When it comes to fat we have heard so many mixed messages so leading on from last weeks blog post we called on our friend, Rick Hay aka, 'The superfoodist' to help us understand what is going on.

Fat is not the enemy

Newspapers and magazines have been constantly using photos of burgers dripping in fat with the headline, 'FAT IS GOOD!' these days and James and I have been constantly asking ourselves WHY and HOW they can believe that a healthy fat is similar to a greasy fry up or burger. So, knowing that we believe fat is good and try our EasyLosers to ignore the low fat foods as they are high in sugar and opt for healthy fats we decided it was time to call on our friend Rick Hay, aka The Superfoodist to help us and you delve a little deeper into the fat debate.

Rick says,

The name 'fat' means people associate it with being FAT!

People are afraid of the word FAT they associate it with actually becoming fat, but this is not the case. We do want to opt for healthy good fats as processed foods that are low fat are high in sugar. Fat is not bad, fat is essential! However, it is the good mono-saturated fats that we find in coconuts and avocado that we should opt for.

Coconut oil healthy fats

We're not above nature - don't mess around with food. We need natural ingredients, so try and use the most natural foods in your diet, you don't need to fear all sugars either, sugars found in fruits which are natural are needed in our diets too. The newspapers shouldn't be persuading people to eat greasy fry ups as it's not natural, we should be including fats but not the refined unhealthy saturated fats.

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People talk about healthy fats and non-healthy fats. What is a healthy fat?

Avocado is a wonderful choice, it is rich in fibre and is an essential fatty acid that keeps you fuller for longer. One a day is a good amount try and opt for half in the morning and half in the evening or afternoon. Avocado is also an amazing option because it is a mood enhancer meaning you'll feel more positive.

Avocado healthy fats

Oily fish like mackerel and salmon is another great option or nuts and seeds for vegetarians and vegans. Opt for a handful of almonds with a piece of fruit as it will balance the glycemic load meaning your sugar levels won't spike and won't result in inflammation of weight gain.

Grilled salmon steaks and fresh vegetables healthy fat

Ricks loving: NUT BUTTERS - such as peanut butter, cashew nut butter of almond butter with half an apple. It also keeps you fuller for longer.

A plant based diet is better for us, we were not designed for too much meat. We have moluers not canine teeth. So, opting for plant based fats like avocado and coconut oil is the best option. You can treat yourself to fish and meat once or twice a week but try not to have it too often.

For cleansing and detoxing your bodies

Opt for the greens!

Wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina and chrolella after consuming oily fish will help your body break down the meat or fish and cleanse itself. Spirulina is an algae and has essential fatty acids within it too. If you are vegan or vegetarian and don't have fish oil then opt for spirulina.

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