Easter is right around the corner and when you think of Easter who doesn't immediately think CHOCOLATE? 


Of course it's not your fault at all.  You've had it drilled into you since you were young. Do you remember how excited you were when the Easter bunny left chalk footprints around your house or school and delivered little chocolate bunnies or Easter Eggs to everyone?  And then there were those baskets of Easter eggs from grandparents, parents, siblings and even one from your pets - because you needed even more chocolate, right?

stop chocolate cravings this easter by easyloss

Easter reminds us of a party season just as Christmas does. You over indulge then panic as you fail in your New Year’s resolutions. In fact Easter might even be worse; you try and scoff as much chocolate as physically possible into your mouth without being sick - because a cheat meal is a cheat meal. However that cheat meal becomes a cheat day and the negative guilty feelings that follow are there to stay.


So, when you're surrounded by chocoholics this Easter, what can you do to prevent yourself from eating your body weight in chocolate?
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Firstly, stay calm. You're in control - you've got this far successfully already. Why should another day of the week effect you?


Here are EasyLoss' top tips to staying in control this Easter.


  1. If you want some chocolate have some chocolate.


Just have one or two small pieces to satisfy your craving.  As long as you are hungry, chocolate is what you really want, you sit down with it and eat it mindfully and stop eating when you are no longer hungry, No problem!  Remember, if you just satisfy your hunger then you will avoid eating way too much and that full feeling that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, disgustingly bloated and very miserable.


  1. Download your Chill Pill app

chill pill stop chocolate cravings this easter by easyloss

For iPhone and iPad

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If you're feeling nervous about giving into your cravings download our Chill Pill app and focus on our Chocolate Addiction session. Not only will we help you remain calm and remain in control of your body and mind, but you can also stop your chocolate cravings prior to Easter.


  1. Remember, you are not alone


You might feel like you are the only person not indulging this Easter, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Think of all of the healthy eaters, athletes and of course the other EasyLoss users.


If you feel worried about caving in put up a post of the EasyLoss Facebook Support Group and within seconds you'll be surrounded my motivation and inspiration from your peers. If that's not enough, why not have a one to one skype consultation with one of our EasyLoss consultants to help reassure you this Easter.
Find out what a skype consultation involves here.
Sure enough the only egg you'll be wanting this Easter will be a hardboiled egg.


Happy Easter EasyLosers!