Despite what the weather seems to be saying it is actually June which means that bikini season is (hopefully) right around the corner, so to ensure you are feeling ready to get into your bikini this summer we have partnered with our favourite exercise platform that brings your workouts into your home... and we're giving you two weeks FREE!

So, the idea of running on a treadmill not actually moving isn't your cup of tea? Not to worry you actually aren't alone believe it or not.

You may remember that James and I have spoken about the online website Yogaia that we use for our daily workouts. Yogaia comes from the words yoga and gaia. Gaia means ‘another world’ and that’s what Yogaia is, it is the worlds first online and interactive yoga studio bringing live yoga classes and more into the houses of busy people via webcam.

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Yogaia are the only live website that offer classes in yoga, Pilates, barre and other exercises in which your teacher can actually see you (if you choose to put your camera on) meaning that you get the full support and advice you get in a gym but in the comfort of your own house. Perfect for those new to yoga or wanting to take their practise even further.

What are Yogaia's best classes to get bikini body ready FAST?

1. Abs Express

A 20 minute abs class targeting your core and upper and lower abdominal muscles to help you unleash your inner six pack in no time.

Join Abs express.

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2. Barre Cardio Express

This class is traditionally performed on a ballet barre, but we have spiced it up and turned it into a home workout using the back of chair. You will get all of the benefits of ballet, whilst toning and sculpting your muscles in a fun and exciting workout.

Join Barre Cardio

3.Vinyasa Express

Vinyasa Express is a 30 minute, fast paced express class that will guide you through a Vinyasa Flow class, helping to improve strength and flexibility.

Join Vinyasa Express


4. Broga

Broga initially began as a male-inspired yoga class, designed to get you fitter, build strength and get you more flexibile, but don't be afraid it's a great workout for the girls too!

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5. Sunsalutations Express

This class will give you an energy boost and leave you feeling full of life after only 15 minutes. It will give you a full body workout focusing mostly on the arms and core.

Join Sun salutations Express

We'd love to know what you think of the classes? So, use our discount code: EASYLOSS2016 to get 2 weeks completely FREE at


You can download our bikini body app from iTunes here or the android play store here for only £4.99 to get started on your bikini body journey just in time for summer!