Easter is here but it doesn't mean your diet needs to suffer... Have a HEALTHY easter with EasyLoss.

When it comes to chocolate I’ll be the first to admit it was one of the hardest things to tell myself I didn’t actually want or need it.

When food consumes your thoughts it is so easy to take a craving and believe it is an essential part of your diet. I have spoken about my addiction to chocolate previously in our EasyLoss Podcast Shows and it is something that can be overcome.

This Easter we want our EasyLoss users to think outside the box and choose to treat themselves and their families to something different. Food is not a treat, it is fuel. So if you are looking for a way to spice up your Easter without missing out we’re here to help.

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Rather than focusing on getting together with family and friends for food why not organise a big family walk in the country side?

have a healthy easter by easyloss

Instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt buy little ‘hollow’ paper eggs from your local craft shop and pop a little toy inside before you hide them.  Alternatively pop in little ‘I.O.U’ with treats such as a trip to the cinema or to the swimming pool…get creative!

When taking someone an Easter Gift, take flowers or fruit rather than an Easter egg.

Listen to the ‘Chocolate Addiction’ hypnosis session on your Chill Pill App to help you to overcome those chocolate urges.  Chill Pill is available for iPhone/iPad here and for Android devices here 

Finally, if you really want that chocolate taste but want to keep putting healthy fuel into your body then look no further.  We have asked Vicky from Victoria’s Beauty Foods to create a couple of chocolate-y but HEALTHY recipes for you to enjoy that will curb your chocolate cravings whilst helping you to remain feeling guilt free – result!


cacao bites have a healthy easter by easyloss

These chocolate dreams are a perfect addition to any diet!

So you thought you had to say goodbye to your chocolate and sweets. Think again!

Vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free.

To buy:
1/4 cup Cranberries and Raisins
1/4 cup Linseeds
1/4 cup Almonds
1/2 cup of Almond Milk/Hemp milk
1/2 cup of Cacao Powder
2 tbs Honey
2 Sweet Potatoes - boiled
1 Orange - sliced


Cook the sweet potato for 20/30 minutes and drain.

Blend the almonds and linseeds until they are finely ground, add the cacao powder and the sweet potato to the food processor and continue to blend. Next add the honey and dried fruits. Add the almond milk when needed and continue to push the mixture into the food mixture when it sticks to the side of the blender.

Using a baking tray press the brownies into the bottom of it and carve 5/6 big slices or 11/12 smaller ones depending on your desired size.

Freeze for 30 minutes.


chocolate smoothie have a healthy easter by easyloss

This milky chocolate dream is 100% healthy, natural and yet will curb your sweet tooth cravings and diminish the guilty feelings from any other chocolate bar!

To buy:

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1 cup almond milk

1/4 cup frozen raspberries

1 banana chopped

1/2 cup almonds soaked and blended

2/3 tsp Manuka honey

To make:

Blend the banana, cacao powder and almonds together with the almond milk. Add the Manuka honey stirring thoroughly and some Ice cubes and blend again. Pour into a jar and top with the frozen raspberries!

Tip: You can freeze this recipe and add raw cacao nibs to create chocolate chip and banana ice cream with frozen raspberries for added fruitiness.