Food tends to be either your best friend or worst nightmare; but why can’t it be a fuel you need to survive? Why is it not an object your body uses to help survive? Why does it seem to take control of you?

Well that is what EasyLoss teaches its members, it spreads the message that food is fuel,  it is not something to self harm your body with. Men and women that have downloaded one or numerous apps from Easyloss have come together to regain control over their lives.

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Our EasyLoss ambassadors are real people that have been through the rough patch in which food controlled their every thought and have pushed through to come out of the other side of the tunnel full self confidence and self belief. They have not only inspired their friends and families around them but they are helping inspire thousands of other people on the same journey on the Facebook page and through the news.

People who never exercised are running marathons, people who were scared to wear shorts, can’t wait for summer to get out their bikinis and proudly flaunt their beach bodies. Our EasyLoss ambassadors are giving real people real confidence and we couldn’t be prouder or happier for them.


Tips to re-gaining control of food from some of our current ambassadors:


Annette: ‘eat slowly, your body will tell you when it has had enough'

Jo: 'listen to your won't let you down!'

Rebecca: 'Keep positive, drink lots of water and believe you can do it.'

Want to become an EasyLoss ambassador?


If you have noticed and are feeling real results from your EasyLoss journey we want to hear from you. If you want to inspire those who haven’t yet heard of EasyLoss we want you to let us know and if you want to make a difference to someone who is feeling depressed and miserable because of food we want you to help them. If you want to make a difference and become one of our EasyLoss ambassadors that is shown in the news and on our social media page’s please let us know.