Finally it's holiday time.  Let’s face it, we haven’t seen the sun much in the UK this year so when the opportunity comes to retreat to a warmer country and get your much needed vitamin D ‘fix’ it could be so easy to lose concentration and over indulge in EVERY way.

Sure, you deserve time out and to enjoy your holiday - but be sure to remember that food isn’t a ‘treat’ or a ‘reward’. So, enjoy your time away whilst looking after your body with our EasyLoss top tips to look after yourself and stay slim, fit and healthy whilst you are away.


1. Drink more water


Do you struggle to get those eight glasses already? Well, it is even more important to stay hydrated whilst away. The sun can dehydrate you and if you are a sun lover you can suffer with sunstroke if you don't ensure you keep hydrated. 


2. Don't try and compete to eat


This is a BIG problem that many people face whilst away. You might feel judged and watched if you opt for the healthy options at lunch or dinner. How often do you hear 'But, your on holiday - enjoy yourself?’  Remember to keep following your EasyLoss Guidelines. Just because you fancy the salad or can't finish your main course doesn't mean you aren't enjoying yourself. 

Or maybe you have gone all inclusive? You can enjoy and try the buffet food and drink without having to consume everything just because it is free and in front of you. You know your body and if you're no longer hungry it is completely okay to stop eating even if that means you are leaving part of your meal. Plus, are the guilty after feelings and the discomfort really worth stuffing yourself for? 


3. Indulge in the sun and fun not the food


Indulgence doesn't have to be food or drink.  We know it's nice to enjoy the tropical dishes and exciting new cuisine but that doesn't mean you need to over indulge on food just because you are away. Why not treat yourself to a spa massage or pampering treatment?  Or simply a day relaxing and reclining by the pool. We don't get much sun in the UK so make the most of the heat and indulge in the warm sun knowing you're getting your essential vitamin D. 


4. Exercise when the sun is down


Just because you're away doesn't mean you need to drop all exercising if you don't want too. Some people enjoy some time off, however if you want to get a little workout in now and then, don't feel guilty about it - it's your holiday! 

Try and exercise when the sun is low, whether that's earlier in the morning or late afternoon/ evening so it is not as hot. Opt for a relaxing yoga class, swim aerobics or see what the hotel is offering in terms of classes - we bet you'll have some fun, stay fit and probably meet some  new friends too! 

Do you have any tips to stay healthy whilst abroad? Let us know your favourites! Happy holidays EasyLosers. 

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