I found Easyloss quite by accident ( this seems to be quite common!!). I’d been trawling the internet for a solution to the weight problems which had plagued me for years. In Spring 2014, I was 42 and still pretending it was OK for me to be a size 16 , and when I say a 16 I mean as long as it was stretchy and full of lycra! In reality I was struggling with an 18.
As a teenager I had been bullied badly at school and had developed an eating disorder which stayed with me ‘til I dropped out of University aged 21. Then I finally sought help.
Over the years since then I had tried every diet going and like many people who struggle with their weight had yoyo’d up and down and never really been a stable, happy weight.
I downloaded the EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band app as soon as I saw it but not really believing that this was going to be the change I needed. How wrong I was! I found that what I really needed to do was to reboot my ideas about the food I needed to eat. I discovered it wasn’t essential to eat just because it was “breakfast time” - I had been forcing food down at 6:30 am before work because I thought I should, not because I was hungry.

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I found that session 1 supported me to change my whole way of thinking about food – I stayed on it for months. As my poor food habits were so ingrained I really needed to relearn everything. This would be one of my top tips to anyone on an EL journey, don’t be afraid to stick to session 1 if you need to, after all we didn’t gain the extra weight in 2 weeks and the changes you need to learn healthy habits might take a little while. I figure that’s fine. Its not a race is it? It had taken me 30 years of eating awfully to get to the point I was at and I was thrilled that it probably took me only 3 months to REALLY understand my eating and how I could support my healthy habits long term with sustainable weight loss.
I am now 2 years in, I still listen to session 1 and also the Bikini Body tracks – session 2 in particular is super helpful in helping you imagine your healthy new self. I know how hard it is to imagine that when you first start!

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I still  have days when I don’t eat as well as I could, but that’s OK – naturally slim people have days where they go out for an indulgent afternoon tea or on a wild night out. They just don’t make it a daily habit. It’s too easy to beat yourself up and give up after one blow out.  No one ever stopped walking just because they fell over did they?
When I first found EL I was half heartedly running. I had done the Great North Run in 2012, as a 40th present to myself but not really kept up with things after that. Starting EL gave me the confidence to want to get the lycra back on and run ( and yes I run in full public view and refuse to give a stuff about what anyone thinks about it).. However since then my running journey has somewhat increased and I’ll blog about that next time…

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