Time for the traditional reminder, DO NOT forget MOTHERS DAY this Sunday. We know, we know, last minute chocolates or that reduced price, last minute tin of toffees that you managed to wrestle someone for from Tesco Express.


But, the reality is your mum probably doesn’t actually want that massive box of chocolates or tin of toffees. She might eat them and enjoy them at the time but are the guilty feelings that she cannot help but succumb to once the feast is over really worth it?

With the sugar obsession worryingly high at the moment it is time to think ‘outside the box’…literally.  So this year get your mum something she can enjoy and appreciate that won’t cause guilty feelings. Also, as a bonus, it’s less of a temptation for you too!


So here is EasyLoss’ guide to guilt free Mother's Day gift ideas:


  1. Bouquet of flowers

    Pink roses bouquet over wooden table mother's day guide by easyloss

    Traditional and sweet and lets face it, who doesn’t love some scented roses and lilies brightening up their home?

2. The Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan

anti-ageing food and fitness plan easyloss weight loss bundle mother's day giftguide by easyloss

Our good friend, Rick Hay, released his best selling ‘Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Plan’ book recently and it has zoomed to the top of the charts. The plan not only helps you to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle but it actually promotes anti-ageing through a detoxing and healthy food plan and gentle fitness routine. The perfect way to give your mum something rewarding back.

Available for £11.99 here.


3.  Yogaia.com Giftvoucher

online yoga easyloss weight loss bundle mothers day giftguide by easyloss

Yogaia.com: is the only live and on demand yoga platform that allows users to join a live yoga class from the comfort of their own home. With hundreds of classes available on demand at all times and live classes on throughout the day you will never need to worry about getting to your yoga class on time again.

Yogaia have everything from relaxing yoga classes to fun Barre dance classes and weight loss classes so your mum and you are sure to find something you enjoy – there’s even a special Mothers Day class on Sunday Morning! Sign up with code ‘EasyLoss 2016’ and get a 2 week trial completely free


  1. The EasyLoss Weight Loss bundle

    easyloss weight loss bundle mother's day giftguide by easyloss

    With three amazing apps within the bundle including, Bikini Body, Virtual Gastric Band and Virtual Gastric Band support your mum will not only get in shape but she’ll have great fun making new friends through our support networks.

    5. Our very own EasyLoss 12 Weeks to WOW journal

    easyloss weight loss journal mother's day guide

    With all of the tips and tricks to get your mum feeling and leading a healthier lifestyle, including recipes from Vicky from Victoria's Beauty Foods, nutritional advice from Rick Hay, The Superfoodist and tips from our ambassadors and gold members. Help your mum get back on track to achieving her goal weight this Mother's Day.

    Available for £14.99 from Amazon.

    We hope this has given you some new and exciting ideas to surprise your mother with this Sunday. Now, switch off your computer and go and enjoy your special weekend.