Our incredible EasyLoss user, Jackie Galloway was featured in Love it! Magazine two weeks ago so we caught up with her to find out how she did it!


jackie in love it mag

Jackie's feature in Love it mag!


So,  what do you eat when when you’re following the EasyLoss weight loss programme?

This is a question that EasyLoss consultants get asked all the time by App users and by our one to one clients too.  The simple answer is that we eat whatever we want. 
The only difference is that now we eat find that we really do WANT to eat healthier food most of the time.  What’s ‘healthy’ varies from client to client.  We all intuitively know what’s good for our own body once we tune in and ‘listen’.  The problem is that we’ve all become so conditioned into believing that we can’t be trusted to know for ourselves what we need to eat, or indeed how much we need to eat in order to be a slim, fit, healthy person. 
The weight loss industry giants have convinced us that unless someone else tells us exactly what foods we can and can’t have and how much of those foods we can eat and what time of day we have to eat them, we cannot possibly lose weight!  Our guest blog this week has been written by our fabulous EasyLoss Ambassador, Jacqueline Galloway, who has the perfect answer.

Over to Jacqueline...

Hi folks, I notice lots of people keep asking, 'well, what do you eat?', the simple answer is 'just what you always did, but less'.
If you listen to your body, only eat when you're hungry and stop when you have satisfied that hunger you will find you'll eat a lot less.
If your diet is really based on food which is considered bad for you, sugar, sweets lots of processed food then perhaps you should look at what you're eating too but if you really listen to your body it will tell you what it needs and when but I've found that quantity is the key.

jackie before weight loss

Jackie's before weight loss photos

Jackie's after weight loss

Jackie's after weight loss photo

The changes I made are:

Water, water, water, every time I feel hungry until I'm sure it really is hunger and not thirst.
Think, 'what do I really want to eat, is it going to satisfy me?'
Eat slowly and ask myself between mouthfuls, 'am I still hungry?'
Stop when I'm satisfied, no longer hungry but not full.

Small changes, big change, still maintaining 5 stone (70lb) loss after a year.

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