Questions About Easyloss Weight Loss? Ask Sue Peckham...

Welcome to our latest blog.

Our Easyloss app users and clients often ask me questions related to their own personal weight loss journeys that I know other 'Easyloosers' would love to have answered too so I thought I'd choose a question today and share my thoughts about it.

The question about Easyloss I've chosen is from one of our Easyloss app users:-

'How do I follow the Easyloss Weight Loss Programme when I go out to eat in a restaurant?'

So let's start with tips on eating out whilst following the Easyloss Weight Loss programme when you go to a restaurant.


eating restaurant Easyloss weight loss programme

When we are 'dieting' we often use eating out in a restaurant as an excuse to over eat.  Then we feel bad because we've over eaten or eaten something that was on our 'forbidden list'.  I'm sure as you read that last sentence you can recall numerous times when you've done just that.  I know I can.  Well that was in my days before Easyloss...not anymore!

As you follow the Easyloss weight loss programme, and I mean really follow it rather than treating it like a diet you will find that you naturally eat healthier items from the menu, eat less and feel really happy about doing just that.

Up until Easyloss, when you've decided to eat out in a restaurant have your first thoughts been along the lines of any of these statements?

  • 'Oooo I wonder what will be on the menu, I'll have a starter and a main course and a dessert but I'll have to starve all day before I go or I'll go over my 'points''.
  • 'I'll have to watch what I eat because I need to count the calories'.
  • 'I won't enjoy it because I can't have anything I'd really like to have because it's not on my list of permitted foods...I'll just have to have a salad'.

We've all been there haven't we?  The Easyloss way is too shift your focus from the food to to the event itself.  So rather than thinking about what you are or are not going to have to eat, think about how much fun it will be to see your friends or family.  Focus on their company and also on how lovely it will be not to have to cook or wash-up and to be waited on.  With Easyloss you know that you can pick whatever you would really like to eat from the menu and just stop eating whatever you have chosen as soon as you feel that you are no longer hungry.

There are a couple of extra things that can help you keep in control of your wish not to over eat:- weight loss jug of water

  • When the waiter brings the bread basket over ask them to take it away again straight away.
  • Order a jug of tap water along with your drinks order to help you keep up your water intake and to help you feel satisfied on less food.
  • Ask for your main course to be brought out when your friend's have their starters. (if you are still hungry after your main course you can order a starter to follow...I've never had a client yet who has needed to order a starter after eating their main course, so this is really worth doing).

So what how do you make dining out fun and still lose weight?

Enjoy your weight loss journey with us!