We all have, or at least know someone who suffers with sleep disturbances. In fact almost 30% of the population have issues hitting the sack at night. With technology becoming ever more present in our lives what are the best ways to switch off and get that well needed beauty sleep? We asked expert nutritionist, Rick Hay to give us some sleep aid tips.

These days we are all so connected to our laptops, phones and other mobile gadgets, Rick tells us. It is sometimes increasingly difficult to switch off because of our reliance on technology.

Even watching certain types of films in bed can cause sleep issues. By watching fast moving TV programmes before you go to bed such as action or horror movies you cause your body to create an adrenaline rush which then effects it's abilities to calm down and relax for bed.

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It's not just movies though, electromagnetic radiation that comes from our electronic gadgets and gizmos can really affect our sleep. By turning off your broadband and keeping your computer or iPad out of your bedroom you will help your body to relax. Your body was not designed to have electromagnetic waves around it and they can really affect the way you switch off.

What is a good way to switch off?


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Stop the stress! It's easier said than done but taking time out for yourself is so important. So many people find it difficult to find time to do something that helps them to relax. Try putting on music that is relaxing or having bath with essential oils that are calming such as eucalyptus, chamomile and lavender.


Does diet play a part in helping us sleep?

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Definitely! By opting for a diet rich in whole-foods such as brown rice, quinoa and vegetables you will not only be leading a healthier lifestyle but you will be putting your body into a relaxed state. You won't have the huge energy surges that biscuits or cakes offer leaving you wide awake and your mood flicking between ups and downs. Also, try and avoid thermogenic spices in the evening. Thermogenic spices rev up your digestive system and make your energy levels rise. These include spices such as ginger and cayenne pepper.

Instead, relax your body with a soothing and easy to digest meal. Like vegetables and a lean protein.  Miso soup is another great option as it is not heavy on your body.

Chocolate can calm you down too - but not the refined shop bought products. Try and get a healthy alternative of raw cacao as this won’t affect your weight management campaign. You can add a tsp of cacao to a warm milky drink to create a delicious and relaxing late night beverage.

For those who fancy something sweet in the evening I recommend a nutri-blast smoothie. Opt for a soothing smoothie with ingredients including pears, half an apple, raspberries, strawberries and almonds or pumpkin seeds.

Late in the evening I recommend having a herbal tea such as lemon balm, peppermint, camomile or spearmint. These all help to soothe your digestion and help to calm you down.

Quick tips from Rick:

  1. Take time for yourself
  2. Burn a candle or have a bath
  3. Be mindful
  4. Do yoga. Join Yogaia.com and get 2 weeks membership completely free when you sign up using the code ‘easyloss2016’.
  5. Don't eat anything too heavy

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