Refined sugar is quickly becoming one of the most talked about foods in the UK.  People are now starting to realise just how bad sugar really is for the mind and body. From placing spoonfuls of sugar into naturally sweet fruit smoothies to sweetening teas and coffee' to gorging on a family sized bar of chocolate, maybe it is time to start thinking about substituting your sugar for a plant based alternative like stevia.

While it may not do too much damage to eat sugar on rare occasions, the health issues are starting to take their toll. More and more we are noticing the adverse effects of sugar such as weight gain, skin reactions and brain fog to name just a few.

Here are three big reasons why you should avoid sugar now.

Skin breakouts

Refined sugar damages your skin and can cause inflammation in the body which can result in acne, skin rashes, eczema and dull skin. Many people reporting leaky gut issues, a condition that occurs when the gut has constant reactions to food due to excessive sugar intake. Refined white sugar really does need to become one to watch on your food list.

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The liver stores excess sugar as glycogen.  By overloading your liver with sugar it will cause the liver to expand and the sugar to convert into fatty acids which in turn will become deposited in the inactive parts of the body. This can include your thighs, bottom, stomach and breasts, (and these are often areas of our bodies that we are trying to shift the fat from). Refined sugar can leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving more because of the empty calories within and the lack of important dietary components, such as fibre.

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Refined sugar destroys your brain

Sugar messes with the mind and maybe one of the leading causes of Alzheimer's disease. Sugar promotes the formation of something called Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs. These are proteins that have been “glycated,” or bonded to a sugar molecule. So by consuming sugar you are doubling your chances of the proteins binding to the sugar, therefore maybe increasing your chance of Alzheimers.

For most people, refined sugar can be quite addictive. It tricks your body into craving more of it meaning you lose control of your relationship with the sugary food in question. We have found a way to combat sugar cravings and sugar addiction with our Sugar Stop App, a 28 day plan to get you sugar free and on the road to health.

You can join the Sugar Stop Challenge by downloading the Sugar Stop app here iPhone/iPad or here for Android devices.

We also have our Sugar Stop Challenge FacebookPage where you will find lots more help and information about reducing your sugar intake here.


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