A year ago, to the day, I weighed in at the start of my Easyloss journey. The scales read 25st, (350lb) which was the maximum they weighed! I was probably more. I was obese, unhappy and never felt smart, no matter what I wore.

My weight one year on19st 5lb (271lb) a loss of 79lb. Way to go Me! It has been a fabulous journey so far although I'm still a fair way from  my final destination, weight-wise.

David Dose Massom After
The last few months I have maintained my weight which is brilliant but in the last day or two I have been listening to my body a little more, taking heed once again as I still want to lose at least another 28lb.

My feeling of self-worth has climbed through the roof. I now feel smart no matter what I wear. I even wear just a fitted T-shirt on my top half now and I feel good in it.

David 8 month weight loss

David with his body weight in lard after his 8 month weight loss

It has not been a lonely journey either I have had support all along the way, family, friends and everyone in the Easyloss group because of your inspirational stories. The members on here all seem like family.  As well as enjoying my weight loss for my own selfish reasons, I enjoy it because of the support you all give and I never want to let you guys down.

weight loss david massom easyloss ambassador

Oh, yes,  and I hate to say this because I can see the smug grin on her face from here and hear the swearing,  but thanks to Sue and James, you made this possible! I just followed your guidelines. The rest as they say, is history and yet the journey continues...

I hope this inspires others out there to begin their own journey of self-discovery. Then I can call myself SUPERHERO!  Without inspiring others out there I am just a humble HERO. Thanks Easyloss.

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