Vicky Hadley from chatted to us about all things Bikini, fitness and health related and we wanted to get the low down on her journey to compete as a bikini model a couple of weeks ago! 

So, you have just competed in a bikini model competition, can you tell us a bit about it?

Well, I have always dreamed of competing in a bikini competition since I discovered my love for health and fitness two years ago but always considered it a strange and unachievable dream.


That said, this year I decided to put myself out there and really push myself to actually achieve something on my bucket list... That was it...I'd decided, I was going to enter a competition. I chose to enter Miss Galaxy Universe as it unlike most other fitness competitions. It has a fitness test element and categories including 'Beach Body' which is ideal for those who are entering for the first time.


I'm naturally a small build so knew it would take a lot of protein to help me build enough muscle to be able to compete with other athletes.  I'm actually a vegan as well - so I was concerned as to whether I would be able to get enough protein in my diet without meat or eggs.

I started working with coach, Lee Constantinou who devised a vegan food diary and exercise plan for me and I started my 20 week transformation to become bikini body ready.
What were you eating in a normal day?

As I am vegan and choose to avoid meat, I got my protein sources from protein powder and oats first thing in the morning.  I would also have beans, tofu lentils and seeds in my other meals. I normally have supplements such as B12 which is great for vegans, creatine, BCAA's and multi-vitamins. I have avocado as a mid-morning snack on a rice cake or a chia pud with a piece of fruit. Tofu and vegetables for lunch and a butternut squash noodle stir fry with kidney beans and hummus for dinner.  Then I would have some more protein powder and oats as a pre-bed snack. My diet is based on a macro-nutrient plan so I have to hit a certain amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins a day.

What was the competition like?

I found the build up to the competition very intense but the actual day was incredible. Everyone was so inspiring and supportive of one another and I enjoyed strutting on stage to show off the body I had worked so hard to achieve.

I placed 5th in Miss Galaxy Universe and was so inspired that I signed up to do another competition with Pure Elite 2 weeks later in which I placed 4th.

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Vicky is far left with her trophy

I'm definitely going to continue competing at the World Championships with Miss Galaxy Universe.

BTS @pureelitecomp ready to go on stage! ???

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Vicky's T Walk that she had to perform on stage at Miss Galaxy Universe:

You have just launched your new hub: Bikini Girls Diary, can you tell us a bit about it?

Together with my best friend, Deni Kirkova, we have just launched our new site Bikini Girls Diary, which is a hub of fitness, health, fashion, beauty and food all rolled into one site.

We had a lot of people asking us questions about our journey so we wanted a place to be able to answer the questions and share our experience.

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Vicky and Deni from

Vicky is a great Ambassador for EasyLoss' Bikini Body App!

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I love the Bikini Body app from EasyLoss, it has a 12 week programme that tones, tightens and gets me in the right mindset to be bikini body ready.

I am looking forward to creating fitness inspiration for the EasyLoss members and sharing my knowledge as a bikini model.

Download EasyLoss' Bikini Body App from iTunes here and for Android users here

More about Vicky and EasyLoss...

Vicky has been working alongside the EasyLoss team on our PR helping get our ambassadors noticed in the media, paper and TV. If you are interested in doing PR please contact

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