Rick Hay, ‘The Superfoodist’ has launched his new superfood powder, Go Figa! ‘a nutrient dense superfood that has been designed to help boost immunity, regulate blood sugar levels, help with regularity and promote satiety.’


James and I have trialed and tested Go Figa and we love it!  We think it is a perfect supplement for  Easyloss programme users so Rick has offered a discount code for all of our EasyLoss users.  You will receive 20% off Go Figa by using our promotional code ‘EasyLoss20’ at the check out when you purchase your Go Figa from www.gofiga.co.uk





Berries are an incredibly nutrient dense superfood that help promote weight management and keep the body full of antioxidants.  They are also great for combatting inflammatory skin conditions.


Chia seeds

Chia seeds are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients. They are the perfect aid to raising HDL cholesterol, which can help prevent a heart attack or stroke.



Cinnamon is another great source of antioxidants which also contains anti-inflammatory traits. Cinnamon was added to help regulate blood sugar and also for taste.



Glucomannan offers additional benefits for weight management it cleanses the body and helps the digestive system function properly. Glucomannan will also help stop sugar cravings which is an added bonus for our Sugar Stop Challenge app users!


Why we love it:

All of the ingredients are 100% healthy and natural products. The powder makes an amazing addition to your morning smoothie or porridge and is great for boosting the metabolism and cleansing the body.

We love it stirred into yoghurt or mixed into our ‘Nutriblasts’ in the morning.  James and I have both found that Go Figa helps us to feel satisfied for longer and it adds a lovely cinnamon boost to our breakfast.  It’s so economical too which is another bonus!  You only need one teaspoon a day of the Fig powder to help improve your digestive function, your energy levels and immunity. An EasyLoss favourite!