gradual and sustainable way, take it from me. I was the guinea pig for EasyLoss and went from a size 16-18 down to a 10 and I have stayed this size ever since. I am not only happy with my size but I feel in control of my relationship with food and James and I have been helping hundreds of thousands of others on the same journey ever since.


One to One Sessions

If you feel that you could do with a bit of additional help at any time you can always book a one to one session with one of our friendly team at any time.  This link will take you to our page with all the information on our one to one sessions.