Easyloss Weight Loss Programmes questions...continued

Following on from my last blog, I've picked a question that was posted on our Easyloss Weight Loss Programmes Facebook Page  this week.

How many times do I listen to the app before it works?

The answer to this is really easy.  The Easyloss Weight Loss programme is effective from the very first day you start to follow it.  It is a common mistake that people believe that they can just listen to some hypnosis recordings and then they will lose weight as if by magic!


Easyloss weightloss Programmes hypnosis magic spell

Easyloss weightloss Programmes hypnosis magic spell

This is not going to happen...hypnosis will not make you do anything but it will make it so much easier to do what you really want to do. This is  why Easyloss Weight Loss programmes work so well. Each of our programmes help at a conscious level and an unconscious level so you not only have the hypnosis sessions to gently reprogramme your unconscious mind but you also have all the 'tools' you need to change your conscious habit and develop a much healthier relation ship with food.

It is so important that you follow all the guidelines and use use all the additional resources that are provided with which ever of our Easyloss weight loss programmes you have chosen.

I always tell my clients who come to see me at our practice to think of their Easyloss weight loss programme like a recipe. For example... If you came to my house for tea (which I wouldn't recommend as I'm not the worlds best cook!) and I gave you a slice of a fruit cake that I had made which you really enjoyed, you may ask me for the recipe. If  I said 'mix 1lb of flour with 6 eggs, a pint of milk and half a pound of raisins and cook it at 200 degrees centigrade (now you see why it's probably best not to come round to me for tea!) and you followed my recipe exactly you would end up with exactly the same cake as me, wouldn't you?

Fruit cake for Easyloss weight loss programmes

However, if you added more flour and left out the raisins or doubled up the milk or baked it a different temperature you would end up with either a rock hard lump or a horrible sloppy mess...either you would not end up with the same result as me.

Easyloss weight loss programmes Cake disaster

So the point is, treat your Easyloss weight loss programme like a recipe and follow it exactly because then you will get exactly the same results as the hundreds of thousands of other Easylooosers who have followed their Easyloss weight loss programmes recipe exactly!

These Easyloosers followed the recipe and so can you!

Until we meet again

Enjoy your weight loss journey with us!