Monthly Archives: June 2016


EasyLoss’ Top Tips to Stay Healthy whilst on Holiday

June 26th, 2016|

Finally it's holiday time.  Let’s face it, we haven’t seen the sun much in the UK this year so when the opportunity comes to retreat to a warmer country and get your much needed vitamin D ‘fix’ it could be so easy to lose concentration and over indulge in EVERY way. Sure, you deserve time out [...]

Is fat actually bad? – We asked The Superfoodist

June 16th, 2016|

When it comes to fat we have heard so many mixed messages so leading on from last weeks blog post we called on our friend, Rick Hay aka, 'The superfoodist' to help us understand what is going on. Fat is not the enemy Newspapers and magazines have been constantly using photos of burgers dripping in [...]

EasyLoss’ Top Tips to drink more water this Summer!

June 12th, 2016|

In summer it is even more important than ever to ensure that you are getting enough water every day. But we all know just HOW boring water can be, so here are a few of our favourite tips to ensure that you keep hydrated this summer. You should aim to be drinking a minimum of eight [...]

Sue’s Top Tip of the Month: The New Miracle Medicine for Weight Loss!

June 8th, 2016|

What's Sue's Top Tip this month for weight loss? She's revealing it in this weeks blog! Well I have to admit I was blown away when I heard this.  You’ll never guess what it is?  Something that’s free, (well almost), you can get it anywhere at any time, (pretty much).  And you don’t need a [...]

Get in bikini shape with Yogaia this Summer!

June 3rd, 2016|

Despite what the weather seems to be saying it is actually June which means that bikini season is (hopefully) right around the corner, so to ensure you are feeling ready to get into your bikini this summer we have partnered with our favourite exercise platform that brings your workouts into your home... and we're giving [...]