David Rose-Massom has put together a new guest blog for us sharing his current progress of his incredible weight loss journey... Lets see where he's got to.


My arse is disappearing!

Not complaining really, but I now have to buy smaller underwear as my old ones, had them man and boy, keep sliding down as there is less bum to hold them up. Hope I don’t lose too much off there. Always thought I had a cute bum (even if on the large side).

Like many I have reached a point in my journey where I have to listen a little harder to my body. The voice has become a whisper and I gave in to chocolate, and biscuits, and on one devil-may-care moment even a chocolate biscuit. Now, I know what you are thinking, ‘we are not on a diet!’ Well that is true. All things in moderation is fine but because I stopped listening so intently to my body I had gained a couple of pounds; not enough to worry me and definitely no camel to climb back onto.

David Rose Massom before weight loss

David before his Easyloss weight loss journey.

I needed a little boost. Something to remind me that my journey is only part travelled and I still have a-ways to go; so I went and spoke to my local Tesco Supermarket. The manager, Nigel, not only wanted to help but thought it a great idea to maybe encourage and inspire others to start their journey to a lighter, happier and healthier life style.

Out came the calculator and we worked it all out. Nigel agreed to order the amount of packs of lard necessary.A few days later I arrived at the store with Sue from EasyLoss and we began to build a wall, a wall of lard.


David 8 month weight loss

David with the lard after his 8 month weight loss


Box after box was torn open and the wall got longer and higher! As it began to lean precariously it was evident we had to start another wall in front of the existing wall, then another, then another. “Is that it?” I asked the store man who was helping me to build.

“Nope, still another case of lard to go!” was his reply.

I have lost five and a half stone on my journey. When I weighed in for the Lard Wall Challenge it was slightly less and equated to 174 packets of lard. Yes, you read that correctly, in the eight months since I first listened to my EasyLoss App I had shifted the equivalent of 174 packets of lard, or fat if you prefer, from my body.

As I posed for photos standing behind the massive walls of lard the realisation of how far I had come hit me and I have to admit emotions took over. As I looked down at that table and at the size of the piles of product that stood there I felt tears in my eyes. I was almost overwhelmed with, not only, what I had achieved but also how my quality of life had changed.

David with Sue and James after his 2.5 weight loss

I am beginning to like myself. I feel smart when I dress up to go out. I can wear T-shirt and jeans without feeling like a fat bloke poking out in all directions. There is still a long way to go, but my personal challenge with the lard to see how far I have come has reinvigorated my desire to finish this journey and to stay a slimmer, healthier, happier person.

Not happy that I am losing my cute arse, but hey, I am more handsome now I am slimmer so swings and roundabouts… I feel a lot better off. And what I have saved financially in eating a lot less food can now be spent on some fancy men’s underwear!