So, James and I had the pleasure of interviewing founder, Anna Magee last week to chat about all things health and fitness and introduce our lovely EasyLosers to our favourite online FREE health and fitnessmagazine...


What is is an online health channel for women that started one year ago. Anna Magee is the online health journalist for the Telegraph and has worked in health journalism for many years. features top tips from personal trainers, doctors, nutritionists and more offering advice and more as well as a team of bloggers that try out the latest beauty treatments, gym classes, yoga challenges, workout challenges and review the newest and most unique restaurants and bars in London. 'Healthista is always on top of the trends', says Anna. 'We have the latest news in Health and Fitness and our readers love us for it because we do the work for them, ensuring they get to enjoy their workout classes, treatments or evening classes knowing we've already tried it'.

What type of person is for? is for all women however our average reader is in her 30's - 40's. They take their wellbeing seriously, the Healthista women loves being healthy as she recognises how good it is for her body and mind. We're all about making healthy easy; being healthy makes you happy and we want to help people realise it.

Asian salmon salad

So, let's talk food... What is your favourite place to eat in London?

'My favourite place to eat is definitely Andina in shore ditch it is Peruvian food and is honestly the best healthy food I've ever eaten', Anna reveals. 'The Chef has created a super healthy menu which included Purple quinoa & an avocado salad, there is even a vegan chocolate & avocado mousse for dessert too', she says.

Well, sounds delicious and we're definitely heading there - if there is chocolate!

'My favourite vegetarian restaurant is called Manna in Primrose Hill, it is loved by celebrities including Russell brand and Paul McCartney and it uses healthy but traditional diet food to create delicious meals', Anna says.

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What do you think are going to be the next biggest trends in health & fitness?

'I think it will be body pride with exercise', Anna says. 'People are really starting to take pride in their bodies no matter what their size is. There is currently a huge move on instagram including a campagin called 'Fat girls runinng', in which women who felt self concious in the gym decided to embrace their bodies and start running outside and getting healthy'.

'Another trend that I think is really growing is the plant based diet', Anna says. 'Not necessarily meaning everyone will become vegan, but I think more people are starting to realise how good it is for our bodies, anti-ageing and the planet by eating less meat and more plants', she says.

What about exercise, what do you do?

'I love Exercise', Anna shouts. 'Last year a gym named gym box opened by my work and they have the most amazing classes', she reveals. 'I tend to go to a class called 'Fight Klub' three times a week, it isn't as scary as it sounds though - it is simply kickboxing and boxing with a boxing bag choreographed to music', Anna says. 'I also train with a personal trainer twice a week who has got me to start lifting heavy.' 'At first I was scared I would become bulky, but honestly it is the best thing I've ever done - I've even dropped a dress size!'

'Lifting weights is amazing for muscle toning and is anti-ageing, the sport science department actually revealed how important it is to do weights when you get older. It makes me feel fabulous too!'


You're so busy, how do you switch off and detox then?

'Actually, I used to be a serious workaholic, working seven days a week and it really affected my health', Anna reveals. 'Now I make sure that I schedule me time. Gym is just as important as any meetings to me, I need this for my sanity', she says.

'It's not until you lose your health that you actually realise how important it is,' she says. 'You have to make sure you look after yourself and realise it is okay to have a day off', Anna tells us. 'I had to really get into the mindset of being able to take a whole day off, it is so hard when you have your own business'. 'Now I make sure I have every Saturday off and do something for me. I could just simply stay home and journal or I might go somewhere with my husband that will be completely technology free and just for us. I love going to the seaside in Broadstairs in Kent as it is the nearest thing to an Australian beach and it has amazing cafes around there.

What about juices and smoothies do you do it?

'Definitely! I do a thing called 'juice / smoothie Saturday, in which I just have juices and smoothies for the day', Anna says. I sometimes follow Jason vales recipes. My favourite smoothie is a Avocado, frozen banana and cinnamon smoothie and my favourite juice is a celery cucumber, mint and apple juice blended with frozen pineapple and avocado it is incredible'.

Pineapple, Banana, Coconut, Turmeric and Chia Seed Smoothies

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