In summer it is even more important than ever to ensure that you are getting enough water every day. But we all know just HOW boring water can be, so here are a few of our favourite tips to ensure that you keep hydrated this summer. You should aim to be drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day.


Fruit infused water


healthy water this summer fruit infused

Simple but effective. Even for those who have a sweet tooth - add some berries, lemon or other juicy fruit to your water bottle and leave to infuse for a few hours or over night in the fridge and by the morning you'll have great tasting fresh, fruity water for the whole day.

A particular favourite of mine and James is to add a few slices of cucumber and a sprig of fresh mint to a jug of water and leave it overnight.  It really does taste of summer!

Plan it out


Our top tip would be to set your ‘Water Alerts’ on your EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band, Bikini Body or Little Black Dress app.

Download our EasyLoss Virtual Gastric Band,  Bikini Body and Little Black Dress apps from iTunes or the Google Play Store and you can use our Water Alerts feature where you can set your reminders and click on the glasses of water each time you finish a glass!

Another super easy way of ensuring you drink your fluids is to buy a 2 litre bottle of water and mark the bottle with a black felt tip with the  times you need to drink your water by throughout your day.

For example; you could have 10am on 1/4 of the bottle, 1pm on 1/2 the bottle, 4pm on 3/4 of the bottle and bedtime at the bottom. This way you are setting yourself targets to hit at certain points of the day.

Herbal teas

Cup of mint tea in glass teacup

Herbal teas are another easy way to hit your water goals even if you really dislike water. They can calm, soothe and relax you as well as keeping you hydrated and fresh.

We love camomile for calming, peppermint for soothing and digestion and James’s absolute fave - liquorice and peppermint to prevent sweet cravings.

Have you got any top tips to ensure you drink enough water? Let us and the rest of our EasyLoss users know.