Our EasyLoss weight loss ambassadors never fail to make us smile here at EasyLoss HQ. It’s lovely to see how they share their amazing success stories, motivational tips and tricks for our EasyLosers and how dedicated they are to spreading the EasyLoss magic around the world.


A comment from our amazing EasyLoss ambassador Lois Craig who was featured in the Daily Mail recently made me feel really proud with a lovely message just the other day about how EasyLoss had changed her life. It got me thinking about all of our other EasyLoss ambassadors and I decided it would be so inspirational for us all to remember some of their stories and find out how EasyLoss has changed their lives.

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Lois Craig: ‘Sue I've had a lightbulb moment I listened to the 'be confident in your Little Black Dress' app and heard it all the way through. When you speak about a fairy godmother I realised you actually are mine! I'm going to use my gift voucher to buy my Little Black Dress so every time I wear it I can be thankful for you and for Easyloss thanks for being such a superstar and for changing so many lives you and James do a wonderful job’.

Lois Craig was recently featured in an inspirational weight loss story on Healthista.com and the Mail Online.  In the article Lois reveals how she lost an incredible five stone weight loss.

Read the full article.

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David Rose Massom: ‘EasyLoss and the back-up support from Sue and James is not just about weight loss, in fact that is only the beginning of a journey, a voyage of self-discovery. As the weight comes off and eating habits change, five and a half stone to date, the feeling of self worth grows alongside of it. Throwing out 'fat' clothes, discovering that an X-Large will do instead of 5X-L, all things that have made me stand taller, walk better, feel better about myself. Thanks to Sue and James I am mentally and physically in a far better place than I was just six months ago.’

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David was featured on Channel 4’s TV show: ‘How to Lose weight well’ at the beginning of this year as well as our local radio station.

The most important thing we have learnt from our ambassadors is how they regain control over their health. It is all about reconnecting with yourself and re-programming your mind to remember that you are in control.

Our chill pill app gives our users the chance to de-stress and concentrate on a positive mindset which is the key to all success.

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