We’ve all been there, fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, veggies for dinner then the contents of the fridge for dessert. Four packets of crisps, a chocolate cupcake, three boxes of jammy dodgers and a bottle of wine later you find yourself, feeling upset and depressed and adding up the calories on the calculator of your mobile phone.

How did you suddenly lose complete control of your relationship with food?

Well this is exactly how… you are thinking of your new lifestyle as a ‘diet!’

A diet gives off the negative mentality that you connect with a ‘Forbidden List’ and ‘Restricted Food’. You stop thinking of food as fuel and energy and start getting obsessed with the foods you are trying to avoid, which ultimately will only result in Self Sabotage.


With our EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band App, we will help you to change your perception of a diet mentality and create a new, completely natural relationship with food. There are no forbidden foods, there is not a set amount of calories to eat each day. Our concept is based completely on your own body’s wants and needs.

You can eat as much as you want and whatever you want with the simple guideline that when you are no longer hungry you stop. You then have the option to ask yourself, do I really want this food? As it is not restricted you know you are allowed it, but it is up to you to make the decision of whether you are still hungry and whether you want the consequences of eating the food in question, not to mention any guilty feelings you may have afterwards.

You will start to change the way you view food. It should not be a ‘prize’ or a ‘comfort’. Your body releases serotonin when you eat and you have become programmed to think that by eating the cake it will automatically make all of your problems go away, but this is not the case. The happy feeling only lasts a minute or two but it is not because cake is a ‘feel good’ food it is simply your body having a chemical reaction.

food cravings

By focusing in on the results you are really after, and realising that there is no forbidden food list, you start to view this lifestyle as a way to feel healthy and happy in your own body. You will regain control of what your body wants and needs to feel great and you WILL hit your goal naturally and healthily.

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